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Design Dilemma — Choosing the Perfect Paint Color!!

I love color!! 

You may not have noticed that about me. LOL.

Striped Painted Nautical Rug

Aqua Pantry Door

Dining Room Turned Craft Room

Ella’s Pink Asian Bedroom

I love the look of an all-white home. But I CAN’T imagine living in a space devoid of color. So when I am planning a DIY project, of course there will be color. But it’s HARD to come up with the PERFECT color for a room. That’s where Glidden’s new My Colortopia site comes in.

When Glidden contacted me and let me know about their My Colortopia blog, I was so excited to check it out. COLOR!! And I found out that some of my favorite bloggers were involved with this project — yay!! There is also a wonderful question and answer section of the blog where you can ask questions relating to paint and get personalized answers.

I loved taking the My Colortopia quiz and seeing what colors they recommended for me based on my personality. It was interesting and right on the money. Be sure to take the My Colortopia quiz and see what colors they recommend for YOU!

What colors did My Colortopia suggest for you???

Do you have a favorite color you love to use when decorating YOUR home??

Leave a link to your project in the comments. I would love to come over and see YOUR painting project.

Have a Colorful Day!


This post has been sponsored by Glidden brand paint. All thoughts and
opinions are 100% mine.


  1. I’d love to redo my living room. I want satin ceiling paint though and Glidden doesn’t offer any other type besides flat. Any ideas?

  2. Susie Kirkland says:

    My poor husband was making me a fondue dinner and didn’t leave a trivet under the fondue pot..and burned a horrible circle in the middle of our table! I am considering painting the table, buffet, and china cabinet now, and am so overwhelmed! I like the shabby chic stuff, but I am more into COLOR! My dining room is basically a clean slate, I don’t have much on the walls and the walls are painted a boring beige! Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking of going with maybe a grayish blue, but that just seems boring. However, the dining room is a small space and I don’t want to overload it with too much color! Help me I’m overloaded!!

  3. The project is painting at a local daycare facility.

    There is a nursery room with cribs…a play area for 1 mo – 2yrs …. 2-3 year old area (room)….3-5 year old area….bathrooms in each area with the older room having separate girl boy…kitchen….laundry.

    My dilema is finding a color pallet that all will blend together when moving from area to area …be fun and bright but soothing.

    Suggestions/advise would be appreciated.

    Thanks Pam

  4. I love that tool and I love color too! Just did my kids’ bathroom in TURQUOISE and planning on doing my home office in a dark navy with pops of happy colors in curtains and pillows!!

  5. I love color too, but I think I am afraid to use it. I don’t know why. :s You do such a great job of infusing color into your home—it’s comfortable and colorful without being distracting!

    • Oh thanks Amanda!!

      I have to hold myself back. Sometimes I don’t though lol! I love your home. You do an awesome job with color!!


  6. I’m totally using this for when I redo my bedroom.

  7. I loved that when I came to your house that it felt so much like YOU! Homes should reflect their owners and yours totally does! So fun bright and inviting!

    • Becca!! What a sweet thing to say. You totally made my day. Thank you!!!!

      I love your home. You have such a fun style and I love that you love bright colors too!!


  8. I used that widget and it was spot on. It actually weirded me out a bit how many colors were already in my house that it chose for me.

    • Same with me!! Although it did give me some purples which was fun too!!

      Have a great day Beckie!


  9. I have to go take that quiz. I’m curious what it would say about me. My favorite color is red but I don’t decorate a ton with it these days. I’m definitely attracted to bright, bold colors though. I love aqua. And I love everything you do Jen! xo

    • I love red too Mique!! I pretty much love every color though LOL. You should take the quiz and see what it says. I am curious!!


  10. We’re moving into a new construction home in a few months, and decided to wait until after the one year inspection to do the major painting. I have NO idea how I’m going to live with a mostly white house for almost a year!!!!
    My favorite colors are shades of blue, and a gray/beige tones. We have a color in our living room now called “Red River Brown” that in different light can look anywhere from a rouge beige to tan, to almost greyish. I love it!

  11. I’m itching to do some repainting at our house!! I love this!

  12. I’ll have to check out that new site because I love color too! I had never seen your kids room before. Yay! Because that’s exactly what I want to do in my daughter’s room for her bed. Great inspiration! Off to check out Colortopia.

  13. Lisa Williams says:

    I love your aqua pantry door! That gives me some inspiration to add a punch of color in my kitchen! I have a wine theme in my kitchen so I’m thinking a deep red would look fantastic! I will send you a link when I do it! Not real sure what my husband will say! LOL!!!!

  14. I did this the other day and had so much fun, I posted about it on my site. I loved how it gave me some color combos I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

  15. Hey Jen!

    I’m getting ready to paint my son and daughters room this week (my embroidery machine is at the “Dr’s”, so I have time to PLAY! YEA!)

    I loved the Colortopia and will definately use that when I have my own house, but we are renting now, so I’ll use what I can find “cheaply” LOL!. I was able to find some awesome color paints yesterday for only $4.00 per gallon! I was so stoked and can’t wait to start on their rooms! It will be a surprise for both of them. I plan on taking before and after pics…..stay tuned…….

    Love your blog and thanks so much for your help with EVERYTHING!!! :)

    • Wow – what a great deal on your paint Torri!! I can’t wait to see your sons and daughters rooms. Good luck!


  16. We just bought our first house and we’re slowly getting to each room. We just painted my craft room a turquoise not unlike your couch slipcover. I LOVE IT! I knew the craft room would be the craziest room so I picked a saturated color that I felt would inspire me. I’m in heaven in that room. I think my husband and I gravitate to more blues and grays and some green when it comes to design. Very earthy but bright if that makes any sense. :)

    • Nessa!! Your craft room sounds so fabulous!! Do you have a link? I would love to see it!!


      • It’s not done yet, sadly. Still smells of paint fumes and I’m still debating painting the closet. lol. If you click my link, it’ll at least show you the color of the room. Can’t wait to get it finished!


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