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Pottery Barn Christmas Mirror Knock-Off Project!

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Christmas mirror

inspired pottery barn christmas mirror

I love a good Knock-Off Project!! So when Lindsay from Makely said that she was hosting a Knocktober DIY series – I was so excited to take part in the fun!! Check out this Pottery Barn Christmas mirror!


Welcome if you are stopping by from Teal and Lime. Isn’t Jackie’s mirror fabulous? I love it!!

teal and lime

I made a mirror too! I am starting to think  about the holidays, and so I decided to try remaking this DIY Holiday Mirror. It is on the PB website for more than $129 plus shipping — and I was able to make a similar version for under $40. Yay!! And I wanted to do a grey version that would go better with my home’s holiday decor too.

pottery barn knock off christmas mirror

Here’s how I made the PB knock-off:

I found a mirror on clearance at Lowes for $20.

I used Layla’s tutorial on how to distress a mirror. The only major change was I used a lower-strength of Muriatic acid. And instead of only waiting a couple of minutes to take effect, I had to let the solution stay on the mirror for about an hour.

  1. The first thing I did was I took the mirror out of the frame.
  2. Then I sprayed the paint stripper spray on the back of the mirror and let it sit for about 10 minutes. I used gloves, a mask and eye protection when I used the paint stripper and muriatic acid.
  3. Once that spray took effect, I used plastic scrappers and scraped the paint off the back of the mirror.
  4. Then I took the muriatic acid and put it in a spray bottle. I then sprayed the edges of the mirror back with the solution and let it sit for about an hour — until I could see the the marks were transparent.
  5. Once the mirror looked distressed enough, I wiped the excess Muriatic acid off with a clean, damp cloth.
  6. Then I took the same Grey Gloss Spray Paint and painted the frame of the mirror and the back of the mirror the same grey gloss color.
  7. Once it was all dry, I put the mirror back in the frame.
  8. And then I printed off the lettering with my Silhouette machine. I applied the vinyl and now I have a beautiful Christmas focal point. The original price is $129+ and I made mine for under $40!!

how to age a mirror tutorial at tatertots and jello

Here’s a close up of the way the mirror looks distressed now. I love the look!

how to antique a mirror

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pottery barn inspired christmas mirror tutorial

The next Knocktober project is from Carmel at Our Fifth House. Her project is amazing!!

our fifth house

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There will be 27 projects total – you can find the full line up at Makely! I can’t wait to see them all!

Have a Beautiful Day! 


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PS: The handwritten fonts I used are from the fabulous Kimberley Geschwein, and they’re free for personal use.

The script font is KG Eyes Wide Open (named after the lovely Gotye song, I suspect), and the printing one is KG Skinny Latte.

The distressed serif font is IM Fell Great Primer Pro.

The leafy things are from the Silhouette Studio library.



  1. Marsha Sa says:

    I just stumbled onto your website and love it! I LOVE your version of the Pottery Barn mirror absolutely stunning. I too would be interested in purchasing the vinyl letters if possible. Please keep me posted as I would love to do this project with some girlfriends and have this mirror as part of my holiday decorating next Christmas. Thanks for sharing,,,,:)

  2. Just did this project at a class Jen! Love how it came out!

  3. So, have you ever thought about selling these? I have 2 small children and am never going to find the time to make this, but I am in love with it. Any chance you might be selling them?

  4. I am probably the only guy reading this blog, but my wife was dying to get the PB Mirror. Seeing it was sold out I searched high and low and found this spectacular site. Jen, are we able to buy the vinyl lettering? I see you posted several times you were checking with a friend of yours and I am having issues getting the font lined up. Thanks

    • I am so anxious to make (try) one of these mirrors I am replying to myself. Jen what size was the mirror and what font size did you use for the silhouette vinyl (assuming your friend is not selling the pattern). Thanks and have a great day! – Dean

  5. What fonts did you use?

  6. Juanita in Ohio says:

    Wow, wow, wow, I LOVE your mirror much better than the original!! Kudos to you and TFS.

  7. Becca Hasbrouck says:

    What is a silhouette? Can I use my cricket? And why did you remove the back of the mirror?

    • You remove the back of the mirror so you can access and remove the coat of paint put on the mirror to protect the silver mirror coat. Once you carefully remove the protective paint you spray on the acid to eat the area you mist (with acid) and the silver coating. Then you blot up the excess very carefully and wait for it to dry. Clean gently, let dry again and re-paint and seal the back of the mirror to protect the remaining silver. That is what gives it that aged look.

  8. Norman Sappenfield NDS Crafts says:

    you could have a lot of time and trouble…….just by replacing the glass with plexiglass…….I have painted of plexiglass for years and had no trouble with it …….saves on glass breakage also…….just a little hint…..fro an old 30 yr sign painter………

  9. do you sell the ‘have yourself a merry little christmas mirrors?

  10. Could you just start with an old piece of glass since you removed all the mirror part and then put it back on? I have some smaller picture frames lying around.

    • What she did was use the chemical to remove just bits of the “mirror” and then paint the back of it to match the color of the frame and lettering. You could just use glass and paint it with “mirror” paint, but then you would just use the chemical to take off a little bit to get that look. Hope this helps. :)

  11. I love this mirror — so cute! You did a great copy. I like the vintage quality of it and good call on the grey.
    Mimi recently posted…The Bible Belt

  12. Your knock-off mirror is gorgeous – I have to say I like it better than the PB version. My husband and I visited the International Furniture Market in High Point this month and there were distressed mirrors everywhere, so I don’t see this trend going away anytime soon!

  13. Susan martin says:

    Yours is WAY cuter!!! Love it!

  14. Chrystina says:

    Love yours even more than theirs! Wow! Great job :)

  15. awesome!!! totally love it!

  16. WOW I like yours better. Bigger frame makes it pop. Great job! I am going to do this.

  17. I love this project! Definitely pinning this and hoping to make one too. Thanks for sharing!

  18. This is amazing! I have two mirrors. I think one for Christmas, and one for all year – maybe a Bible verse! Thank you!

  19. Carolyn B says:

    WOW!!! Love yours way better than the store version! Great job!

  20. I too, like your mirror better than the PB one! I like a thick frame around a larger mirror. I don’t own a silhouette … going to Michael’s today … there may be a silhouette in my future 😉 Thank you for sharing!
    Brenda @ SweetSimpleStuff recently posted…Halloween Cupcakes … cute and not too scary!

  21. Your version is wayyy better!! I love it <3 <3


  22. LOVE this! I love yours way better than the Pottery Barn one. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Robyne recently posted…We’re Turning Three!

  23. The leaf is called branch and leaves by A Little Hut if your searching in the SIL store :)

  24. Would you mind sharing which image you used for the star and leaves from silhouette so I can purchase them? thanks!!

  25. The Christmas mirror is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent with so many of us!! I am just starting this “sign craft thing” and wondering between a Cricut and a Silhoutte. Do you have any pointers for me about this. Thank you so very much.

    • If you purchase a cricut you also have to purchase all those cartridges. But if you purchase the Silhouette you can make up your own designs. I own a Cricut wish I would have spent a little extra and got the Silhouette.

  26. Britney L says:

    I heart this frame so much! I can’t wait to try making this or using the distressing technique. Also, thank u so much for listing the font. I wish this whole design was on the sil store. Have you ever thought about becoming a shape designer?? You should look into it. You got skills!

  27. Your version is beautiful, Jen! I love it in gray and great job on the antiquing!
    Roeshel recently posted…Anthropologie Inspired WishBone Tutorial

  28. I do like yours better.

  29. Oh my gosh!!!! Yours is even better than the original!!!!
    Sarah @ Bombshell Bling (Craft Quickies) recently posted…Two Ideas for Making Fun, No-Carve Duck Tape Pumpkins #StickOrTreat

  30. What a beautiful mirror! Such a fresh and inspiring post. I was surprised to see the lettering was vinyl – it certainly doesn’t look that way! I can just see this on my mantel:) Thank you for sharing this. One quick question – do you think the looking glass, mercury type method would work also?
    I really love this!

  31. Love your project Jen! so much better than the real thing. I did a mirror thing a couple of weeks for the mystery box (krylon) I tried to age it without the acid….didn’t work. :(

    super job girl!
    gail recently posted…Krylon {mystery box} Halloween Mantel

  32. Absolutely LOVE the mirror! In fact, I like yours better than the one from Pottery Barn. 😉
    Emily recently posted…Sweet onion crack dip {GIVEAWAY}

  33. What Kimberley Geschwein font did you use for the leaves? I have looked on her website and cannot seem to find it. Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. It looks so much better than the PB version!!

  34. I absolutely adore anything Pottery Barn, although I never buy…(too expensive!) I love what you have done with that mirror. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  35. Well, well. Ms. SpoolTeacher thinks your version is so much nicer than PB and she didn’t get the pop in your face pop-ups to have to get around to see yours. Great job. Now she knows how to make a mirror look old. Thanks.

  36. I love this! I am also loving the whole Knocktober series! You did such a great job! I want to make one now! xo

  37. Gorgeous! I like yours better than PB’s, too.

  38. Love it simply LOVE IT! I will be trying this! Victoria

  39. Suzie Dyer says:

    HI: This is a really cute project. I downloaded the fonts that you specified, but I am having a hard time figuring out which ones are which. Do you think you could say which words are in which font? And also where is the little leave design from. Thanks so much.

  40. I like yours better than theirs! Love it when that happens!

  41. I love this! The new/old mirror looks so good and it is going to be amazing in your holiday home. Wow, you are really making a jump start with that aren’t you.
    Marianne@Songbird recently posted…Another Fall mantel project {sort off}

  42. Love this project! I need to try that mirror technique!

  43. Yours is tons cuter than the original!! Love it.

  44. Oh my gosh, YOURS is beautiful. I would probably not have thought twice about the “real ” one but now I WANT. I also do not have a die cutting machine and would love to know how much you would charge or IF you would be willing to sell the sentiment.

    • Thanks Heidi!!

      I have a friend with a vinyl business and I am looking into seeing if she can sell the vinyl for anyone that wants to buy it :)


      • Hi Jen. I love, love, love this project, but I too, do not own a Silhouette cutter. Can you tell me if your friend with the vinyl business would be willing to sell the lettering?

  45. Valerie Brand says:

    Would you be willing to sell the vinyl? I’d love to make one of my own!

  46. It’s gorgeous! See, yet another reason for me to get a vinyl cutting machine, though I suppose I could stencil it if I reeeeallly had to.

    Now I want one!

  47. So, so fabulous!

  48. Hi Jen, This is just SO cool. Pinned it & would love to give it a try. Congrats on a great result!

    Warmly, Michelle

  49. I love the mirror!! Is the vinyl clear or slightly colored?

  50. Hey I was just curious what fonts you used on your mirror! I love my silhouette but its so hard to find cute fonts that I love sometimes! Thanks!

  51. This is gorgeous! I’m hoping to make it for a Christmas gift. Did you wear a mask when working with the chemicals? Wondering what kind I would need to buy! Thanks!

    • Thanks for reminding me — I updated the post to specify that. Ask at your hardware store, but I just used one of my sanding/painting masks that I buy in big packages :). I used standard latex gloves and my pink safety glasses. I looked impressive!
      Jen recently posted…Super Yummy Pizza Cheese Dip (Recipe)!

  52. I really like how thses come out and its a lot easier to distress a mirror then I thought. Will have to try this in the up coming holidays. Thanks for sharing
    Courtney Pollard recently posted…How to Prevent the Common Causes of Hair Loss

  53. I would love to know what fonts you used so that I can make this using my silhouette! Is the vinyl is removable if I wanted to put it on my mirror that hangs in my dining room year round?

  54. I love your so much better than theirs – I thought it was the original one before I scrolled down! I wish I had a Silhouette machine, I’ve already seen like three different projects I want to make that call for one. I love this mirror!

  55. I was so sure that the red mirror was the knock-off until I read the entire post. Sometimes you can just tell which was a copy. But yours blew my mind. It is far more beautiful than the one that is for sale for $$ at Potterybarn. Good job!
    Paula recently posted…Patience With Your Spouse

  56. Same as another person – I don’t have a vinyl cutter – any suggestions or where I could buy something similar? Thanks!

  57. Amazing! Theirs looks like the knock off! Please consider selling the vinyl and/or sharing the fonts :)

  58. I’m not at all surprised, because I am a huge T & J fan, but your mirror looks a lot better than the PB one! I just got a huge mirror at a thrift shop. I’m gonna have to try this.

  59. I think yours looks MUCH nicer too! good job

  60. Oh Jen!! I love yours so much more! It’s gorgeous! It looks like the lettering was hand painted so I was surprised to hear it was vinyl! Your choice of fonts was so key to making this shine as a hand done piece. Beautiful!
    Funky Junk Interiors recently posted…A Pottery Barn inspired oil funnel gear junk lamp

  61. Tammy Barnes says:

    I think your knock off looks way better than Pottery Barn! Yours looks even more expensive because your frame is wider than theirs.

  62. Oh I just love it. I’m already thinking about Christmas as well- placed my first of many orders online for the kids yesterday. AND so it begins. :)
    Gina recently posted…Easy Messy Beach Waves for Tweens ~ Curl Secret

  63. Love it!!! Such a great idea, super cute, and way cheaper than the original. I’ll have to add this to my list of crafts to make for Christmas :)

  64. Jen you rock! Love how it turned out. As always. And that Lindsay is pretty fabulous. I need to spend more time around you two so your DIY skills can rub off on me. (since I have NONE!)

  65. This is really pretty, and a great idea. I love that it is Christmas, without being red and green. Would you be able to share the fonts that you used? Thanks for sharing your project.

  66. Brenda Hay says:

    Jen, Would you consider selling your vinyl saying for this project for all us gals that don’t have a vinyl cutter?

  67. Oh my gosh, yours is A-MA-ZING! I love it a hundred times more than the PB one. Love it, want it. NOW! =)


  68. Jacqueline R says:

    This is gorgeous! Would you be willing to share what fonts you used?

  69. Love the mirror!!!! Also, that cute plant! Perfect for Christmas! Where is that from?

  70. Jaw. Drop. Floor. Jen, I think this is so beautiful! Great job!
    Lindsay @ Makely recently posted…Knocktoberfest: Day 2

  71. i love this – a great gift idea for family or friends for the holidays! the only question i have is the step where you apply the words…how does that magic happen?

  72. Wow Jen this is amazing!! I LOVE how you put this on a mirror, I love this more then the original. You did a fantastic job!
    Dria recently posted…Operation Christmas Child

  73. Jen, I love your version so much better! The gray is so sophisticated. Hooray for saving a bunch of money and making it a better fit for your house in the process!
    Jackie recently posted…DIY West Elm-Inspired Herringbone Mirror

  74. I like yours even better than the PB version! Thanks for the instructions! I love the look of antiqued mirrors!

  75. Wow! What a great job! Dare I say, I like your version better! I like the chunkier mirror – well done!

  76. That is awesome.. just as lovely as the original!


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