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Ikea’s Scrolly Ung Frame — 13 Different Ways to Use It in YOUR home!

My sister Ashley has one of the whimsical Ikea Ung Frames in her entryway.

She painted it a pretty grey color and put some chicken wire inside. She keeps invitations, pictures and other pretty mementos in her frame.

I have one sitting in my craft room. I couldn’t resist picking it up the last time I was visiting Ikea. I have been debating where to use it.

Here are 12 other ways I have found to use Ikea’s Scrolly Frame:

Frame a Saying and Free Printable @ Happy Looks Good On You

Photo Prop @ Copycat Crafter

Use it in a Photo Booth @ Wedding Bee

Line it with Burlap @ Retrograde

Jewelry Display @ Ikea Hackers

Corkboard @ Timeless Paper

Frame a Wallpaper Remnant @ Prudent Baby

Display a Collection @ Twin Sisters Blog

Ung Frames Painted Different Colors on the Wall @ Joy’s Hope via Under the Sycamore

Corral Party Place Cards @ Elizabeth Ann Designs

Whiteboard @ Nothing But Bonfires

Silhouette Frame Project @ Joy’s Hope

Have you used this whimsical frame in YOUR home?

I’d love to see your idea. Leave a link to your picture or post in the comments!!


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  1. It is nice to see how different they all look!
    Love them all;)
    I used mine as a memo board.
    At first I spay painted them white and padded the inlay, applied some fabric on it and it was ready to hang!
    You can see them here if you like;)


  2. my husband painted + created custom artwork for the ung drill frame (http://www.lifeonchurchill.com/2011/12/hello-churchill.html) fun post!

  3. decoguy says:

    wow thanks for posting this, sharing all these great ideas. have you ever used a frame and transformed it in to a clock? that would be really cool

  4. I put a mirror in mine and the the words “Mirror Mirror on the wall….” around it. I love it

  5. LOVE the frame with chicken wire- this idea might be in baby’s nursery!

  6. They sell it as a mirror too.

  7. Love her frame, I want one…so crafty!

  8. jwaishnora@gmail.com says:

    Another idea is a French memo board. I have 3 of these beauties just waiting to find a home in my little one’s nursery. Fun ideas as always, Jen!

  9. I can’t believe this is an IKEA frame…I guess I haven’t been there in a while! Love it. Beautiful suggestions..

  10. Hi Jen! This is the first time I have seen this frame. It’s a beauty with all the detail! I live in Atlanta and I need to make a trip to IKEA ASAP! Thanks so much for the round up of images. The colors used on some of the frames are brilliant!

  11. I love this post like crazy. The UNG frame can be used in so many ways…and I really enjoyed seeing how your sister and others have made this fancy frame their own. Mine is holding some sparkly jewelry in my room… http://www.home-with-heather.blogspot.com/search/label/Jewelry

  12. Hey Jen,

    I had to scour back four years to find what I did with this versatile frame.

    My bathroom has since changed its decor twice. :)


    • Laura – I adore you. Your frames in your bathroom are amazing. I must have missed them when you first posted that. What a fun idea!!


  13. Alis in Wnderlnd says:

    I spray painted one in lime green and am picking it up today from the the glass and mirror shop. I had them put a mirror in it ($40) and will hang in in my 7 y/o daughter’s room that was just painted aqua blue with hot pink accents. The lime green adds another fun color and is adorable! She has an acrylic chandelier we got from Home Dept as her light fixture.

  14. Love how your sister used hers! It’s great contrast between the ornate frame & rustic chicken wire and keeps it light feeling.

  15. I like the chicken wire the best…no have not used but you got me thinking

  16. It looks so stylish! I love it :)


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