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$5 Challenge — 3 different Dollar Store Tiered Tray Ideas {and a Chevron stencil printable}

  Studio 5 called me up a couple weeks ago and asked me if I would take the $5 Challenge. Of course I couldn't resist!! So I headed over to my favorite place -- The $ Store and scoped it out. I decided to make a few tiered trays. I have been loving Enamel Paint ever since I made my mustache glasses. I wanted to make some Chevron Platters.  Kind of nautical for Spring!  … [Read more...]

I ♥ the Dollar Store

I just love the Dollar Store. There are so many potential projects inside!  Some of my favorite Dollar Store projects I have made have been: Tiered Dollar store Tray made out of Pizza Pans Burlap Dollar Store Napkin Rings Dollar Store Burlap Children Wall Grouping Dollar Store Burlap Magnet Frames Dollar store Serving Tray Dollar Store Fall Frames … [Read more...]

Three Doily Pennant Projects

 I decided to experiment with making some doily pennants. The first kind I made used the paper doilies you can buy at any grocery store. I made one with small paper doilies and one with the larger doilies. These would be fun to to add a little color for any type of party. I added a little oomph by making some little fabric pom poms that go in between each of the doilies.  I took a … [Read more...]

Burlap Napkin Rings Tutorial {Dollar Store Project}

I have so many Valentine ideas I wanted to do -- but  I'm running out of time! Here's one I made today. But, these napkin rings don't have to be just for Valentines Day - you can use them all year. I bought the napkin rings at the Dollar Store. Yep, I have been wandering around in there again! Four napkin rings for a dollar -- pretty sweet deal. I had wanted to make this for awhile and … [Read more...]

Valentine Project: $2 TIERED Dollar Store Tray

I had so much fun making my Dollar Store tray that I decided to make a tiered Valentine-ish one too. Although I like it so much I think I will use it all Spring and maybe Summer too! It's so bright and happy looking!   If you want to make one, here are the trays I used from the Dollar Tree: I pretty much followed the steps I used making the first tray, which are found HERE. I … [Read more...]

Dollar Store Serving Tray Tutorial

Why am I so fascinated with the Dollar Store? It's truly amazing to me that everything in there is just a buck. I get a little mesmerized when I'm in there...  I picked up a couple metal pizza pans a few weeks ago, thinking that I could do something fun with them. As I was going through my kitchen cupboards the other day I discovered that I really don't have many serving trays and I thought … [Read more...]

Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar

My kids love playing with this calendar. My 4 year old loves to put the new magnet on each day. This is a fun project to make because you can use your imagination to make up the magnets. Some things I used were: little mirrors dominos  small ornaments like sleds, stars and drums that are meant to go on miniature trees die cuts poker chips   glass disks vintage buttons … [Read more...]

Thankful for my Children: Burlap Dollar Store Wall Grouping

  Are you guys getting tired of my burlap projects? Don't worry - I am about to start on a J Crew obsession. Although I still have a few burlap projects that I am really excited about doing for Thanksgiving. {And I'm having it at my house, so I could use any tips and suggestions, but that is a whole other post...} A few years ago, my husband gave me a wonderful necklace for Mother's Day. I … [Read more...]

Before & After: Burlap Dollar Store Project

 My burlap obsession continues. I found these plastic frames at the Dollar Store a while ago. I liked the size and was hoping I could make them over.I decided to use some darker burlap for this project. I made a pattern of the long side and the shorter side of the frame. Then I copied those sides 3 more times so I would have enough to do two frames. I hot glued the burlap on, pulling the … [Read more...]