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Family Picture Wall: Ghostly Edition!

Halloween Family Gallery Wall

One of my favorite parts of my home is the Family Picture Wall I created this year.

I love the pictures that my sister Wendy took of our family.

And when Wendy and her family were out this Summer, I was showing her the little house around the corner that I am remodeling. It really was in the “fixer-up” stage and a little bit spooky. We thought it would be so fun to have a Haunted Photo Shoot. So we did!!

I rounded up some “old” looking clothes for my little family and we headed over to the house for some spooky fun.

We had such a great time.

And look at the amazing photos that Wendy took! I love the “ghostly” translucent effects.

Here’s what I did to change out my Pretty Gallery Wall to a Spooky one!

I changed out all of the pictures. I was going to cover the frames with black wrapping paper, but I tried doing that to one and decided that I liked the plain frames better.

Then I took the Subway Art board and covered it with some black and white chevron fabric. I taped it onto the back with some painters tape.  I also made a banner with scrapbook paper and pom pom trim.

Then I switched out the chevron “H” frame with a black “spooky” wreath.

I also covered the yellow table with some translucent black material and trim.  I added some candles to the table. I love the way the light illuminates up to the gallery wall at night when they are lit. Very spooky!


If you are interested in making your own Family Gallery Wall, here are the links with more information:

Family Gallery Wall

Family Gallery Wall — Figuring out the Placement

Thanks Wendy for the awesome photo shoot and beautiful spooky pictures! Here are some other amazing things that Wendy has been up to:

My beautiful nieces Maddy and Charlie at Wenderful.com

Some recent mini sessions

Newborn Session

Head over to Wenderful.com and say hi to my cute sister Wendy!!


Happy Friday!!


PS– It’s my favorite day of the week!

It’s almost time for the Weekend Wrap Up Party!

It’s time to feature YOUR ideas!! I am excited to see what YOU have been working on!

The party starts tonight at 6 pm MST. I hope you can stop by for the fun!!

(6pm MST)


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  2. This is so clever, I love this idea!!! How did I miss the house you are remodeling? Must see more!

  3. OMG! too scary for me! IT reminds me of supernatural show. LOL!!!
    I love the style but… it’s a bit a eerie and scary.

  4. OMG, How fun! Love your style.

  5. Jen, You’re amazing…That is all.

  6. Oh how ridiculously wonderful!! This would totally crack my kids up! Thanks for being so wonderful!

  7. This is SO amazing! I am seriously jealous, I love it SO much!

  8. Justine Brent says:

    Those are awesome!!!! What a fun idea. Love it. Now to find an old run down house that we won’t be trespassing in. LOL

  9. Jen I LOVE this idea! how awesome are those pictures! and I’m in awe that you got your whole family to participate!!

  10. Daniela Walsh says:

    What a fantastic idea. Love it!

  11. Oh my gosh, Jen! Such a cute idea! However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an attractive scarey family! :) So clever!

  12. Jen, those pictures are so good! love them! that’s the first time i’ve seen you {pictured} wearing a dress. you’re so pretty!
    love your display.


  13. They look great! It’s fun to see them up on the wall! Thanks for being brave and having faith that these would work out. You guys were great! xox

  14. Your Halloween gallery wall looks amazing! I love this idea! What great timing to have the perfect house available for the photo shoot too!

  15. Those are soooo cool! Love the idea of spooky photos!

  16. oh’ my FANTASTIC! I SO ADORE THIS. Great job, and oh’ so fun. xo jen

  17. That is the COOLEST thing I have EVER seen! I love love love it! That is my next to-do! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I LOVE this!!!

  19. So very awesome!! What fun memories!

  20. Wow! So cool! Your sister is an amazing photographer! I love your Halloween photo wall, but I think it would scare the jeebies outta me! Lol!

  21. You and Halloween together are a perfect match. Wendy you rocked the spooky look. Adore Jen!

  22. So AWESOME! I love it.

  23. Omg, I love this so much. The ghostly family pictures is such a cute idea! I am dying to do this now! Great idea and such a cute display!

  24. Omg, I love it Jenn! I’m going to attempt some Halloween decor at my home this year for the first time ever. :)

    Angie McLemore

  25. What a brilliant idea and so much fun! I love your gallery wall so much already that it was an inspiration for the one I created in our home. Thanks for sharing this fun idea!

  26. Darn girl you are smart…I love this really …I do love it..and what a fun time..I bet every one comments and the kids I bet giggle at the look…again brilliant..and the Photo’s she is brilliant too

  27. JESSICA COTTEN says:

    i just love this!!

  28. What a darling idea! Leave it to Jen to come up with something this awesome!

  29. I LOVE THIS!! The pictures are creepy looking – you’re sister did an awesome job making them spooky!

  30. So fun! How did you get the people to be translucent?

  31. SO COOL! Love the pictures and the whole design of the wall. :)

  32. I have a crush on this! Everything you do is perfection.


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