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It’s Pumpkin Week — DIY Halloween Plate Wall

Halloween Plate Wall

It’s Day Four of PUMPKIN WEEK.

Thanks for joining in!!!

I have been meaning to make a plate wall for about 2 years. And since then I’ve been collecting plates to use on a potential plate wall. So whenever I saw a black and white plate on clearance I would snatch it up. I ended up having too many plates at the end. But I am sure I will use them all eventually hahaha!

Last year we added beadboard to a little area in my family room and it’s a perfect place for seasonal decorations. I knew I wanted to put my plate wall in this little nook. And since I knew it would be temporary I didn’t want to put holes in the walls. So I relied on my handy-dandy favorites — Command Strips. They are so convenient.

Here’s how to create a plate wall with no holes:

  1. Measure out the space and measure it out on the floor.
  2. Put the plates in the space and rearrange them until you come to a grouping that you like.
  3. You don’t want the plates to be TOO evenly spaced. You want it to look a little more random.
  4. For my plate wall, I wanted a scrolly frame with a pumpkin to be the focal point. So I started with that frame and added plates around it.
  5. A couple plates were blank and I added a pattern with vinyl from Silhouette’s online store, and the other I added a vinyl chandelier — also a design from Silhouette’s online store.
  6. A couple of the plates had birds on them and I thought about printing off some crows with vinyl and covering over the birds, but I am not really into the “dark” side of Halloween, so I left them. If you want a “spookier” kind of wall, you could cover things on plates like birds with scarier elements.
  7. Add the Command Strips to the back of the plates. Many of the plates have a slightly raised lip. You want to put the Command Strip on the highest part of the plate. You attach both command strips to the plate, with the velcro sides together and then press it onto the wall and press. You want one of the strips to stick to the wall, and the other to the plate.
  8. And be sure to attach the command strips to the wall and let them sit for a hour before you hang the plates. You don’t want any plates to fall off and break!! Once the strips have set for an hour, press the plate onto the wall and stick the velcro sides together. (see full instructions on the Command Strip package)
  9. That’s it!! Then add some accessories. I found the paper spiders at Target!

Here’s how to make the framed pumpkin:

  1. I  bought the black frame at Hobby Lobby. Did you know you can bring up the coupon on your smartphone?? Get 40% off all the time without having to print anything off. I love that!
  2. I took the glass off and lined the backing with some spider web material. I just taped the back with duct tape.
  3. Then I cut a Dollar Store pumpkin in half with a knife.
  4. I painted the pumpkin metallic silver and while it was wet I sprinkled Martha Stewart silver glitter on the pumpkin.
  5. Then I wrapped a little black and white gingham ribbon around the pumpkin and tied it into a bow.
  6. And I hot glued the pumpkin to the web material. Voila — a framed pumpkin.
  7. NOTE — Be sure to hang plates with the appropriate size of strips. I tried to hang a heavy bowl and it was just too heavy and awkward for the strips. They aren’t miracle strips lol.

I was thinking a Thanksgiving Plate Wall might be the next project for that little space.

I spied some pretty Autumnal plates at TJ Maxx last week!


Black Plate: Dollar Store

White Square Plate: Target

Round Skull Plate: TJ Maxx

White Round Plate with Branches: TJ Maxx

Black Scrolly Frame: Hobby Lobby

Black Poison Plate: Target

White Round Plate With Bird: Target (last year)

Black and White Graphic Plate: Target (last year)

Black and White Doily Plate: TJ Maxx

Black Glitter Cat: TJ Maxx

Orange Small Pumpkin: Target

Black BOO Pumpkin: Shopko (last year)

Black and White Polka Dot Candles: gift

Black Paper Spiders: Target

Fabric Witch Hand: gift


Have you started decorating for Fall??

Share YOUR ideas in the comments. And if you have blogged about your idea or shared it on Facebook, leave the URL — we would love to see YOUR idea!!!


PS — I did use Command Strips for this post, but I bought them myself. I just like their products. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. I could not be more obsessed with this wall. You are the queen of Halloween. Seriously LOVE!!!

  2. I love how it looks and the white background is a great base!! That pumpkin is too cute, I need to make one!!

  3. Joan McGarvey says:

    What a cute little nook. Using it for seasonal decorations is a great idea. Can’t wait to see the next seasons decor

  4. This is awesome! I love the plates and how festive it is. I hope you’ll stop by and link up some of your great ideas to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party!


  5. oh my goodness! you KNOW i love this. so fun & festive!!!

  6. I love your Halloween nook! What a fun collection and a very sophisticated Halloween look.

  7. Such cute Halloween decor, Jen!

  8. I love the idea of a seasonal plate wall! It looks amazing Jen! You have such a perfect spot for it too!

  9. I have not tried the facebook page. Thanks for the advice! I might not be so bummed but in my excitement to do some cool projects, I bought a BUNCH of them! Just like a freaky blog lovin’ crafter, right? lol Anyhow, Love LOVE TT&J! I found you about a year ago and now everyone I know follows you! Keep up the awesome, cool, fun. creative work :0)

  10. I wish I could use those Command hooks. I bought a bunch of them, weighed everything to make sure I was within the weight requirements, followed the directions to hang them, and every single one failed. My walls are all torn up and the hooks are in a drawer. I REALLY want to use them and am so sad.

    • Oh no Karen!! I am so sorry!!! Maybe it was your paint? I am not sure why they would do that if you follow the directions. I have a flat paint on my walls. I wonder if that could be why? Have you tried asking on their Facebook page? I have noticed that they are very responsive there. They should at least refund your money for the hooks I would think.


  11. I love how this totally changed the look of the area. And it’s way more pretty and sophisticated than most Halloween decor I have seen.

  12. Your wall looks amazing! I am not much of a seasonal decorator, which always bummed out my deprived children. I blogged about that sad fact today.

  13. I LOVE that 3-D silver pumpkin–so fun and clever!

  14. Glitter makes everything look pretty! I love how you change that area every season and special occasions!

  15. Super chic! Love it so much!

  16. I love your wall Jen! It looks fabulous and you can never go wrong with white & black. I started decorating for Fall this week. I did oup porch and a Fall table. We celebrate Thanksgiving in October, so my decorations are just strictly Fall at this point and I will move into Halloween after our Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

    Here is my Fall table:
    And my Fall porch:

  17. LOVE it, Jen! The hand coming out of the drawer is such a fun touch. :) I’m working on my Halloween mantel today!

  18. Amazing Jen!!!! I love it!

  19. Thanks Deb!! I am really liking it. I might need to make a little banner or something at the top :)


  20. Love all of this, wish I had a cute little nook like you do for fun seasonal decor. I was wondering about your Halloween subway art- where is it from? I love it!

  21. I don’t have a lot of flat seasonal decorating space so hanging with velcro command strips is a wonderful tip. I have been struggling with how to add temporary seasonal decorations to a wall area with out thousands of holes. Thanks

  22. Awesome plate wall!! I have a plate wall in my entryway, but it may be fun to switch it up for the seasons, thanks for the inspiration!

  23. So cute!!!Love the bead board and that you have a great spot to showcase all the fun seasonal items!!!!

  24. I LOVE this decor. I don’t usually decorate for halloween–but this makes me want to! :)

  25. Michelle@OurWonderfilledLife says:

    So fun and festive Jen and bright too, love the new look, inspiring!!!

  26. Love your Halloween Spread! Glitter, Hands and just FUN!

  27. Such a great clean look. Fresh Halloween. Love it,


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