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Recipe: Make Easy Butterfinger Cupcakes!


We made some cupcakes the other day that I posted on Instagram.

I had a bunch of people ask for the recipe. So here it is.

It’s super easy since it uses a simple yellow cake mix. And it’s perfect to make for Easter too! 


Here’s the recipe!



It’s kind of fun to find a surprise inside of the cupcakes! 


Do you have any treats you are planning to make for Easter?? 

Share them in the comments – we would love to hear YOUR ideas!!

Have a Happy Day! 



  1. I was wondering if you could email me the recipe as well. They look delish! I actually purchased all the ingredients. Thank you so much :))

  2. Lynne Hermansen says:

    Has the recipe disappeared? I was going to make these for my niece, and it’s disappeared. :(

    • Hi Lynne! I’m so sorry, but we’re having some technical difficulties. It should be back up in the next couple of days! So sorry about that! xoxo

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  4. These look dreamy! Peanut butter cupcakes are one of my but have never tried it with a Butterfinger. Must try!

    Also I’d love for you to try out our cupcake wrappers sometime. I’d be happy to send you a sample and if you’d like we can even partner with you to do a contest for your readers to win a pack.

    Let me know if you’re interested.

    Carrie, Owner of Bella Cupcake Couture

  5. I am about to try this, I bought Confectioners Sugar per the ingredients but I don’t see where it is used in the recipe? Am I missing something?

    • Hi Brandy — the confectioner sugar is used in the frosting. The frosting is the butter, vanilla, confectioner sugar, milk and vanilla. Blend those items up for the buttercream frosting :)


  6. I just tried to make these and all the butterscotch chips and butterfinger egg fell to the bottom while cooking. When you peeled off the liner all the candy part was stuck to the bottom of the liner. Any suggestions.

  7. Made these, but all of my butterscotch chips stuck to the bottom of the cupcake liner. What did I do wrong?

  8. Oh my they look so yummy! Love that a treat is waiting inside for me ;)

  9. Those look amazing!!! I’m totally going to try them with gluten-free cake mix! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  10. I would love to tweak this recipe according to the different chocolate varieties that my kids love. They are not into Butterfinger bars and are very much into M and M’s. I know my recipe would work out great too!

  11. these look so yummy! love that top photo, pure cuteness!


  12. just made these! veryy yummy….need a glass of milk yo go with them! great recipe! !!

  13. made these today yummo! where did u get the little choc. bunnies on top?!

  14. Hello!
    Just wanted to share that I have a recipe party going on over at Man Approved Diet. I’d love for you to stop by and bring a dish to share!

  15. YUM! Those look delicious! I love butterfingers! : )


  16. These are the cutest and my hubbies favorites are butterfinger…what are the chocolate bunnies on top? You are a great mom and come up with such great ideas!!!

    • Thanks Julia!! The bunnies ar Lindt chocolate bunnies that come in 5 bunnies per pack. You can get them at Target or any other grocery store. Just sit them on top of the cupakes and you have a beautiful dessert!


  17. Looks delicious! I will probably make sugar cookies since I’ve been craving them so much :)
    But I will have to try these with some of the leftover candy!

  18. Those look soooo yummy! Love the little chocolate bunnies!


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