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Back to School DIY Burlap Corkboard and Pushpin Tutorial!

This post sponsored by Michaels.

I love being part of the Michaels Makers team! This month the theme was “Back to School”. My kids go back to school on Monday, so this was perfect for us!!

back to school diy burlap corboard and push pin tutorial


I made this DIY Back to School Organization Door last week and I wanted to make a corkboard for the organization door. A place to put “to-do lists”, grocery lists, inspirational art and more! So I headed over to Michaels.


Here’s how to make the DIY Burlap Corkboard:

diy burlap corkboard and pushpin tutorial at tatertots and jello

Michaels Supplies: 

A canvas-wrapped board in the size you need for your project

Burlap to cover the board. Measure the board and add 4 inches to all sides.

Cork to cover the front of the board

Hot glue or adhesive to glue the cork to the canvas

Upholstery tacks for a finishing touch

Staple gun to staple burlap onto the back of the canvas

how to make a burlap corkboard


Cut the cork to the same size as the front of the canvas board

Use hot glue or adhesive to glue the cork onto the front of the canvas

Lay the canvas board on top of the burlap – face-down – and wrap the burlap around the canvas

Use a staple gun to glue gun to adhere the burlap onto the canvas

Add some upholstery tacks to the front of the board for a finishing touch


how to make the diy pushpins at tatertots and jello

How to make the DIY Push Pins:

diy button push pins at tatertots and jello


diy pushpin tutorial at tatertots and jello

Buttons or other embellishments

E9000 adhesive


diy button pushpins at tatertots and jello


Take embellishments and glue them onto the thumbtacks with E9000 or other adhesive


Super easy!

Once dry — use them on your cork board!

diy burlap corkboard and pushpin tutorial at tatertots and jello

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Michaels even has a great Back to School Pinterest Board!

(And teachers get 15% off at Michaels!)

How do YOU keep your family organized for school?? 

Let us know in the comments!! 


Happy Friday!! 


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This post was sponsored by Michaels. However, the modified project, original printables and post are mine. See my disclosures.


  1. love this! was wondering where you got your little notes on your cork board? thank you!

  2. Cool tutorial!


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