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Outlander Sneak Peek: My Favorite Books on TV!

This post sponsored by STARZ and Time Warner Cable For the last 18 years, my favorite books have been the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I have literally (literarily?) worn out three copies of the first book, Outlander, and they’re always on my Kindle. (I’m reading the latest, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood, now.) So I jumped at the chance to see the new Time Warner Cable Series on Starz, Outlander, and see how they brought my favorite books to life. Could they cast actors who could do justice to the characters I could see in my mind? Could they include the historical and psychological detail that I love in the books? And would I even enjoy it after spending so much of my life with the books? The short answer is “yes.” image001

I had the chance to see the first episode of the new Outlander series and I’m so excited! (It premieres Saturday, August 9, at 9 PM EST/PST.)


(I’m featuring some behind-the-scenes pictures in this post!)


They cast the characters very well, especially the main character, Clare. She’s always been my favorite: she’s a strong, intelligent woman. And Diana Gabaldon has done such an excellent job creating complex, multi-dimensional characters that I was worried about who would play them. (And yes, I’ve been following the casting process on Diana Gabaldon’s Facebook page for the last year!)

See why I’m so excited? I’ve loved not only the characters in the books, but how dimensional they are. I feel like I know them well, and that I understand them and their lives. Judging from the first episode, the new Outlander series has captured that.


I’ve also loved the historical settings for the novels as well as the depth of knowledge Diana Gabaldon brings to the characters, whether it be medical knowledge (Clare’s a nurse) or zoology.


While I think any movie or TV series adapted from books faces huge challenges, based on the first episode, the producers and writers are moving in the right direction. For example, there’s a great scene in the Outlander book where Clare, on a trip with her husband in Scotland after being apart for 5 years during the war, looks in a store window. She thinks about how she’s never owned a vase like those displayed in the window, since she and her husband have been busy fighting the war (in her case, as a nurse). It’s an important scene for her character, but it could easily have been overlooked. Its being included speaks volumes to me about the quality of the production!


* * * * *


Check out the new Outlander series on the Web (looks like you can stream the first episode starting August 2!)


and get ready to watch the whole series starting August 9!


I can’t wait to watch the whole series. Yay!!!!

Do you have a favorite book or series?? Share your favorites with me in the comments!


Have an Awesome Day!!




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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Time Warner Cable, but I am a major Diana Gabaldon fan too. The opinions and text are all mine. Anyway, also see my disclosures.



  1. I remember emailing with you about these books, before we even knew there would be a TV series! I’m so excited to watch the pilot when it’s available online this weekend. When we downgraded our cable, for some reason Starz and HBO were part of the new package, so I couldn’t be happier. 😉 I still think Gabaldon goes off on loooong, looooong tangents in the books that I could have done without, but the story itself is so gripping! I haven’t had a chance to start the newest installment, but I hope to soon!
    Amanda @ Serenity Now recently posted…Inspiring Project Ideas {link party features}

  2. I cannot wait for this to start!! I convinced my husband we needed Starz because I needed to see the show. I reread them almost every year. I’m also a huge fan of George R. R. Martin. Apparently I’m a sucker for insanely large books in neverending series. ;o)
    Cerise recently posted…Project Life 2014: Title Page and Week One

  3. I just found the book. Also love the audio book, wonderful. Can’t wait for the series!

  4. You have just made me realize how badly I need to start reading! I just started this book, and it’s the first in the series….I need to hurry and finish it before the show starts!
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  5. Carla Hundley says:

    I’ve been following this series for
    over 20 years now! I’ve read all
    the books, all the others related
    to the series and loved them all!
    Carla from Utah

  6. I too, am so excited. She is a FABULOUS author. so many details. : ) glad to meet another fan of the series!!!

  7. Eeeep!!! Thanks for this exciting news!! I heard rumors about a deries a long time ago, but hadn’t realized it was becoming a reality!!! Can’t wait!!!
    Amy E. recently posted…Make Your Own Journaling Cards!

  8. I am a huge Outlander fan and cannot wait for the series! Finally!
    Laura Ingalls Gunn recently posted…Beautiful French Fabric ~ A Bit of History and a Factory & Museum Tour

  9. I was feverishly re-reading the previous book An Echo in the Bone last week so I could get up to speed again. And I stayed up way WAY late reading Written in My Own Heart’s Blood last night. I’m devouring it! Ahhhhhh CAN NOT wait for this TV series! I am slightly obsessed with the Outlander series!
    Katrina @ In Katrina’s Kitchen recently posted…No-Bake Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwiches

  10. I LOVE the Outlander series. I didn’t know they were making it for TV!!! Totally excited. I’m also reading the most recent book. I hope the show is as good as the books.
    Sarah recently posted…Low Cost DIY Gallery Wall

  11. So happy to see this post. I too am an Outlander freak! I have the latest book but I’m not going to read it yet because I’m one book behind. We subscribed to Starz the other day JUST so I can watch the series. Don’t you think the casting was spot on? Claire couldn’t look any better in my opinion.
    Thanks for the post.
    Maureen recently posted…In love with leather

  12. Oh my God, you just made me squeal like crazy. I love the Outlander series, I’ve also read the first novel several times or listened to the audiobook, I’ve been a fan ever since the first books came out. I’ve always wondered whether they would make it into a film or series, but I thought it was rather too complex for movie makers to do it justice, I really hope the new series doesn’t dissapoint us, I’m soo looking forward to it, although I will have to wait longer for it than you, as I live in Germany and it takes ages for new series to show here.
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