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Turn a Discarded Vanity into a DIY Kids’ Art Station!


Hey, hey TT&J readers…it’s me, Jessica from Mom 4 Real! I’m so happy to be back here sharing another fun project with you. Last month, I shared a Painted Dresser With Ribbon Handles, and this month, I am going to share that dresser’s mate with you..well, it used to be that dresser’s mate. This Kid’s Art Station used to be a vanity…let me show you the transformation…


See, I was driving down the road when I saw these lovely pieces sitting there all alone, abandoned by their previous owner. I couldn’t just leave them there, so I loaded them into my SUV. They sat there for quite a while, then one day I decided to paint the dresser. It turned out beautifully. The vanity was another story. It had quite a bit of damage, and when my husband went to get his golf clubs out one day, the mirror to the vanity got shattered. I was going to have a mirror cut to replace the old mirror, but never got around to it, so the vanity came in and got a nice coat of white paint, and the huge wooden mirror base just sat there…for months. Then, last week, I decided to clean the garage out. I had the base in my hands, carrying it to the trash when I decided to play around and see if I could turn it into something else.


I brought it into the kitchen and painted the base the same color aqua that I painted Kate’s dresser. I patched some holes on the inside, and painted it with 3 coats of chalkboard paint, and sat it on top of the vanity. It looked so cool…and different.


I took some cup hooks that I had from a previous project and hung some tin buckets. I filled them with some of Kate’s markers and colored pencils, then added another hook for her earphones.


I grabbed some glass jars to use as storage for some of her craft supplies.


And made a quick bunting using washi tape to hang from the top.


I used one of my new favorite tricks that I learned here on TT&J a couple of weeks ago, and sharpened some chalk with a pencil sharpener.


Now my girl has the perfect place to craft the day away, and plenty of storage too. She can write messages, play school, or draw on her chalkboard. I am so glad that I didn’t throw that big piece out…I so love when I can take something old and turn it into something new and fun!

Thanks so much for having me, Jen! I can’t wait to come back next month!


Jessica!! That is amazing. 

First of all – finding those pieces on the road is so fabulous.

And second — I love what you did with them.

Great job!

Here are a few other great ideas from Jessica at Mom 4 Real: 

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Jessica is just amazing! 

You will love her ideas at Mom 4 Real

Have a Beautiful Day! 



  1. Fabulous makeover! I might try to find one to make into a lego station for my older son… I also hopped over to Mom 4 Real, what a fabulous blog!! I’m the newest follower, so glad I found it:)
    Krista @thehappyhousie.com

  2. Love your art station! What a great idea….love the colors too! :) Jessica’s bedroom is adorable too! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. justagirlabby says:

    I knew that looked familiar! I just checked out Kate’s room yesterday at Mom4Real! I love this idea for an art station! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    ~Abby =)

  4. As usual Jessica knocked it out of the park! She’s one cool mom!

  5. Yep, Jessica is amazing. Love everything about Kate’s room. And I cannot believe this set was a roadside find! And that tip about chalk – brilliant!

  6. It’s amazing, Jess! I love it and I’m sure Kate does too!!!

  7. Really a wonderful idea such a lucky girl to have a mom like you! I’ll have to try the tip with the chalk…great idea!

  8. Charliem says:

    I am so sorry, but as a furniture restorer it breaks my heart to see people paint wood that need not be painted. Looks awful, but that is just my opinion and I am in no way trying to be mean but I “refinished a dressing table for a friend that some one painted white after it had been varnished dark brown (I put many many hours of hard labour in to fix it.) and it looked so much better in it’s original condition. After that It always breaks my heart to see wonderful wood painted. It is A LOT of work to fix.
    As a person who loves all things antique,
    if your thinking about painting wood furniture, and it was not meant to be painted, please don’t do it.

  9. I love this vanity. Do you have a link for the corkboard makeover? The link takes me to the cottage makeover instead. Thanks!

  10. Ann Drake says:

    I always wanted a vanity when I was growing up. I ended up turning my desk into one by hanging a mirror over it when I was in high school! This turned out so good…Kate is a very lucky girl. :)

  11. I would have loved an art station like that growing up-and so pretty too! I’m totally jealous of such amazing roadside finds too! Great job!

  12. Wow! That’s amazing! I love it when us moms come up with creative spaces for our kids! It’s so important!

  13. Cute desk! Sharpening chalk, brilliant!

  14. What a great art station for all ages :) I spy so many fun Pick your Plum products – some which I own as well :) I love the bunting too.

  15. I’m a BIG girl and could still use an Art Station of my own!! :) This is So adorable and fun!!! And what an AWESOME roadside find :)

  16. Love it, Jess! I’d better hide this post from Kennedy or I’ll never hear the end of it! She’s going to want an art station just like it!

  17. Ok you have no idea how amazing this is and the timing of your post is perfect! I have an antique vanity at home that I have been trying to figure out what to do with it so I could use it in my craft room. LOVE your ideas – my wheel’s are spinning now. Thank you! Gorgeous!

  18. Ah. Ah. AHHHH!!! Hello Art Station- you are gosh darn Sweet! You go Jess…love this style and dresser..and Room- that Kate sure is a lucky little girl! When I come visit I am kickin’ her to the couch and taking that room over! 😉 Great job!

  19. That is awesome Jess! My kids would love a space like that! Awesome Job!!

  20. Love it Jess…how cool. I bet Kate is as creative as her Mom..how can’t she be!

  21. Art station turned out fabulous! Love that the paint matches the walls.

  22. What a great idea! I would have never though to do that but it is PERFECT for a little girl. I was a huge crafter I would have loved this!

  23. This is the cutest art station ever!!! pinning and sharing now!

  24. That’s freakin’ adorable! Pinning so I can remember to do this for my kids!

  25. Cute Jess!!! Can I come color too?

  26. Oh My, turning an old vanity into a DIY Kids’ Art Station is such a clever idea. Having a creative spot is so important at any age. Thanks for guest blogging here Jessica, off to check out your blog. ;o)

  27. Wow, love that redo. And what a great idea too!!


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