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Make a “Tween” Command Center (Hannah’s Room Update)

So — I really wanted to do the reveal on Hannah’s room today. But it snowed on Wednesday and Thursday and I had such a hard time getting good pictures of the room. I really need to take a photography class. Plus, Hannah has been home with the stomach flu (poor girl).

The room turned out so cute. And for a last minute project I am really happy with it. We pretty much took what we already had, plus scavenged things from other rooms in the house for the project. We did buy new bedding from Target and a few odds and ends from Hobby Lobby. She really wanted something neutral and then we added bright accents that are easily changed out.

Here is Hannah’s favorite part of the room. She has always wanted a desk in her room. It’s a place that is all her own. Somewhere she can do homework, create, do her makeup or hair and all of the projects that a tween loves to do!! And since she started middle school, she has had to get more organized with her homework. So this little space really does help her keep on top of things.

This is how we created her own little Tween Command Center.

I took one of Scrapbox’s Work Top’s – which was in my craft room and is supposed to be an organizer that goes over another work surface, and I attached some cool metal legs with wheels from Ikea.

Now Hannah has a cool desk with some compartments to keep all of her little odds and ends. Craft supplies, extra glasses, and little mementos she can see through the clear compartments.

I made a charging station. I took a drawer from Hobby Lobby and drilled three holes in the back for cords. Hannah borrows our Mac laptop to work on school assignments. She also can charge her phone, her gameboy, ipod, Kindle and whatever other electronics in this drawer. I love that it keeps everything together and out of the way.

Another thing we did was we made some little magnet boards. I took some unfinished wood plaques from Hobby Lobby, painted them and then cut some pieces of sheet metal. I attached the sheet metal with adhesive and now she has a place to keep pictures or other treasures.

I also found a scrolly mirror so Hannah can see herself to apply makeup or do her hair at her little desk.

I saw this print from Finny and Zook — and I just had to order it. Hannah is a little self-conscious about her freckles and I love the positive message this gives her. I love Hannah’s freckles.

I also spray painted a couple of hooks with little knobs to the wall. She can hang a favorite necklace or bracelet there.

We used a little Target stool I bought many years ago as a chair for her little space. I love that we can tuck it under the desk and out of the way. Her room isn’t super huge, and keeping things simple makes the space seem bigger than it is.

I love how happy Hannah is with her room update. I am so glad we started this project “on a whim”. Sometimes those projects are the most rewarding.

What have YOU been working on?

Share your project with me — I would love to know and if you have a link to your project I would love to come over and see it!!

Happy Friday!!


PS — Speaking of Fridays…

It’s my favorite day of the week.

It’s almost time for the Weekend Wrap Up Party.

I love to see YOUR ideas.

I hope you can stop by tonight for the fun.
The party starts tonight at 6 pm MST.


  1. A gorgeous workstation for a gorgeous girl. I want this workspace! Thanks for this post. So many great ideas.
    Nikki Comma recently posted…DIY: Quick, Simple & Affordable Deodorant From Your Kitchen!

  2. Christen says:

    your daughter is such a pretty girl! the room is super cute, too!

  3. Hi did you also pian the aqua scrolly mirror ? or was it sold like that ? and where did you buy it ? :) its beautiful….

    • Hi! I have seen those same mirrors like that in a store called TJ MAX ! Usually they have funky mirrors like that! Also another good place to look for those is at Target and Home Goods! All three stores are great! Sometimes TJ MAX is way better though because if they don’t have the mirror in the color you like , you can get the paint from Walmart that’s just 65 CENTS ! It works great just like any other paint. AND believe it or not , IT STAYS ON BETTER !!

      • Hi!! Thanks for checking out Hannah’s Tween bedroom. I bought the scrolly frame at Hobby Lobby. It came painted in that fun color. They still sell it and it comes in a few different colors. You can use your 40% off coupon and it’s a good deal!!


  4. Tween? I may have to make myself one of those! And I have that chevron photo frame from Hobby Lobby! : )

  5. I LOVE the room! I’m working on re-doing my daughter’s bedroom for her Birthday. Its only a 9×9 space so I’m having issues with storage. Where did you get the cabinets above the bed or did you make them?

    • Hi Marie ! I was just reading some of these comments on here! However , you had ask about where to get the cabinets?!. IKEA is a great place to get storage cabinets like these ! And. They are very cheap! Also , hand making them would be great but , before I took that much time I would defiantly check Ikea out!

      • Marley – you are right! I got the cabinets at Ikea. They are really fun because they have panels where you can put fabric and match it to your room’s decor!


  6. I love all the bright colors! I tried to do that with my little girls bedroom makeover and at first it can be a little jarring but when it all comes together it makes for such a happy space!
    Great job!

  7. Nora Rousso says:

    Can you please describe how you attached the legs?

  8. How did you attach the legs please?

  9. The room looks amazing! My own little girl is oohing and aahing over the decor too! I need a copy of the super cute freckles quote. Thanks for sharing and I hope your DD is better soon!

  10. I love the freckles sign! (and the whole room) I’ve had freckles since I was little and I love mine. I don’t think twice about them when I look in the mirror! Tell her that freckles are beautiful and that she is as cute as a button :)

  11. such a great room- your daughter is very lucky! that print is adorable and i love the frame it’s in. where did you get the frame?

    • Amy , I do definatly agree that this is one awesome bedroom! However , the frames in this bedroom are one of the spotlights ! All of these frames I have seen at Micheals?! . The craft store. They are usually placed in like the foam / frame section! Some of them are not painted so you can go to WALMART and buy the 65 CENTS paint (White) and paint it. Trust me , that paint works just as good!:)

  12. Hi Jen!
    This is Karen from Finny and Zook! This room is so sweet! Love the colors and love how our freckle print looks !!

    We’d love to offer a free print giveaway with you for one of your fans/followers if you would like? you can contact me at FinnyandZook@gmail.com

    Hope to hear from you!
    And thank you again!


  13. What a fun tween room, I love how bright and colorful everything is and she looks so happy!

  14. This is such an AWESOME idea! Love, love. :)

  15. Thanks Katie!!! You are so sweet.


  16. What a happy & whimsical room – perfect for your darling girl. I am working on a design job for a teen’s room & I might have to copy the charging station idea – brilliant! PLUS . . . I didn’t know you have a King Charles Cavalier! I have one too & he’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. I found a Cavalier print on the internet & put it in a grouping. Here’s the link if you want to see it:

    Warmly, Michelle – Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

    • Your guest room is so bright and happy Michelle! And I love that artwork. That’s so fun that you have a Cavalier too. I love that breed!!


  17. This is so stinkin’ cute Jen! Great job and I love your Hannah’s freckles too!

  18. Where did you get that blue and green pillow and that owl lamp? I love the room, and I really love how you can change out a few items and you would have a totally different color scheme.

  19. omg! i want to have her bedroom! it’s awesome. that command center is so smart for any bedroom! i need it all. tell hannah she has an adorable room! and i love the colors!

  20. Ooh I love the sneak peek! Great job on her desk/vanity area, Jen. That desk you made is awesome! Can’t wait to see the whole room revealed. Hope Hannah is feeling better soon! Have a great weekend. =)

    ~ Catie

  21. It’s beautiful! Sharing it with my 11 year old now. We’re going to have to find a source for your drawer/charging station (no Hobby Lobby’s in Portland). We have cords all over right now! I used my Silhouette to decorate my daughter’s laptop too! Beautiful girl in a beautiful room!Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love how her room turned out! The impromptu redos tend to be the best (at least for me!)

  23. where did u get the yellow chevron rug from?

  24. This is awesome! I love the turquoise mirror and the charging station is BRILLIANT! What a darling shot of Hanna and the doggie snuggled up together – love :)

  25. So cool! I wish I had a room like this when I was a tween :-)

  26. Kate would love this! We just bought an IKEA top with some different legs…I think we may spruce hers up tomorrow! I’d love to know about the rug underneath the desk…did you make it with fabric?

    • Hi Jessica!!

      I love those Ikea legs with the wheels. It’s so easy to wheel it out of the way to clean. I got the rug for her sister’s room but it didn’t work out. So I was happy to use it here ha! I got it online through Urban Outfitters :)


  27. That is so cute!!!

  28. I love the freckle print! I’ve enjoyed being freckle faced – even when I was little – and still don’t mind them even as an adult. I can’t wait to see them start popping up on my little guy!

  29. Jen, this is sooo cute! What a great idea to even have a command center for your tween! I love it all!

    • Thanks Barbara!!

      I figured anything to encourage her to study and be creative is a good thing. It’s so fun to see them grow and see their personalities come out :)


  30. I adore this! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my daughter’s electronics. Great idea on the charging station. And the “freckles” saying is awesome! Will be getting one for my freckled little girl. :-) Thanks, Jen!

  31. ScrappyMama says:

    Awesome room transformation! I especially LOVE how you made the charging station & think that I might have a way to incorporate that/something similar into my house…Thanks for the inspiration!!

  32. What an awesome desk/vanity! That was a great idea!

    I’ve been working on a master bedroom and I had really awesome monkey wrench thrown into my decorating. LOL And today I posted on a topic that is very dear to my heart. So, I had a busy-ish week!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  33. The room is so great! I love the mirror and the charging station. Thanks for the ideas!

  34. Love it! Is the laptop decor a cover or decal? Where did you get it?? Thanks!

  35. Great inspiration for my daughter’s room! I love that print from Etsy…must get it — love my freckle-faced girl!!

  36. Did you already post about her awesome headboard? My daughter wants one that same color. Fun room!

    • Hi Julie!! I just took the bed that we already had and spray painted it turquoise. So easy. You could probably find a second hand headboard and spray paint it to get the same look :)


  37. That’s really a cool command center and that print is awesome. Great work, Jen!

  38. Tammy R in Ca says:

    SOOOOO cute. I love the freckles print. I have a red head that too that hates hers.I think I will look into buy that also. Thanks :)

  39. Such a great room! I am sure she truly loves it!

  40. Love the colors you chose – lots of white with bold accent colors is really great! Did you use stencils on the wall or is that wallpaper? Looks cool! (And that ruffle pillow is great, too)

  41. This is adorable! Everything looks great, I am so jealous that I didn’t have a room that cool! I love everything.


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