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1905 Cottage Addition: Dining Room

It's been so fun working on a project I love so much. The 1905 Cottage is a little home I fell in love with years ago and bought about four years ago. You can read all about it here. A couple of years ago I started an addition and now I'm sharing the projects from the addition. Today I would like to share the 1905 Cottage Addition: Dining Room. This is the outside of the home. The bigger … [Read more...]

1905 Cottage Addition – New Series!

Happy 2016! Are you excited for a new year? I just want to say how thankful I am for this blogging world. I've been blogging for about 8 years and it's brought so much much joy and friendships into my life. I love sharing ideas, my own and others with you. I am excited to start the year with a new series about my sweet little 1905 Cottage. The 1905 Cottage Addition - a new 2016 series all about … [Read more...]

Introducing the NEW #1905Cottage 2015 Projects!

For the last couple of years I've been working on the renovation of the #1905Cottage. I'm super excited to introduce the next BIG project on the 1905 Cottage -- I'm expanding it to make it an actual modern-sized house. Yes! Construction has just started, and we will be moving into this home. I'm excited to be sharing the  design and decor projects with you in the coming … [Read more...]

Striped Wall Guest Bedroom – Reveal!

I've had such a fun time working on our new guest room. At the start of the school year all of my kids wanted to switch rooms around and my middle daughter took over what used to be our guest bedroom in the basement. My son is away at college and since his room is the largest bedroom and has its own bathroom, I thought it would be a great space to turn into a guest room. I consulted my son … [Read more...]

Planning a Kitchen Remodel For A Small Space … and 1905 Cottage Kitchen Sneak Peek!

I am just in love with the 1905 Cottage I'm renovating. While most of the major work is done -- and there's a lot to share with you -- the biggest unfinished piece has been the kitchen. The people who had lived in this cottage before loved it and took good care of it. But it was time to update it. It wasn't bad, but we knew there was something magical underneath. But we had to do some … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Winterizing Your Home Against Pests — and What’s Your Favorite Pest Story?

I love nearly everything about autumn. But what I don't enjoy is what the colder weather can bring into my house: critters and pests. Over the years I've fought all kinds, at least the kinds we get in the western US. Nothing particularly exotic, but still annoying: mice, spiders, ants, and hornets. Like in our (still underway) 1905 house renovation -- where it's full of great places for spiders to … [Read more...]

Great Ideas — 20 Furniture Transformations!!

Have you been hitting the yard sales this summer? *** Here are 20 ways you can turn a yard sale bargain into a beautiful showpiece for your home! Vintage Tea Chest @ Desire Empire Book Page Table @ Our Prairie Home How to Paint Laminate Furniture @ Love, Pomegranate House … [Read more...]

Great Ideas — 30 DIY Before and After Projects!!

Happy Easter!   Here are some amazing before and after projects that were linked up this week. And be sure to hop on over and check out all of the other fabulous projects that were linked up this week.  I wish I could feature each and every one, because they are SUPER!  Craft Closet @ Fancy Frugal Life  Laundry Room @ The Quaint Cottage  Zinc Mirror @ From Gardner 2 Bergers   Aqua Mirror … [Read more...]