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Getting out of My Comfort Zone with RED Lipstick!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

 I love getting things in the mail!!

And the other day I received a box full of awesomeness — Makeup!!

Who doesn’t love makeup??

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Revlon sent me a challenge. It’s part of their Revlon Expression Experiment. I was up to the task!!

I have been in a bit of a makeup rut the past few years. With blogging and running my 4 kids around I am lucky to get a shower in each day, let alone makeup. I hardly every wear makeup anymore (although I do have an obsession with lip gloss – can’t live without it).

Hannah and I had a great time experimenting with all of the fun Revlon products.

And Revlon’s Expression Experiment — Revlon is asking women to step our of our comfort zones and try something new. Check out what was in the box:

Wow – RED lipstick!! I took the challenge. And you know what?? I actually felt prettier and more confident with the lipstick.

I also fell in love with Revlon’s ColorStay Photo Ready makeup primer. It’s funny because I had just spent a bunch of money at Sephora last week on primer and I really like this primer more than those primers I bought. And I love that it’s 1/4 of the price. Plus, I tried eye primer. How did I ever live without this?? I love wearing it alone, but if you wear it under eye makeup, it really does make the eyeshadow stay on better and it doesn’t crease. I also was able to try Revlon’s Color Stay nail polish. They say it stays on for 11 days – I will keep you posted on the progress. I usually don’t wear any nail polish because my nails are usually full of paint and get trashed easily. So this will be interesting!! I even made a little funny video if you want to check it out:

Be sure to check out the Revlon Expression Experiment on Facebook. And take a challenge. This month it is the “Bright and Bold Eye Challenge”. You can get makeup tutorials, share your challenge results with everyone there and get inspired!!

I love the concept behind this challenge — encouraging women to express themselves in new, bold and beautiful ways.

It goes along with my goal in 2012 of stepping out of my comfort zone.

And this was a fun challenge to take!

Check out the Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook page and let me know which challenge you would like to take!



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  1. YOU are so awesome! XOXOX

  2. You are so gorg. I loved watching your video and seeing the transformation. I love you in the red lipstick… LOVE! I also, loved being a part of this campaign myself. I did my post about two weeks ago. Lots of love to ya, and have a fantastic weekend. xo, jen

  3. Love you Jen! Great job! I agree, the red lipstick looks fantastic on you! Rock on

    • Thanks Tausha!! I really am loving the red lipstick. I hope your foot is doing better. Thinking of you!!


  4. Ellie Mae says:

    Love the lipstick! Looks great on you! I would love to try the Revlon Expression Experiment. I have used the same stuff for years and would like to get out of my comfort zone, for my newish empty nester life! Put a little sparkle back into hubby’s !

    • I love that idea Ellie! You should try some bright lipstick, it really does make you feel more confident :) Thanks for your comment – I appreciate it!!


  5. You look great with red lipstick. It’s such a classic look…I think I need to give it a try. I always go with pinks/glosses, but red could be fun!

  6. LOL Jessi – that cracked me up!! I also think red lipstick is a challenge but I always admire women who wear it. It’s so bold and bright. Thanks for your comment!!


  7. Looks good on you. I’m pretty sure I’d look horrible. As I’ve gotten older my skin tone has faded a bit.

  8. Bright & Bold Eye Challenge. I have “hooded” eyes and have never been able to figure out how to properly apply eye makeup. Most of the time I go without. : )

  9. looks great! what color is the red?

    • The red is called Fire & Ice, but then they also sent a lip balm that is called Cherry Tart and it is also red but not as bright and I love the smooth texture. And then there is a red lip gloss. And I discovered that if you dab a bit on your cheek and rub it in, it looks great as a liquid blush. Kind of like a two in one LOL!!


  10. I think it looks lovely, makes your eyes shine.

  11. Are we all blogging about Revlon this week? I wish they had sent some treats my way. I just gave my opinion. Good, good stuff for sure.

    My post: http://kristinwithani.wordpress.com/2012/08/09/stewardship-buyers-remorse-stupidity/
    PDub’s post: http://thepioneerwoman.com/homeandgarden/2012/08/the-best-drugstore-lip-gloss-ever/

  12. My mom basically “stole” my bright blue nail polish from me back when I was in high school and has been wearing it ever since. She loves it! I like fun nail colors, but it would be a bit of challenge to try red lipstick I think :-) Looks great on you though!

    • Oh my gosh – that cracks me up! I love that your mom loves blue nail polish. That is awesome!