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How You Can Help Hospitalized Kids — in Just A Few Minutes!

Last year the girls and I made our first quilt for the Touch of Comfort program.

We are in the process of making a few more quilts this summer too.

This is a program that has really touched our hearts – — it brings warm and cozy blankets to kids in hospitals.

Downy touch of comfort quilt

Since 2009, the Touch of Comfort Program has provided over 30,000 quilts to sick kids.

It’s easy to get involved. You can order a free quilt kit from Quilts for Kids. It includes all the fabric you need, along with instructions and a label to help you share your story with the child who receives your quilt. I love how the Downy Touch of Comfort quilt tag connects quilters, volunteers, hospital workers and families. This was the first quilt we had ever made and it was such a great experience for my daughters and I.

quilts for kids kits

And now, Downy is making it even easier to help:

just visit Downy’s Facebook Page and share what brings you comfort — and they’ll donate $2 to Quilts for Kids.

Let’s help them meet their goal of donating $20,000 to Quilts for Kids.

downy touch of comfort facebook

I love the idea of giving comfort to sick kids. My son was hospitalized when he was only 3 years old.  It was a scary time for all of us. But it was especially scary for him, as a little three-year-old  away from home, not fully understanding what was happening. Any warm touches to help his hospital room feel like home would have been wonderful.  

Millions of American children are hospitalized each year — and face the challenge of an unfamiliar hospital environment as well as overcoming illness or injury. Warm blankets and cozy quilts can help them feel more comfortable during hospital stays and medical treatments. That’s why I love Downy’s Touch of Comfort program.
And you can use  the #DownyComfort hashtag or visit Facebook.com/Downy to help spread the news about this incredible program.
The Founder of Quilts for Kids, Linda Arye, has delivered thousands of quilts from volunteers to hospitalized children. Here’s her story.

Faith received a quilt when she was hospitalized. Here’s her story:
You can find out more about this inspiring program at Downy.com.
Visit the Downy Touch of Comfort tab on the Downy Facebook Page  to share what brings you comfort and Downy will donate $2 to Quilts for Kids.
And spread the word: don’t forget to use the #DownyComfort hashtag.
It only takes a minute or two and it can make such a difference in the life of a sick child.


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This post was sponsored by Downy Touch of Comfort. I am proud to be teaming up with Downy’s Touch of Comfort Program. All opinions are 100% mine. See my disclosures.


  1. I love this! What a great program. Thanks so much for sharing it!
    Amy Huntley recently posted…Gooey Strawberry Bars Recipe—Lil’ Luna

  2. Great program, fun just like the pillowcase challenge. Just to clarify the “free” piece of this program………the quilt kit itself is free (and you can order 2!) however be aware that at checkout you will pay for shipping postage via USPS, mine was $7 for the 2 kits. Although that is not a lot of money for me it might be for someone out there so just thought it would be a good thing for readers to know ahead of time.

  3. What a great program! I think it’s so great that you do this with your girls Jen.
    Tauni recently posted…101 Summer Photo Prompts

  4. What a wonderful cause and a great way to support it! Off to comment on their Facebook page right now.
    Emily recently posted…It’s not about the nail…like, ever

  5. Such a wonderful thing to do. When my son was born he stayed in the NICU for 13 days and then at 2 months old he stayed in Children’s Hospital for 3 days. Both were where I couldn’t stay with them. :( When he was in Children’s it was hard on him even at only 2 months. I was so thankful for the loving nurses who would hold and love and cuddle my baby all night because he cried so much when I wasn’t there. I have been wanting to do something for the children in our area Children’s Hospital but having 4 kids and one who has many health problems time has not been on my side.

    • Hi Sheena!

      That is so great that you had such great nurses when your son was in the hospital. I know when my son was sick it was s so hard to see him in pain and having people there that took good care of him meant so much! Maybe you will have some time this year to make a quilt. My girls and I have had such a wonderful time working on them together!

      Jen recently posted…Secret Recipe — Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies!

  6. WOW I have made 3 quilts for kids last year and I never seen any of their videos, I’m pouring tears right now. Every one of my kids and nieces and nephews have a quilt for me and most of the time you can find them wrapped in it. I know how much they mean to my family at home, so I know a child away from home would love to feel loved and safe. I will be making more I have a huge stash ready to go.

  7. I love that you’re doing this Jen!! What an amazing program. And how awesome to get your kids involved. They’ll never forget it. xoxo
    Mique recently posted…This Week’s Pity Party

  8. What a great program!!

  9. There is another group called Project Linus, it’s a not-for profit group that has donated blankets (made by volunteers) since 1998. Their current tally is over 4,000,000 delivered. They donate mostly through the hospitals to both children, teens and babies in NICU. They do also give blankets through other services like shelters, and my old chapter gave blankets to victims of Hurricane Sandy in NJ.

    I know how wonderful it was when my last son received a blanket in the NICU from Project Linus, and I have been donating blankets since. Great way to help others in tough times