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Messy Home or Apartment? Win $3,000 from ForRent.com!!

sos out with the mess

It's as if each of my kids has their own messy space. How are kids so messy???? Ancient laundry they've refused to bring to the laundry room? Check. Secret stash of hidden snacks, forgotten? Check. And more ... they've done it all. And I have to admit, I am pretty messy too. My craft room usually looks like a bomb exploded! And my closet is a constant disaster! The folks at ForRent.com are … [Read more...]

Being Creative Can Be Messy!

clorox messy moments

It seems like I don't make it through a single day without a "Messy Moment," as my friends at Clorox call it. It might be a teenager failing to close the lid on the blender all the way when making a smoothie. Or it might be a grade-schooler with a less-than-tidy paint project.   And as much as I'd like to blame it on the kids, most of my messy moments come from ME. I know. It's hard to … [Read more...]

Keeping it Real — Share YOUR Messy Moments!

striped nautical rug

I have loved seeing all of messy moments that have been linked up to the  Clorox Messy Moments Challenge. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing this whole mom thing right when my kids make huge messes and it seemed like everyone elses homes and kids are always so perfect. It felt so good to see that messy moments happen to everyone. And believe me, there were some messy moments shared that were WAY … [Read more...]

Keeping It Real — I’m Looking for a Virtual Assistant!!

turquoise chalkboard

It's my three year blogoversary!! I started Tatertots and Jello as a personal blog, as a place to keep my creative projects. And it has grown into something that I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. I am loving this blogging world and the opportunities that TT&J has brought to me. I love creating project and promoting other people.  The administrative side of … [Read more...]

Blogger Bloopers — what was your biggest project fail?


It's so easy to think that everyone has perfect lives, homes, children, projects, food...... in the blog world. I love it when people show the real side of life. Cheri at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar is Keeping it Real with a  fun series on her blog with bloggers showing off their craft fails. I love it!!!  {cheri} And I will be over there later today sharing one … [Read more...]

Keeping it Real — Last, Last Minute Neighbor Gift Idea {w/printable}


 You know those Tiny Bunting Dish Towels that I made? I really wanted to get enough done for neighbor gifts, but ran out of time... I have great neighbors and wanted to give them something cute. And I waited til the last minute so I needed something easy to put together. I found some great $1 cookie cutters at Sur La Table, a bottle of Dollar Store sprinkles and a package of Cookie Dough … [Read more...]

Keeping It Real — putting yourself out there

I was going to recap a few more projects from the Weekend Wrap Up Party, but I am feeling a little low and I thought I would keep it real and share some thoughts that are going through my head right now.  I blog because it brings a lot of joy to my life. I love working on projects and meeting new people. But it also brings pressure and insecurities, at least for me. I am a real person and … [Read more...]

Random Monday Thoughts and a Question


How's your Monday going? I have a quick question for you. Do you like to read? I am leaving on my "Secret Location" trip in 4 days. I am looking for some good books to take on my trip. What is your favorite book and why? Mine is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I am re-reading it right now for the eighth time. So good - I wish they would make it into a movie!!   If you find some typos in … [Read more...]

Keeping It Real, Losing It — and Lost


I thought it might be high time for a Keeping It Real update. Just so you know that my life isn't all about keeping my house clean and crafting the day away :) My oldest daughter is 13. For a few weeks this daughter had been complaining about her knee hurting. In my defense, this daughter regularly goes around with some part of her body bandaged up most of the time because she thinks she has some … [Read more...]

A little family time and keeping it real!


 Thanks again everyone for coming by the Homemade Gift Ideas linky party. When I said I would guest post for Simply Sweet Home I had no idea a linky party was involved. When I found out, all of my junior high school insecurities came out and I was afraid noone would want to come over and participate. Thank you for coming by! I think it's so fun to come together, share ideas and encourage each … [Read more...]