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Getting Organized — How to Organize Your Closet & Dresser!!

Hello there Tatertots & Jello readers, I am super excited to be back here with you!  Today I am sharing with you how I organize my dresser and closet.  Yep, I am actually going to show you insidemy dresser and closet {gasp}!!!

Usually dressers and closets look organized from the outside but do you ever wonder what is going on behind closed doors or inside the dresser drawers?  Well I do!  {I know I’m weird}.

Today I’m going to show you my secrets for how I keep my drawers and closet organized.

Are you ready???
Before I let you peek in my drawers let me start by saying that my biggest piece of advice, when it comes to organizing your dresser drawers, is to purchase some inexpensive organizers.  I purchased a couple sets of these at IKEA and they were worth every penny!
Here is what the inside of my top drawer looks like.
By filling my top drawer with the organizers it takes my top drawer from a mess of socks, underwear and bras to a beautifully organized drawer where everything has it’s place.  I know a lot of people don’t fold their underwear but it’s my belief that if you take a few extra minutes to fold them then it will save you lots of time each morning while you’re getting ready.  If underwear, socks, bras, etc. are nicely folded and easily accessible it will take you seconds each morning to grab what you need, instead of minutes of searching for what you need.
I also used the Skubb organizers in my husband’s top drawer to organize all of his stuff.  I can’t make my husband be organized but I can help him out by giving him a place for everything.
Truth be told though my husband loves to have a “junk pile”.  He is a very clean person {one of the things that attracted me to him} but he always has a little pile of junk lying around on the dresser.  I don’t mind him having a junk pile, I just don’t want to look at it, which is why I gave him a whole box, in his top drawer, just for his “junk”.  I’m so nice. :)
Moving on down to the second drawer.  My advice for the second drawer of your dresser is to place the things you wear the most in this drawer.  This means that in the summer it will probably be full of tank tops and shorts, in the winter jeans and sweaters.  Everything should be folded nicely and easily accessible.  My jeans are color coordinated: light on the top, dark on the bottom, that way it is easy to grab what I need in just a few seconds.
Here is what my bottom drawer looks like.  Yes, there are more jeans in there.  I have a lot of jeans so I have them broken up into two categories: everyday jeans and dressy jeans.  My everyday jeans are in the second drawer because I wear them, well, everyday.  My dressy jeans are in the bottom drawer so that they aren’t mixed in with the others, and because I don’t wear them as often I don’t want them in the way.  In the bottom drawer I also have tank tops, I wear them all year long as undershirts, and my PJs.  Everything is folded nicely and easily visible.
I know it takes a few more minutes to fold things nicely and place them in the drawers in an organized way but I promise you it will make your life so much easier in the mornings when you are getting ready.  I can actually pull things out of my drawers in the dark because I know exactly where everything is!
Now onto the closet…
Just like in your dresser drawers, in the closet there should be a designated place for everything.  The top shelf of the closet can be tricky because it’s way up there and if you don’t have a plan for it, items can “disappear”.  Purchasing inexpensive baskets for your items is a great way to solve this problem.  I bought these baskets at Target and they are perfect for my closet, plus I love green!
Next I took everything down off the shelf and items them in the baskets.  Categorize your baskets so that your items are easy to find.

Then I labeled each basket.  This way I know exactly what is in each basket without having to take it down.  If you have a Cricuit or a Silhouette you can easily make cute labels for the baskets, or if you don’t have one, like me, then you can purchase some.  I found these on Etsy, $7.00 for 10.What a difference a few baskets can make!  For under $30 my closet is beautifully organized and labeled!  I love it!

For my husbands closet I used different baskets, I didn’t think he’d want something “cute”, but it’s the same idea.  In the large bins, stacked on the right I have all of our seasonal clothes stored.  Each Spring/Fall I get them down and switch all of our clothes out.

Now that you’ve seen behind closed drawers and doors what do you think?  Do you have any tips for how you organize your closet and dresser?  I would love it if you stopped by Ask Annaand shared your ideas with me!Thank you so much for having me today Jen!!!  As always, it’s been a pleasure!

Thanks Anna! I love your organization posts!!
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Have a Happy Day!!!


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  1. you could make more use of your drawers if you line your clothes rather than stack them, you can see at a glance what you have. this has saved me from constantly searching for things! when you pile clothes like you do, you have to lift the stack to check whats there, if you put them sticking up you can see at a glance whats there

  2. I’m picking up those organizers when I go to ikea in a few weeks! (What I wouldn’t give for an ikea in Nashville!)

  3. I really need to find some of those organizer for my dresser…it is a huge mess!

  4. loved this! great tips, will be putting some of them to good use(:

  5. loved this! great ideas, will put some of them to good use(:

  6. WOW!! She just took my closet organization to a new level! I already use about 50% of her ideas and I was planning on tidying up my closet this weekend, now I know what I’ll do!

  7. WOW! She just took my closet organization to another level! I already use half the ideas she mentioned here and had been planning on tidying up things this weekend, now I know what I’ll do!

  8. Loved this!

  9. Love how organized this all looks.
    & aren’t you sweet, giving your husband a whole box for his mess? 😉

  10. I have these same exact organizers from IKEA. They are AWESOME! I had to laugh when I was reading your post on organizing your dresser b/c I’m very anal like that! As for my closet, not so much, but watch me get some baskets and organize the top shelf of the closet soon! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I loove getting my closet organized at the beginning of winter and you had some great ideas I hadn’t thought of. Thanks!
    Kris at drivenbydecor.blogspot.com

  12. I’ve been on a HUGE organizing kick lately.

  13. Oohh…I can’t wait to have a dresser again and organize my drawers. Pun completely intended. 😉

  14. Creative! Now I feel motivated to organize my closet. It’s a mess! PS it’s underwear not underware