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Too Busy to Make Dinner Every Night?


Some girls in my neighborhood have gotten together and created a "frozen dinner group". We meet once a month and make dinners that can be frozen. So when we're in a hurry we can pop something in the oven and not worry about it. I have been in a couple groups like this done a couple of different ways. The first way -- you decide on an entry you want to make and then you make a certain number of … [Read more...]

Lunchbox Wanted: Inquire Within


Wanted: Lunchbox. Must be cute (or will be left at home on purpose) lightweight fit in a pink-sparkly backpack keep ham sandwiches with NO condiments cold have complicated compartments so nothing touches and be indestructible. Do you have any picky eaters? I have one daughter who is a finicky eater. I have been paying for school lunch every day for her, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she is … [Read more...]

Prayers for Stephanie Today


Most of you know about Stephanie Nielson. I never knew her or anything about her until I heard about her tragic accident. Now it seems it is ALL I can think about. She is going in for some critical surgery today for skin grafting and since she has been burned on over 82% of her body -- this could be a turning point in her recovery. Please send Stephanie and her family your good wishes and thoughts … [Read more...]

Wonderful Wenderful


Happy birthday to my darling sister Wendy! I miss you since you moved away. I hope you have a fantastic time today! You are a wonderful sister and now I shout Hooray! You are hereby knighted Queen for the day! So lean back on your throne and put up your feet. And wait for your crew to make you dinner and eat! Happy Birthday! (That's the best I could do -- sorry.) You should check out her blog. … [Read more...]

Birthday Balloons


Happy Birthday Dad! Today we celebrate your life and remember all of the wonderful times we had together. Some of the things I am remembering today are: Long car trips across the country in our old station wagon playing barbies in the back You pushing the old metal lawn mower on Benjamin Avenue Going to visit your work with you at UpJohn Co. The little chicks and bunnies you brought home … [Read more...]

Bargain Shopping for the Vision Impaired


As some of you know, I have spent a considerable amount of time this summer carting my kids around to get glasses and contacts, then going back to get yet more glasses after my kids lost the first pair. I was so impressed with myself when I discovered Costco's Optical Department and saving myself mucho $$$ over going to the mall's optical shop. Well, this week one of my friends told me about a … [Read more...]

Life On The Open Road: Part II


My trailer obsession continues: 1957 Shasta 14’ Restored Vintage Travel Trailer ( www.VintageTrailerCrazy.com) … [Read more...]

Life On The Open Road


Have I told you about my trailer obsession? It started a few months ago when I was starting to plan a family trip for next summer. I think it would be fun to take the kids on a trip across the country to see the landmarks and sights. I heard about a local family that had taken a year off from school and work to explored the country. We don't have the option of taking an entire year off but I … [Read more...]

Nie Nie Day


For those who haven't heard, a really cute blogging girl Stephanie Nielson (Nie Nie) and her husband were in a terrible plane accident. They are in critical condition and Stephanie has third degree burns covering about 80% of her body. Recovery will be long and very expensive. To help raise funds,Design Mom, (a really fun site) has declared today Nie Nie Day. Starting today all over the internet … [Read more...]

Pastrami Paninis, Parmesan Smashed Potatoes and Coco Loco Brownies


My mom brought me a wonderful surpriseyesterday. She had taught a panini class and had an extra panini maker so she gave me hers! I was so excited that I immediately went out and bought some ingredients to try it out! I found a Smashed Potato recipe on 101cooks.com which I changed a little bit. It is very similar to the "Crashed Potato" recipe that is on the Pioneer Woman's blog, but has … [Read more...]