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Start of Summer Tradition — Pedi Party!!


Start of Summer Tradition — Pedi Party!!

For the past three or four years my girls and I have had a little End of School Tradition.

The first day of Summer Break we have a little pedi party.

For some reason getting pretty toenails signifies the start of summer in our home — plus it’s FUN!!

Last year we tried Houndstooth Nails:

The year before we tried making DIY Glitter Toes (I lost all of my comments on this post in my WP transition):

And this year we tried some graphic and metallic nail foils. It was so much fun!!

There’s something about having pretty feet that makes every pair of sandals or flip flops prettier.

Chic Nail Foils — which is a local company to me, sent me some nail foils to try out. We had such a fun time putting them on. The girls were able to pick their favorite pattern. And the thing I love about nail foils, is it’s so easy. All you do is peel the foil off, stick it on your fingernail or toenail and then there is a little file that comes with the kit and you just file the excess and it shapes around the end of your nail. I also love that nail shields stay on way longer than polish. At least for me they do.

I think the metallics are really hot this year. And they look great for Summer!!

Of course, I had to try out the Chevron style:

Chic Nails has tons of different nail foils you can try.

I think I might try the Polka Dots or Pink Zig Zags next :)

And they have a special for Tatertots & Jello readers — If you buy 3 packs, you get one free.

Just enter promo code TT&J at checkout.

Yay — pretty toes for Summer!!

Do you have any End of School traditions that you do??

Let me know in the comments. And if you have a link, share it — I would love to see YOUR tradition!!

Have a Wonderful Day!!


Chic Nails sent me product for this post. You can find out more about TT&J disclosures here.


  1. I just thought I would drop you a note. I purchased some nail foils through this promotion on your web site. When they arrived, a set was missing, though I was charged the full amount. The web site is now not operational, and no one will return my emails.

  2. Ryan Best says:

    Next year try http://Glitties.com and we will hook up the family with the glitter toes kits!

  3. Haha…I have those shoes in gray. We are shoe sisters!

  4. This is such a great tradition! Our year end tradition involves sleeping in and having junk cereal that we don’t usually have for breakfast! Love this idea..it would be so fun for a birthday party or a bridal shower too! Angie xo

  5. I used “TTANDJ” for the coupon code today and it worked.

  6. The code is not working today. I got a message saying no special characters were allowed

  7. I tried to order some of the nail things and when I put in the code TT&J I was told no special characters could be used. I tried just TTJ and was told there was no such code. I did not order anything after all…. Your post said it was working yesterday – but it’s not working today

  8. I have heard of the nail foils and would love to hear how they hold up. I sell the Jamberry nails and they are great. You should totally give them a try. They stay on your fingers for 2-4 weeks and toes for 4-6 weeks. There are over 250 different designs.

    Fun tradition though!! love it!

  9. Emaliza says:

    my mom always made “puppy chow” on the last day of school … a once a year treat

  10. So cute! I just bought some Jamberry nails this weekend. I’d love to hear how the Chic ones hold up on your toes. Will you let us know after a couple weeks?

  11. My end of school Traditionā€¦.sleeping in! I am NOT a morning person, in fact I often stay up til 1 or 2 so sleeping in is my favorite tradition.

  12. These are adorable! I don’t do much with my nails anymore because I can never get polish to stay on very long :( But these foils look wonderful. I’m thinking pedis to kick off summer might be a new tradition for us!

    • Hi Liz!!

      I never do my fingernails because I’m always painting something and they get ruined. But I love having pretty toes. I hope your Summer is off to a great start!!


  13. Jen, every now and then I think “Oh, it would be fun to have daughters!” This post makes me think that. This is a great idea.

    In the past few years, our end-of-school tradition has been to finally catch up on sleep! Teenagers really have to push during the month of May. By the time they’re finished with finals, they’re exhausted. Maybe we should start an annual pajama day!

  14. These are SO fun Jen!! Allison has been wanting to try some of these, I’m going to order her some!

  15. How fun! I still remember the glitter toes!!! Wow, it’s been that long? The metallics are so cool! What a fun tradition for you and your girls.

  16. I love this, but I can’t get the code to work for the discount. It says it’s not valid.

  17. Love this idea! So cute!!!

  18. Hello Jen,
    Sounds like a super fun tradition for the first day of Summer Break. All of your toe nails looks gorgeous.
    Smiles, Paula