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Happy Valentine’s Day — Send YOUR Valentine a Free #Lovestagram!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 


What are you doing to celebrate? 


My husband thought that going to see Die Hard 5 would be a romantic date. I had to veto that. Instead, we are going to see a romantic movie  tonight and then going to see Die Hard 5 on Saturday night. Sometimes you have to compromise haha!!


I recently found a really cool site — Lovestagram!  

It’s a site, created by the girlfriend of Instagram’s creator. And I love the idea. You can put the Instagram name of the person you want to send a Lovestagram to and then it will find pictures on Instagram where you have tagged the person, or they have liked your photo — and then you can add different overlays to the picture and email it to your Valentine. It’s an easy way to send Instagram Valentines – in just minutes!


Here’s how it works:

You log into Lovestagram with your Instagram account. And then you can search, using the @ name of the person you want to make the pictures with.


Once you tag the person you want to include in the Valentines, Lovestagram will choose 9 of the Instagram pictures that you have tagged that person in or that that person has liked from your stream. Then you can choose different overlays to go over that Instagram picture. Like:



And you can also send them a special message. And when you are done you can send them the special Lovestagram  —

It’s such an easy and cute way to send an online Valentine today!!

Also — you can save the images and hashtag them on Instagram to #Lovestagram and see other people’s Lovestagrams. It’s a fun way to meet new people.


It would be a fun way to send an online Valentine to those people in your life that you love today!! 

So if you have some people you love that are far away today, just head over to Lovestagram and send them a little Valentine love today!!


What are YOU doing to celebrate?? 

Let me know in the comments!!

I would love to hear what YOU are going to celebrate today!! 

PS — Instagram is my favorite site right now! I love taking at least one picture a day of my family and/or what I’m working on. I would love to connect with you there!


Leave YOUR Instagram name in the comments — I would love to follow you there!! 



HAPPY Valentine’s Day!! 




  1. I’m still getting the hang of this

  2. Utah Homes says:

    Sorry, i double posted. Computer was slow

  3. Utah Homes says:

    Thank you, just want Valentine to be special for my wife

  4. Thank You

  5. Thank you for the great ideas, I want Valentine to be perfect of my wife

  6. Utah Homes says:

    Thank you for the great ideas, I want Valentines to be special for my beautiful wife, thanks

  7. @ladylarza :)

  8. I just had so much fun playing with Lovestagram and sending them to everyone in my family!! Thanks Jen!!

  9. Oh my cuteness…totally surprising Matt with one today! LOVE!