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Guest Project — Stylish Purse Tutorial & giveaway!!

Update — giveaway closed
 Hi! I’m Priti from Arm Candy For You! 

I am an Engineer, MBA, wife, mom, greatcook, craft fiend, a proud Indian, friend, blogger &much much more! And today I would love to share a purse tutorial with you.

    The Mini Lauren 
Mini Lauren comes with easily accessible pockets, snap closure, stylish flap cover & a trigger clip to attach your keys or to your purse or jeans! The detailing & the look give you great designer style without the designer price tag!
{Trifold Credit Card Holder with trigger clip & 2 slots}

The finished size is
4.5″(12cm) wide x 3.5″(9.5cm) high when closed / 9″(23.5cm) long when fully open including the flap. The slots are 3″(7.5cm) by 4.5″(12cm) each.
 Material Requirement
·         Exterior fabric – 11” x 11”
·         Lining fabric – ¼ yard(0.23m)
·         Iron-on woven fusible interfacing -1/4 yard(0.23m)
·         1 magnetic snap
·         Coordinating Thread
·         Decorative button/trim (optional)
·         One trigger clip
·         2.5” long webbing/macrame/strap made from the exterior fabric
Cutting your fabric
From your exterior fabric cut
·         One exterior panel 5”(12.7 cm) x 7.5”(19 cm)
·         One circle with a diameter of 5”(12.8 cm).Use a compass like shown in the pic & draw on a paper & use it as pattern or draw directly on to the fabric & cut. A to B needs to be 2.5” (6.4cm).This circle will be used to make the flap.
From your lining fabric cut
·         One lining panel 5”(12.7 cm) x 7.5”(19 cm)
·         Two pocket panels  5”(12.7 cm) x 6.5”(16.5cm)
From the fusible interfacing cut
·         One exterior panel 4”(10.2 cm) x 6.5”(16.5 cm)
·         One lining panel 4”(10.2 cm) x 6.5”(16.5 cm)
·         Two pocket panels 4”(10.2 cm) x 5.5”(14cm)
·         One flap circle
If you notice the interfacings are an inch smaller in width & height, this is done to reduce the bulk in seams while sewing.
Let’s start
Applying fusible interfacing
1. Press the interfacings to the wrong sides of the exterior, lining, flap & the pocket cut pieces .Skip this step for exterior if it is leather, faux leather, thick burlap or vinyl. Make sure to keep the interfacings in the centre so that ½” is peeking out from all four sides (fig 1).
Please note -The flap interfacing is the same size as the flap. Use a medium heat steam setting on your iron. Start in the center of your fabric, and set the iron down on the fabric, not moving it around much toward the outer edges. Now you have 1 exterior, 1 lining, 2 pocket panels, and 1 flap circle ready to sew.
Start in the center of your fabric, and press (set the iron down on the fabric, not moving it around much) toward the outer edges. Now you have 1 exterior, 1 lining, 2 pocket panels, and 1 flap circle ready to sew
Adding the pockets
2. Fold the ½ “peeking out on the long edge of the pocket panel towards the interfaced side & iron it .Fold the panel into half with the interfaced sides together, matching the 5” edge & iron it(fig 2). Repeat this with the other pocket panel & top stitch the folded edge.
 3. Take one pocket panel & pin it ½” above the bottom edge of the lining panel. Pin the other pocket panel 4” above the bottom edge of the lining panel. (Fig 3). Sew the pockets on three sides with ½” seam allowance.
Making the flap
4.Take the  circle flap & fold it into 2 & cut it into 2 semi circles.If it has a pattern,see the directionality while deciding the line on which to cut!
5.If you intend to add a button /rosette/flower,sew it 1.25” above the curve on the front side of the flap.If you want to add a trim, add it while the final top sewing, do not sew it at this stage.

6.On the lining side of the flap measure & mark the centre of the flap .Then mark a point at 1” from the curve along this centre . 

Attaching the flap
7. Place the top edge of the lining panel & lining flap right sides together & pin. Stitch them together with a 1/2” seam allowance (fig 5). Fold the seam allowance towards the lining panel & top stitch, & don’t forget to back stitch at each end!
8. Place the top edge of the main panel & main flap right sides together & pin. Stitch them together with a 1/2” seam allowance. Fold the seam allowance towards the main panel & top stitch same as the lining panel.
9. Measure & mark the centre of the exterior panel by joining the long edges together & mark a point 1.5” from the bottom edge along this centre. Attach the female part of the magnetic snap on this point.
10. Now you have 1 exterior & 1 lining panels attached to the flaps & ready to assemble. (Fig 6)
Final Assembly
11. Take the webbing/macramé/strap & put the trigger clip through it, fold it in half & place 1 cm below the top edge of the top pocket facing inside. Sew it with a few stitches firmly. (Fig 7)
12. Place the lining & the exterior panel’s right sides together matching the sides & the curves of the two flaps. Pin all the outside edges. (Fig 8)
 13. Stitch all around the sides & the flap with a ½” seam allowance. For the bottom edge sew 0.5” from both the bottom corners & leave 4” gap in the bottom edge to turn the right side out. Remember to back stitch the 0.5” sewing in the bottom edge else the sewing unravels while turning the right side out!
 14. Clip the corners in the seam allowance as well around the flap curves.Turn the case right side out through the gap in the bottom edge. Push out all the corners & the flap with your fingers or a turning tool gently.Fold the 4” opening ½” inside on both sides & pin (fig 9).Sew it shut .
Top stitch the entire wallet with a ¼” seam allowance & the mini laurenis ready to paint the town red with you!
 Wow – what a great tutorial, Priti!! 

And guess what?! 

Priti is also offering a giveaway too!! 
pdf pattern Wristlet Clutch Zippered Pleated  by Armcandyforyou on Etsy
She’s giving away TWO sets of FOUR Purse Patterns.
{your choice of ANY in her shop}
So you can make your own purse creations! 

Here’s how you can win: 

  • Hop over to Priti’s shop — Arm Candy For You. What is The Name of your favorite purse? one entry.
And if you want a couple more entries: 


  • “Like” Priti’s shop on facebook. one entry.


  •  Check out Priti’s blog — leave a comment or follow for great pattern tutorials. one entry each.
And, Priti is also giving Tatertots & Jello readers a special code for 10% off anything in her shop — just type in TATERTOTSANDJELLO at checkout!!  {this giveaway will end on 2/28}

 Have a Great Day!!! 

xoxoPSI have been hard at work creating some Spring Sweater Refashions and a fun home decor project. I will try to get those written up to share this week. 



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