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Display Family Memories with Puzzle of Life (Plus, win a $100 credit!)

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It’s always hard to find quality ways to display family memories!

I was introduced to Personal Creations’ Puzzle of Life product, and it’s a fun addition to the kids “hangout room!”

puzzle of life sibling wall art at tatertots and jello

It’s easy to select the sets and pieces, easy to put together and helps you tell your family’s story. Add and rearrange pieces as your family changes — their quality will last for many years since they’re handmade by Amish woodworkers. I thought it would be fun to display images of each of my kids and the definition of Siblings on the inside part of the puzzle. I love the way it turned out!!

sibling puzzle of life wall art at tatertots and jello


I’ll show you how you can win a $100 credit for your own Puzzle of Life after the break!

I wanted to make a Puzzle of Life set that reflected the theme I’d created for this room — and I love the way it looks!

puzzle of life sibling wall art at tatertots and jello diag

I tried to create a theme that matched the Teen/Tween hangout room’s selfie wall, and  since that decor featured a “selfie” definition, I decided to feature a similar approach with a definition of the word “sibling.” I wanted to feature the kids — since it’s their room — and the word “sibling” seemed to fit the best. I chose the elements of online definitions that best fit what I wanted to communicate. Then I decided I should feature the birth years and names of each of the kids. Notice that each puzzle piece style has a slightly different layout, which adds some visual variety. It’s not at all confusing when you order, though — it’s obvious how they all fit together and easy to choose the layout and finish you like best. (I chose these wood finishes because they match the decor — you could choose any of several attractive finishes!)

puzzle of life hannah piece


hayley puzzle of life piece

puzzle of life ella piece

puzzle of life nick piece

I love also that I can switch out the pictures so easily too!! I love this idea as a different way to create a family gallery wall.

Ordering was quick and easy and I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly the puzzle pieces arrived! The wood and the finish work was also high-quality.

puzzle of life wall art at tatertots and jello

This would also make such a cute wedding gift. Or a gift for grandparents – showing all of their grandchildren. I love that pieces can be added on later too!!


Here’s how you could win a $100 credit to create your own Puzzle of Life!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway begins July 31 and ends August 8; one winner will receive a $100 credit for Puzzle of Life.

And you can get 20% off your Puzzle of Life order when you use this special discount code: PCSM20!



How would you make your family’s story using the Puzzle of Life?


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This post was sponsored by Personal Creations but the content and design ideas are mine. See my disclosures.


  1. In our office

  2. Kelsey m says:

    In my living room!

  3. In the playroom or in the living room. It would go lovely in our home. Beautiful creations!

  4. I would hang it in our office

  5. Gina Benoist says:

    I would hang it in our family room

  6. Elizabeth Williams says:

    I would hang it in my bedroom!

  7. Silvia Reid says:

    I would hang it in the living room.

  8. I would hang my Puzzle of Life in the living room where everyone can see it

  9. Melinda Wilson says:

    I would hang this on the wall across from the upstairs landing! It would look great there!

  10. Amanda Buccieri says:

    In our entry way!

  11. I would hang it in our family room.
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  12. I’d hang it down the main hallway of our new house!

  13. will make a perfect wedding gift

  14. will make a perfect personalized wedding gift!

  15. Melissa Teears says:

    I would put this in our living room.

  16. I would LOVE to hang something like this in my family room. It would be the perfect addition. Thanks for the chance to win.
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  17. Staci Mann Torgerson says:

    I’d hang my puzzle of life frame on the wall leading to our 2nd floor just inside our entry. Love family photos there so all who enter can see.

  18. Would hang in my little boys room!

  19. I would put it on a feature wall! I love this!!!

  20. Adriana Acevedo says:

    I would make a large one to hang on this one wall in our living room that spans the whole length of the house

  21. Jennifer says:

    Right by my front door!

  22. This is sooooo cute! I would put this in our main hallway.

  23. This would make a great addition to my photo wall in my bedroom.

  24. bek johnson says:

    I’d hang it in the front hall. Thanks!

  25. Sherry Fram says:

    I would hang it in the grandkids room.

  26. Darla Bunyan says:

    I would put this in my hallway! So cool, thanks for the chance!

  27. I would either hang this in our bedroom, or our office. Super cute!
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  28. Miriam Prantner says:

    These would be great in our basement, which kind of functions as our great room.

  29. stephanie says:

    I would hang it in on the wall between my kids’ bedrooms…working on a collage of pictures of them as they grow up!

  30. stephanie says:

    I would hang the puzzle of life in our living room, next to our mantel. It would look wonderful there.

  31. It would go in our bedroom.

  32. So cute! I love this!

  33. I’d hang it in out family room or in the entry/stairway of our home.

  34. Love this, I would use it in my hallway.

  35. Carolyn Benik says:

    I adore this!! It would go perfectly in the new family gallery wall I’m planning!

  36. I would actually gift this to a friend who is having her second child!

  37. In my entry way

  38. Crystal says:

    Cutest idea ever!

  39. Lynette W. says:

    Thanks for the give-away! In the living room or the kitchen!

  40. Linda S says:

    I would hang in our family room.

    • Jamie Webb says:

      This is such a fun fresh idea. I love it! I would hang it in my living room and display my beautiful family I am so proud of.

  41. In my living room!
    Shelley T. recently posted…Monday Morning

  42. Jennifer says:

    In my newly painted family room – I’m putting together a gallery wall

  43. Shannon F says:

    I love these! I would put it in my living room!!

  44. Melody G. says:

    My family room!

  45. Andrea Tiberi says:

    I would hang it right in our entry way. Love the puzzle pieces!

  46. Michele W. says:

    I would live to hang these in my family room to show off my many blessings.

  47. Michele E says:

    I’m just starting a wall of pictures along my stairs, this would fit in perfectly!

  48. In the front hall.

  49. Heather S. says:

    This is cool!

  50. Bethany Moore says:

    This piece would be a cool focal wall in any room!!

  51. I would hang this in my sitting room right off my bedroom. my quiet place!

  52. in my den

  53. I would love this for our front room!

  54. I really like the idea of making these for grandparents! My parents and in laws would both love this.

  55. Cute idea!

  56. Alexia C says:

    I would hang this in our living room. So awesome!

  57. Stephanie says:

    I’ve had this on my list for my husband! He calls me his puzzle piece, do I thought this with enough pieces for our 3 girls would be great!

  58. In thier playroom :)

  59. On our gallery wall up the stairs!

  60. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    I would display it on a gallery wall in the living room.

  61. This would go in my office!

  62. I would hang it in my family room or my sewing room. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing it .

  63. This is so Cute! I love how it has the definition of sibling on there!

  64. Jeannie Garcia-Buechele says:

    I would give it to my niece to put in her new baby boys room, it would be the perfect edition to his room :)

  65. Carla Hundley says:

    This looks so neat and I’d
    hang it in my craft room!
    Pictures of my sweetie
    and our fur babies!
    Carla from Utah

  66. So cute! I would hang it in our family room!

  67. Hilarie says:

    We have a blending family (we’re still not totally blended, but working every day!). This is a great way to show how we all fit together.

  68. willow m says:

    These are beautiful and just neat!

  69. Andrea B. says:

    This is so cute. I would love to hang it on my wall going up the stairs!

  70. Christy says:

    This is so fun! It would look great in our family room.

  71. I would actually give this as a gift to my mom, so it would hang at her house :)

  72. I love this! Would look great in my office.

  73. Kari Maddox says:

    With 5 kids & 2 doggies, I am always looking for creative ways to show off our family. I love the pictures of teenagers, because we have 2 and it seems like a lot of “family” items are aimed at younger kids. We want a mature look to some items!

  74. Rachel Garcia says:

    If I won I would hang mine in the hallway leading to the living room.

  75. We are planning to build and move into a “Tiny Home” within the next year. We’d display our pieces on our main wall!

  76. Angela Wildermuth says:

    That’s so cool! I put it in my foyer.

  77. Tricia K. says:

    This would be a great addition on the wall to our staircase!

  78. I would hang in the entry way.

  79. I would hang mine in the family room, since after our wedding my husband adopted my son, our puzzle is complete

  80. Camille says:

    Upstairs loft.

  81. I would hang mine in my bedroom.

  82. Natasha S says:


  83. Ananya Gupta says:

    In my bedroom.

  84. Benny Sequeira says:

    On the gallery wall.


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