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Slow Cooker Southwestern White Chili Chicken Recipe

Slow Cooker Southwestern White Chicken Chili Recipe Slow Cooker Southwestern White Chili Chicken Recipe.  I don't know what I would do without my slow cooker in the fall and winter. It's so easy to pop the ingredients in the slow cooker and come back at dinner with the house smelling wonderful and dinner ready!! I am always looking for new slow cooker recipes. Some of our favorite slow … [Read more...]

30 Chicken Recipes for Your Crockpot!!

I love slow cooker recipes. They are perfect for crazy, busy nights! And, you can cook just about anything in a crockpot! Chicken is one of my favorite things to cook in my crockpot and I was looking for some new recipes. So, I thought I'd round up a few I found to share with you!! Whether you're looking for Mexican, Chinese, Indian, or casseroles, this round up has pretty much … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Chicken Tandoori Recipe!

I'm always looking for a yummy slow cooker recipe. Here's one that my kids love. It has a beautiful flavor without being too spicy -- Slow Cooker Chicken Tandoori. And it's healthy too! Tandoori chicken is a popular Punjabi dish  consisting of roasted chicken, prepared with yogurt and spices. And it's so simple. Just throw the ingredients in the slow cooker and come back in a few hours … [Read more...]

Easiest Crockpot Shredded Chicken Recipe!

I am all about easy. And fast. And yummy.  With four kids, a husband who travels during the week and a million projects happening all of the time, my crock pot is my best friend. We've been experimenting with chicken recipes. The easier, the better. So here is the easiest crockpot recipe we've created. It's my go-to recipe when I need something quick. I almost always have the … [Read more...]

Easy Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs!

Hello Tatertots and Jello friends! I'm Melissa from No. 2 Pencil, and I'm so happy to be here again. Today, I'm sharing an amazingly easy slow cooker recipe, Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs. Friends, this is the easiest way to make ribs, and they come out incredibly tender and flavorful. I love using my slow cooker. Some of my favorite and most popular slow cooker recipes are, Slow Cooker Chicken and … [Read more...]

Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

I don't know what I would do without our crock pot. It's so easy to throw a meal together in the morning and by dinnertime, there's something yummy ready for everyone. One of our favorite crock pot recipes to make in the colder months is our Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup. It just hits the spot on a cold winter day. I showed a picture of the soup cooking on Instagram last week and had … [Read more...]

Fall Recipe: Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider

  Hello friends of TT&J, I'm Melissa from No. 2 Pencil and I'm excited to be sharing one of our family traditions with you today. When the weather turns colder, one of my favorite things to make for a family gathering is slow cooker apple cider. This year, I thought it would be fun to mix it up and make caramel apple cider. It was a huge hit and the perfect treat on a crisp … [Read more...]