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$8 Chandelier Redo (Hannah’s Room Update)

I love chandeliers. I would put them in every room in my home if I could – ha!

When we redid Hannah’s room 4 years ago we took out a really plain white ceiling fan and put in a really inexpensive chandelier I had bought from Target. We installed it in the ceiling and put a pretty ceiling medallion at the top.

So when we started this room update, I knew I wanted to do a little update on the chandelier.

Here are some easy tips to refinish a chandelier. Go pick one up at a big box store or a thrift store and redo one in your home.  Note – be sure to have an electrician or expert install your fixture.

  • Spray paint the chandelier. It’s so easy and fast. Prime it first and the paint will adhere better. For best results, spray on 2-3 thin coats of paint, letting the paint dry between each coat. Then attach the chandelier to the ceiling.


  • Then add beads. I ordered some really inexpensive clear beads from Ben Franklin online – $3. Once you get the beads up, you can’t even tell they are plastic.


  • We strung the beads on 24 gauge wire which is thin but it will hold it’s shape. (note – we started off with 26 gauge wire, but it didn’t hold its shape, so we restrung the beads on 24 gauge wire). Measure the length on your chandelier of where you want to add the beaded wire and add 4 inches at each end of the wire. We also added some colorful beads that I had in my bead stash for a little extra color.


  • Hannah’s chandelier has 3 lights, and I added 6 strings of beads to the fixture. It really just depends on how you want your chandelier to look at the end.
  • Once all of the wires were strung, I attached each string to the top of the chandelier, looping the wire around a rung at the top and wrapping it around 3-4 times to keep it secure. Then I wrapped the end of the string to the base of each chandelier arm and wrapped it around the arm 3-4 times, pulling the beads taut. Once it was secure, I cut off any extra wire at the top and bottom. I did this with each of the strings.

  • After the strings were attached, I shaped each wire strand so they all matched.
  • If you don’t like the look of the metal on the chandelier. You can take your chandelier color and spray some into a plastic cup and then take a small paintbrush and paint the wires the same color as the chandelier. I might do that.

She really loves her little chandelier update and room update. Yay!

Have a Wonderful Day!!



  1. Kelli Bonham says:

    I just found the exact same chandelier at Goodwill for $4.99! I’m redo-ing it red for our master bedroom. I needed something sort of girl for the gray & black color scheme.

  2. Hi, beautiful room! I wish you would show us full shots of the whole room:) Also what color are the walls ?

  3. LOVE everything in the room! Can you tell us the shade of pink that you used on the chandelier?

  4. Love how it turned out and the simple details that you added to it!

  5. Jen! She is so cute and I love how the beads make it just a bit more sparkly and fancy!! Love it!

  6. such the perfect shade of pink! and so fun that she got to string the beads! she’ll never forget that, Jen. great project to do together.

  7. The medallion on top gives it that nice extra touch! I just got a chandelier from someone, to fix up my girls room.

  8. So cute! I love it!

  9. Love it!

  10. How ridiculously cute! Can’t believe how awesome it looks!

  11. If our fans weren’t essential in the top floor of our house, our girls would have a chandelier like this in their room! Very pretty!

    • I know! We have a fan in our room that is so nice in the summer. I want to put a chandelier in our room but we love having the fan too. Thanks for the comment Melissa. Have a wonderful day!!


  12. Wow, that’s so simple and adorable!!

  13. Super cute! Those little beads are too cute! Great job you two:0)

  14. That turned out gorgeous!! I love chandeliers, I think I’m going to put one in the nursery I get to work on soon!!

  15. I love chandeliers too. Got one in my dining room, one in my breakfast room, and I just picked one up at a yard sale to put in my foyer. My hubby asked, isn’t this a little too much? Oh, I do not think so. They make me smile. I redid an old 1980s brass chandelier for my breakfast room. . all in rainbow colors. . you can check it out here if interested: http://www.susoutter.com/2011/08/my-colorful-gypsy-chandelier.html

  16. So cute Jen! I love it :)

  17. So cute! You did a great job!

  18. Oh, Jen, it looks so pretty!! Love that shade of pink.

    • Thanks Amanda!! I love that shade of pink too – it’s so bright and happy!! Thanks for the comment my friend!!


  19. How fun, and Hannah is such a pretty girl!!

  20. Cute! I’m with you, I would put chandeliers in every room, too! They are just so pretty =) Maybe I must make my own one using your ideas now.

  21. So cute!!


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