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Super Giveaway from Imaginisce!! (three winners — $250 total retail)

I’m so excited to share this giveaway with you.

I love sharing my favorite things and this is one of my favorites for 2012!!

The Imaginisce iTop Button Maker is a really fun tool.

I posted some great ideas you can make with this fun tool in my Button Making Project post last week.


Winners are:

DeeDee from Um Wow Studio

Lauren from All Things Homie

Jessica from Warfield Family

{winners chosen via Random.org}

The iTop makes making projects with buttons so easy.

And the most amazing part is the backs that Imaginisce has invented — it opens so many project possibilities. I especially love that you can use scrapbook paper to make covered buttons with this tool!!

You can make almost any type of project with this tool — from accessories, to scrapbooking, cards, refashions and even home decor!!

Here’s a Spring sweater Redo I made using covered buttons.

Covered Button Gifts

Covered Button Home Decor

And I am so excited to announce that Imaginisce is giving away THREE sets of amazing Imaginisce iTop packages!!

Each one is a $85.00 value.

1 i-top™ button and brad maker  MSRP:        32.99
1 Medium paper punch                                   13.99
1 Small paper punch                                       10.99
1 package Medium Twist Daddies (8 sets)      3.49
1 package Small Twist Daddies (10 sets)        3.49
1 package Alligator clips (6 pack)                    3.99
1 package Headbands (3 pack)                       3.99
1 package Fashion Flowers-Pinks (qty.20)      5.99
1 package Fashion Flowers-Neutrals (20)       5.99

Here’s how YOU can win:

  • Let me know what type of project you want to make first with your new Imaginisce iTop tool in the comments. one entry.
  • Check out Imaginisce’s blog — where you can find out great project ideas and giveaways. Leave a comment and/or join. one entry each.
  • Share this giveaway. Let me know how you do in the comments. one entry per way you share. 

Good Luck!!!

This giveaway ends 2/20. Open to US residents.



PS — I am working on finishing up my Family Picture Wall this week:

Plus a fun Kids Craft!!

And a special SECRET project. I’ll share it with you next week!!

And more!!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Karla Pena says:

    I would use the buttons to make wall art in the empty hall that I’ve been trying to find something for…

  2. I joined imaginisce’s blog!

  3. I would use the buttons to make “tufts” in a chair I am working on!

  4. I liked imaginisce’s facebook page and told them how great the products are

  5. I commented on their blog too

  6. I like Imaginisce on Facebook page

  7. I would use this tool for my next pair of jeans that I will be making to help add the touches that make them look less handmade!

  8. This would be great for my wife.

  9. Liked them on FB! and gave a shout out! :)

  10. I would tackle the ADORABLE button art! Squeal! Thanks for the chance!

  11. I was thinking of making new pillows and custom buttons would be the perfect finishing touch!

  12. I commented on Imaginice’s blog.

  13. I joined Imaginisce’s blog.

  14. I like Imaginisce on facebook.

  15. I would love to make some covered buttons – So cute!

  16. I love the project potential of the itop, but I would really love to make a charm bracelet for my step-mom. She has wanted a mother/grandmother ring or necklace for awhile. The problem comes with having a 3x blended family and all the drama/issues that go with it. I am the only girl, so the pressure and responsibility fall on me- so did the hurt and disappointment when I couldn’t make it happen. This would be a fun way to include everyone- initials, pictures, dates, etc. AND to save me the headache come mothers day! Thank you for hosting this give-away!

  17. I also liked Imaginisce on FB.

  18. Love this. I have an ottoman that I need to recover and would love to make some colorful buttons for it.

  19. I desperately want to make the covered button framed wall art! Then I’d move on the the covered button jewelry.

  20. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says:

    I tweeted your giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  21. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway – I would add some colorful buttons to my tween daughters wardrobe

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  22. Catherine Schlabach says:

    This is one tool I would use a ton! The first thing I would make would be that covered button bracelet using candy wrappers that they have on their blog. My little sis’s birthday is next month and she would LOVE it!

  23. Awesome giveaway! I would LOVE to make some cute covered buttons and add them to pillows for my couch!

  24. I made some button earrings around Christmas, but didn’t have a fancy tool like this. So, I’d like to use this to make more jewelry and have it be so much easier.

  25. I commented on the imaginisce blog

  26. I would make button bookmarks

  27. Just commented on Imaginisce’s facebook page

  28. I would love to make a bracelet like you did last week. I loved it and put it on Pinterest.

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  29. I would love to win! I would cover some buttons and make hair clips!

  30. Lindsey skinner says:

    I left a comment on their blog to say hello!

  31. Lindsey skinner says:

    I like imaginisce on FB

  32. I would love to make headbands for my sweet daughter!

  33. I would love to beable to make some really cute headbands for my really cute grand-daughters.

  34. I really like your sweater update. Maybe I could try that if I win!!!

  35. Wow! Great ideas! I’ve seen this in the store, but never really got it…thanks to your photos and ideas, now I do! I would love to use this to make some fun accessories for my daughter’s cheerleading squad!

  36. Colleen Smith says:

    I would like to add some buttons to my handmade crochet blankets.

  37. I really want to make button flower centers. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  38. {i ♥ this} I would make handmade flowers with insane itop matching centers for my scrapbook creations and cards

  39. Lindsey skinner says:

    I would love to make new hair bows with pretty covered buttons! Would be so much fun!

  40. I liked them on facebook

  41. I would make those cute little button necklaces!

  42. Kari VanNoy says:

    I would make button hair ties first…with my girls!!

  43. I posted the giveaway on my facebook page (@ Worldwidemom)

  44. I tweeted the giveaway @worldwidemom

  45. I commented on their blog too!

  46. Follow imaginisce blog! it’s an amazing blog!

  47. Hi I like Imaginisce on Facebook!

  48. I would start by making hair bows for my little girl!

  49. Smitty Gaden says:

    I would love to make a dress for my granddaughter and use the buttons like you used them when you spruced up the sweater. That is just precious!!!!

  50. I would love to learn to cover buttons. I’d make earrings, use them for art, scrapbooking, sewing projects and anything I could embellish.

  51. Kris Hackbart says:

    Button, Button, where’s the button? I think I’d use my button maker for sweet hair accessories for my Little M, and snazzing up my totes and bags!

  52. Left a comment on Imaginisce Blog. So many creative ideas.

  53. Like imaginisce on FB.

  54. I have a sweater that I need to replace the buttons and this would be perfect! Thank you for the giveaway!

  55. Terry Gammon says:

    I love this tool. I really need it, I am going to make buttons for a bridal bouget. I will be able to tie the button into the dress as well. Please pick me!

  56. The first thing I’d do is use the paper punches to work on Luminaria bags for our Relay for Life team. The next thing I’d do is try my had at that framed button artwork. So cute!

  57. I would use it to decorate fun gift boxes and bags.

  58. Leann Lindeman says:

    I am following their blog on GFC.

  59. Leann Lindeman says:

    I liked Imaginisce on Facebook and gave them a shout!

  60. Leann Lindeman says:

    I am a button fanatic!! I am always picking up buttons at garage sales, etc… How cool to amke my own! I am a scrapbooker, so I would use them on my pages.

  61. These buttons are darling. I would make all kinds of fun things with this. I have a perfect sweater that would look great with some new buttons.

    Thanks!!! :)

  62. i’d love to make the girls some hair accessories

  63. I would looove to have this. I want to try it on my invitation creations and of course, I have a niece on the way so I’ll have to create something for her!!

  64. Oh I love this idea Very interested in this neat tool! I love to try to make some clips for my granddaughters! Okay so i’m now following Imaginisces blog & on FB Thank for this great chance to win these fabulous treats!

  65. Shared on fb :)

  66. I want to make some buttons for my sorority :)

  67. I’m in love with your button art project!

  68. I liked Imaginisce on Facebook!

  69. I am loving your covered button framed art! What a great way to use up favorite fabric scraps! That’s what I would try first if I won!!

  70. commented on their blog

  71. I liked them on FB and said hi

  72. This is something that I have wanted for a long time. It wasn’t available in many places awhile ago, but it appears that now that has changed :) I see many a covered button in my future!

  73. I liked their Facebook page

  74. I make a lot of home decor and paper crafts. I would love to make some cards using this!

  75. I LOVE this tool. My head is spinning with all the possibilities with this tool! I am sharing on my FB page to be eligible for this contest! I’m new to your blog and I LOVE all your tutorials! This will keep me busy for a while! =)

  76. I liked their facebook page.

  77. Erin Koiso says:

    absolutely love the jewelry – although everything else if very cool too!!! liked on facebook too – thanks for sharing!

  78. How fun! I’d love to make some jewelry and just about everything you showed pictures of (because I’ve yet to figure out how to do one craft at a time). I headed to Imaginisce’s blog and also liked them on Facebook and let them know you told me all about them. I also posted a link to your post on FB to share it with my friend.

    *fingers crossed* I hope I win. :)

  79. S Hooks (camerageeky) says:

    Okay so i’m now following Imaginisces blog & on FB. I did say you sent me for a great big hello. I can’t believe i’ve never been to this site, so now your in my favorites too:) whoo hoo. I shared your giveaway on FB as well. Wow and my daughter would probably get the first thing made. She’s a headband lover and would freak out to have homemade ones!

  80. Would love to make earrings with these!

  81. I would love to make new fabric colored buttons for some of my plain cardigans.

  82. Amber Andrews says:

    I just had a baby & have working on crib bedding & wanted to put buttons along the bumper pad & bedskirt. I’ve also been wanting to make a picture frame with all different types of buttons on it. Hopefully I’ll win & this will help in those large projects a lot!

  83. I am following Imaginisc’s blog.

  84. Those button covered gifts look pretty awesome!

  85. Amy L. Weber says:

    Totally all about making a bunch of hair clippies and headbands for my daughter!

  86. Oh, the hair accessories I would be able to create with and for my daughter!

  87. Victoria Colgin says:

    I’d first like to make cute matching shirts for my two girls who’s birthday’s are fast approaching.

    I’m sharing this on Facebook & Pintrest! Love it!!

  88. Joyce Slater says:

    I was sent over from Crop Chocolate.com to check out your website and to see what your super give away is. I love Imaginisce anyway and if I were lucky enough to win the itop, I’d have some pretty looking buttons on my flowers and elsewhere on my scrapbook pages!!

  89. April Clemmons says:

    Pinned it on Pinterest!

  90. April Clemmons says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway!

  91. April Clemmons says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  92. I shared this by pinning it on pinterest for my followers to see!

  93. Randi M (accountant5530) says:

    I liked Imaginisce’s on facebook and sent a jelloandtatertots hello!!

  94. Randi M (mommyx2) says:

    I posted a comment on the Imaginisce’s blog (can you tell I would love to win, yet!!)

  95. Randi M (mommyx2) says:

    I joined the Imaginisce’s blog via google!

  96. Randi M (mommyx2) says:

    I joined the Imaginisce’s blog!

  97. Randi M (mommyx2) says:

    I visited the Imaginisce’s blog!

  98. Shared on pinterest

  99. Shared on FB

  100. I posted a comment on imaginisce’s blog

  101. I followed imaginisce’s blog

  102. I joined imaginisce’s FB page

  103. I love all sorts of crafts but the first thing that comes to mind when I see this tool is covered buttons! Clothes for my kids with covered buttons made with this tool sounds like a great idea to me!

  104. omgoodness, I would love to win an Imaginisce iTop package!!! I would first make buttons for a sweater – I love that idea. Then I can think of 100’s of other crafty ideas for that tool!!!

  105. Love the button “bows”! Thanks for a chance to win!
    pboszko at optimum dot net

  106. SO many projects pop in my head. I love charm bracelets so I think that would be first or maybe a cute flower in a shadow box for Mother’s Day made from a few of my favorite fabric scraps.

  107. Brenda L (centralnyscrapper) says:

    I shared this with my shopping friends at Crop Chocolate. It’s in their Box of Chocolates.

  108. Brenda L (centralnyscrapper) says:

    I shared your FB post about this giveaway.

  109. Brenda L (centralnyscrapper) says:

    I retweeted your tweet from Feb 13 about this giveaway. @cNYscrapper

  110. Brenda L (centralnyscrapper) says:

    I posted a comment on the Imaginisce blog post at http://www.imaginisceblog.com/2012/02/blog-hop-day-1-scrapbook-adhesives.html.

  111. Brenda L (centralnyscrapper) says:

    I became a follower of the Imaginisce blog.

  112. Brenda L (centralnyscrapper) says:

    I posted on Imaginisce’s FB wall.

  113. Brenda L (centralnyscrapper) says:

    the first things I would make with an iTop tool are brads to go into the family history album I am working on. I could make them to match the colors and/or “feel” of the photos. Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. I tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/giggedygeekmum/status/169887119664357377

    giggedy geekmum AT gmail DOT com

  115. I shared this on facebook.

    giggedy geekmum AT gmail DOT com

  116. I left a comment on their blog.

    giggedy geekmum AT gmail DOT com

  117. I liked them on facebook.

    giggedy geekmum AT gmail DOT com

  118. I’d made buttons for Geekdude’s button hat.

    giggedy geekmum AT gmail DOT com

  119. Hmmm…first I would make hair clips for me and and the girls I work with at church. Too cute!

  120. I want to make a button necklace. They’re so darling!

  121. I log the Imaginisce blog. so many great ideas.

  122. I ‘liked’ Imaginisce on FB.

  123. I love this tool. Your website is the first place that I have seen it and your video made it a new ‘must have tool’ for me. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  124. I can’t decide if I would make a button bracelet or my daughter some hair clippies first.

  125. Linda Stout says:

    I “liked” Imaginisce on FB and gave a shout out for being sent from TT&J!

  126. Linda Stout says:

    I would make fabric covered button and brads to go in the center of flowers made from felt, fabric, paper… you name it!

  127. I shared on Facebook!

  128. I would make button covers for a little bench cushion I have been meaning to make!

  129. I’d just make a bunch of buttons large to small for the middle of my ribbons-bows and flowers. I have been wanting one of these for a while now.

  130. I follow Imaginisce’s blog. Such a creative DT.

  131. What a totally awesome giveaway!!! thanks for the chance. I love Imaginisce products (just can’t find in my area :(. I would love to try the button frame….it is so adorable!

  132. I love to do crafts with my daughter….and the Imaginisce button projects is exactly what we would enjoying doing together….
    thank you for a wonderful page…

  133. I liked Imaginisce on Facebook!

  134. What a truly great giveaway — thanks for the chance to win. I’m always thinking that certain fabric would make wonderful earrings, and this new tool would be a great way to make that happen!

  135. I am now a follower of Imaginisce via GFC. tweetyscute

  136. I would love to use this to update some of my clothes.

  137. I shared on facebook!

  138. OH WOW!!! What fun tools! I would make a flower center with the iTop. Can’t wait for the 20th to find out who wins!!!

  139. donna altieri says:

    i sent my best friend your info by email.

  140. donna altieri says:

    i’m going to make buttons and then put them on pony tail holders for my granddaughter. can’t wait to win!

  141. Just tweeted:) https://twitter.com/#!/jb_designs/status/169639165548445696

    THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  142. I follow the Imaginisce blog–I visit their blog almost daily! THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  143. Just left some love on the Imaginisce FB page:) THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  144. OHHHH! I just love Imaginisce product!!! I can’t wait to use the ring pieces!! This tool is so versatile! LOVE:) THANKS for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  145. just posted on my blog!

  146. Just posted the link to my FB page!

  147. I just pinned this on my boards!

  148. This is one of my new favs too! I can’t wait to get my hands on one & would love it even more if it was free!

  149. I like Imaginisce on facebook and left them a message.

  150. I would love to jazz up some button ups I have!

  151. Mary Meinking Chambers says:

    I liked you on FB and love all your creative ideas on Pintrest!
    I’d love to win to decorate: scrapbooks, clothing, Christmas stockings, etc. Thanks for sharing your creative genius!

  152. I liked Imaginisce on FB.

  153. I don’t even know where I would start…maybe some new buttons to jazz up some old sweaters, or that button picture is sipper cute too!

  154. Oh, I’d make purt near anything! God bless you :o)

  155. Jodie Lynch says:

    I checked out Imaginisce’s blog.

  156. Jodie Lynch says:

    I liked on Imaginisce on FB!

  157. Jodie Lynch says:

    I have some sweaters that are just dying for a button makeover.

  158. I want to make a button magnetic note holder for our daughter’s bedroom. Pink and purple buttons!

  159. Dear Jen,

    It would be great if I won. I don’t know what I would make just yet but I have looked around for an I-Top and no one around here sells them and I want one so bad. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


  160. I would LOVE to make some cute buttons for some dresses for my friend’s little girls since I only have boys!

  161. Mary Lea Wolf says:

    Oh…great give-a-way….I would love trying to make some of those little headbands with the covered buttons!

  162. I like Imaginisce on FB!

  163. I have never made fabric covered buttons so I would love to make them and add them to my projects!

  164. I’ve shared this contest on my blog!

  165. I would love to make the button framed canvas!

  166. I would love to use it to make covered buttons for some hair bows. I usually do it by hand and that takes quite a while, since i am making 100 of them for girls camp!

  167. I already follow the imaginesce blog and I left them a comment.

  168. I already like imaginesce on facebook :)

  169. I would make some new snaps for the kids clothes!

  170. I commented on Imaginisce’s blog!

  171. I like Imaginisce on FB!

  172. We are getting ready to build a house and I am in the early stages of decorating. (yes in my mind haha) and I would love to play around with this and attempt some home decor for future use.

  173. Heather dela Cruz says:

    My first project would be making some fabulous new buttons for a dull cardigan! =)

  174. This is such a great giveaway! I would make matching earrings and a necklace first, then I would make custom embellishments for my scrapbook layouts 😉

  175. Rachel Heidenreich says:

    The first project I would like to do is to make some buttons/pins for some of the boys at church. I have plenty of “girly” rewards, but nothing cool enough for boys :)

  176. definitely the covered button wall art!! love it! : )

  177. Rachel Heidenreich says:

    I liked imaginisce on FB!

  178. ooohhh… I would make custom buttons to use as centers in felt flower pins and make some to glue to thumbtacks to dress up my work space a bit! Thanks for the giveaway!

  179. Left a comment on Imaginisce’s blog. Some really cute projects there!

  180. This thing looks like so much fun! Just for starters, I’d love to make some covered buttons to update one of my daughters favorite jackets, that has lost it’s original buttons. Thanks for the chance!

  181. I think it would be so cute to add for the center of flowers for hair accessories

  182. I’d make something for my daughter, probably hair accessories.

  183. I would love to make my daughter some button headbands! so cute!

  184. connie tacazon says:

    Left a comment at imaginesce blog.

  185. connie tacazon says:

    I would redo the buttons on my kids sweaters. How fun!

  186. I love those covered button hair elastics. So adorable and so easy with this tool! I would totally make those first.

  187. Kristi Davis says:

    As soon as I saw your first post I knew I had to make the framed buttons. I love it! I’ve been hooked on buttons ever since I was a child and my grandmother would get out her button jar and let me and my sister play with them. Those special memories are now something I now have shared with my grandchildren.

  188. I would love to win this. I would be making headbands for the grand daughter. she just loves funky colors and things no one else has.

  189. Tobi Wright says:

    UGH, meant to say I “liked” Imaginisce on FB, joined and commented on Imaginisce Blog. Goodness me! 😉

  190. Hair ties for my little girl and for that matter my big girl would love them too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  191. Madalyn Thomas says:

    I would love to use the I TOP for Birthday party invites and decorations!!

  192. Tobi Wright says:

    Just “liked” Imaginisce Blog and joined! Have a nice day!

  193. Tobi Wright says:

    Hi! Just forwarded the email to a friend and to all my FB friends!

  194. Tobi Wright says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I am new to Tater Tots & Jello and I saw your ideas with covered buttons! I love buttons! I’ve been happily busy making felt flower hair accessories (with button centers) to sell for our African Adoption. I would love to use the Imaginisce iTop Tool! Thank you for sharing inspiring ideas!

  195. Amanda Young says:

    I shared the giveaway on my FB page and I pinned it.

  196. Amanda Young says:

    My best friend and basically sister, her mom gave me a piece of her wedding dress. I am planning on making the buttons for the back of my best friends dress with the material from her moms dress. I know the dress maker who she bought the dress from and she agreed to add the buttons once I make them! I need to make about 50 total.
    I got the idea when I saw a post about the tool from the CHA show. It would be great to win it!

  197. The first thing I would make is buttons for a headboard I am redoing:)

  198. The framed buttons would be darling in my house! I NEED this, lol.

  199. i’d like to make my wedding gifts!!!!!

    that should be so cute….

    i follow imaginisce on fb, joined the blog, and i’d shared it on my wall

    i think everything is ok!!!

  200. Kathy Ammons says:

    I shared this giveaway on my Pinterest board – giveaways. Thanks for hosting this giveway.

  201. Kathy Ammons says:

    I follow Imaginisce’s blog and I’ve left a comment on their 02/14/12 blog entry.

  202. Kathy Ammons says:

    I liked Imaginisce’s Facebook page and I left a comment.

  203. Kathy Ammons says:

    First project would have to be buttons for my headboard makeover! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  204. I would make some headbands for my almost 4 year old niece! Too cute! Liked on FB, shared /pinned on Pinterest! You rock Jen!

  205. Liked and commented on FB.

  206. The first project I would try is a button monogram for my mom. She loves buttons.

  207. T would use this to make buttons for a pillow

  208. What an awesome little tool! I’d make some cute hair stuff for my daughter or liven up one of my many, many dull cardigans.

  209. What an awesome tool! I’d probably use it first to make cute hair bows for my daughter or to help liven up one of my many, many boring sweaters.

  210. Olivia Brien says:

    I would make things to give away to friends and family and to sell! I am a starving artist/college student, and there are plenty of dance majors at my school who need to jazz up their hair-dos (no pun intended).

    I liked them on FB, followed their blog, followed their Pinterest, and commented on the blog. What a give away! :)

  211. I have a jacket that I want to jazz up, so that would be the first project I’d do with this tool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  212. Jenn B. in AK says:

    I am following Imaginisce on FB.

  213. Jenn B. in AK says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I would love to make some framed button art as well as some jewelry. Cheers from Alaska!

  214. I just started following Imaginisce’s blog and left a comment. They have some fun stuff there!

  215. I now follow Imaginisce on Facebook

  216. I love the Spring Sweater Redo you did! I would love to try that out!

  217. Shared the giveaway on my FB fan page:


  218. Now a follower of their blog!

  219. I would totally make a button necklace with my new iTop tool. Also liked Imaginisce’s FB and said hello! (http://www.facebook.com/Imaginisce/posts/10150668001090435)

  220. I visted the Imaginisce Blog and left them a comment! They have great stuff there!

  221. I like Imaginisce on Facebook and said hey!

  222. I would love to make some button tufted pillows for my daybed!

  223. TX JennyWren says:

    I saw all their fun projects on their blog. I even saw a video today on how to make this wonder tool work. I am anxious to make some pillows with these covered buttons. Thanks for another chance to possibly win.

  224. TX JennyWren says:

    I shared this giveaway with my daughter by email. We BOTH want one of these tools for all our fun crafts. Thanks

  225. TX JennyWren says:

    I liked their FB page for an entry chance for the give away. thankx

  226. I follow Imaginisce’s blog!

  227. I follow Imaginisce on Facebook.

  228. wow…first time i’ve ever seen this great little tool. thanks for the opportunity to win this and expand our crafting skills!

  229. Wow!! What an awesome giveaway!! I’d love to win! Thanks for the opportunity! There are SO many things I would want to do with the iTop tool! I think most of all I would use it for accessorizing my bows.

  230. Melissa Cloe says:

    I can’t wait to create all sorts of button-y goodness — but I am most excited to created and COMPLETE a handmade tufted headboard with glorious handmade buttons!

  231. I’m pretty sure I would replace some buttons on a shirt with covered buttons :)
    Great give away!

  232. I would *love* to win this! I would like to make hair accessories for my little girl. I am thinking snap back for interchangeable designs.

  233. I shared this giveaway via text messages

  234. I would love to make cute buttons for wrapping gifts :)

  235. angie lanigan says:

    I’d like to make a button headband.

  236. I “liked” Imaginisce on FB

  237. I joined the Imaginisce blog

  238. I would LOVE to make those adorable button boxes!

  239. I commented on their fb

  240. I would love to re-make my old cardigan with some fun buttons!

  241. I would make hair acessories first for my daughter and embellishments for her t-shirts.

  242. The first thing I’d make would be hair clips….then the possibilities are endless! Looks so fun!

  243. I follow their blog!

  244. I liked and commented on their FB.

  245. That button maker looks awesome!

  246. I stopped by the blog & said hi

  247. I like them on Facebook

  248. I would make a necklace or a hair clips for my daughters

  249. What a fun giveaway! I would use it to make a fun necklace and some hair clips for my daughters and I!

  250. I liked Imaginisce facebook page.

  251. I would love to use these to make covered buttons. They would be a great addition to dress up some plain ballet flats.

  252. Left a comment on the blog

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  253. Would love to try some fabric coverd buttons on a sweater!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  254. Oh wow so many goodies! I would make something to pretty up my desk, like funky big paper clips.

  255. Barbara Roth says:

    I am thinking I either want to make some earrings or some buttons for a pillow. I love this tool.

  256. I’d make some cute favors for my friend’s baby shower!

  257. The possibilities are endless! I would probably make some cute headbands for my girls and then some colorful buttons for a coat I am making!

  258. Oh man, I LOVE covered buttons! I think I’d attack the headbands first- I’m getting a new supershort haircut in a few weeks that is just calling for cute headbands!

  259. I would use it to make some really cool buttons for a button up sundress for my little girl.

  260. I wanted to make a little girls skirt with chubby pockets closed with cute covered buttons! That would be first on my to do list. I think I’d use them on Thank You cards some how too. I love homemade cards!

  261. The project i would make would be earrings. I found this cute card on another website that says “cute as a button.” What a neat gift for friends and the moms who help me with Girl Scouts!

  262. Would love to win this!! I would make all kinds of things, probably cute covered brads first!

  263. Jennifer C. says:

    I liked their facebook page and I thanked them for this awesome giveaway!

  264. Jennifer C. says:

    I would love, love, love to win! I would use this to make cute hairbows and pony tail holders!

  265. This would be so fun. I’m thinking some hair things…my girls would love it!

  266. Sally Edmonds says:

    I “liked” Imaginesce on Facebook.

  267. Sally Edmonds says:

    Oh, Jen!!! I would LOVE to win one of the prize packages from Imaginesce. I’ve been coveting the Itop tools since I first saw them! Would love to make fabric covered buttons (when I sew or knit clothes for them – or refashion a boring sweater), necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, add them to my cards… The list goes on and on! What fun. Thanks so much for the chance.
    Sally in California

  268. I also “joined/followed” the Imaginisce blog!

  269. I also commented on their blog :)

  270. I liked their facebook page and said hello!

  271. I want to make cute headbands for my baby girl!

  272. I want to make the covered button bobby pins.

  273. I like Imaginisce on Facebook.

  274. I would start with making some fabric covered button jewelry.

  275. I can hardly wait to get one of these to cover buttons for the children’s clothing I make. ….like your blog and great ideas!

  276. Would use this to make buttons for my felt owie kits. So fun!

  277. Also left Imaginisce’s blog a comment on those super cute boxes from Feb 8!! Want to have that kind of skill someday.

  278. Following Imaginisce’s blog!

  279. I love the framed button art. I would make that with scraps of my favorite fabrics.

  280. Visited their facebook and left a hello!

  281. Allison Rose says:

    I’ve “liked” the Imaginisce Facebook page (Allison Reetz Rose) and said “hello!”

  282. Allison Rose says:

    There are so many things I’d want to do but the first thing would probably be to make a bracelet! I LOVE buttons!!!!

  283. So much to make! I think I would make a super cute charm bracelet first! Followed promptly by 500 other projects. . .

  284. Shared on facebook!

  285. I joined Imaginisce’s blog

  286. My daughter would love for me to make her a headband, then I would make myself a necklace. LOVE all the different button backs.

  287. I also shared on facebook!

  288. I shared on Pinterest.

  289. I like imaginisce on Facebook!

  290. Actually I’d love to make the framed button art that you have featured in this post! I think it is adorable!

  291. Danielle Kershaw says:

    I like Imaginisce on FB.

  292. Danielle Kershaw says:

    I would make button magnets. Those are so cute and would love to have adorable magnets on my fridge!

  293. I would make magnets. I am also redoing a pop up camper and would love to make buttons to match the new seat covers

  294. I love your sweater redo and will probably make one of those soon, I also love the idea of snapping on decorations to headbands!

  295. I love buttons! I would definitely start with bow centers. These are so cute.

  296. Mica Staheli says:

    loved all the scrapbook page ideas at Imaginisce Blog!


  297. Mica Staheli says:

    i liked Imaginisce’s Facebook page and left a comment! [Micaela Staheli]


  298. Mica Staheli says:

    I would make magnetic buttons for my fridge and pin boards!


  299. Oh the things I would do! Earrings, new buttons for my jacket..flowers on pillows with buttons as the center… I have a few ideas and would looooove to win one!

  300. Jennifer Terry says:

    I would make lots of cute headbands!

  301. I would love to make a cute bottom flower to put on a cardigan.

  302. OOOOhhh, about a million covered buttons!

  303. I would LOVE to make a covered button charm bracelet. Ok, I’d make more than one. One for me and one for my daughter.

  304. I would love to make some fabric covered buttons!

  305. I’ve just started sewing so really covered buttons would be great. Although I do love the button collection in the frame. So Cute!

  306. natalie ebaugh says:

    ooh, I love the button gift box embellishment!

  307. Love, love, love the button charm bracelet…one for me and one for my daughter.

  308. I would love to make some jewelry!

  309. I would make something awesome for my little girls, maybe for their hair!!

  310. I would use it to make unique buttons for my fabric flowers!

  311. I like Imaginisce on FB

  312. Followed their blog! So creative!!!

  313. I liked them and said hey on FB

  314. I’ve been wanting an iTop for a long time. If I won I would probably make a bracelet or buy some pin backs and make pins.

  315. What an awesome tool!!! Rings, pony tail things, art…I want to do it all!

  316. This looks like a great tool. I would make the buttons for wrapping small packages.

  317. I think I’ll make some buttons for hair accessories.

  318. I would make some pillows filled with decorative buttons on the front.

  319. The covered buttons in the picture frame are so cool! I would defiantly make that my next craft project

  320. I would make cute hair ties!

  321. shared via twitter (user name funky_finds)

    Jessica Dougherty

  322. I joined the Imaginisce blog (blogger name Funky Finds)

    Jessica Dougherty

  323. I liked them over on FB and said hello!

  324. I spent several minutes in the aisle at Michaels staring at all these cool new products–I would so love to win! I think I’d first make some fabric covered buttons for a few sewing projects.

  325. I’d love to make a button bracelet! Of course, the project possibilities look to be endless w/this nifty new tool.

    Jessica Dougherty

  326. I would like to use the I-TOP in my machine embroidery classes as a decorative element such as a monogrammed, covered button to use on purses, shoes, etc., that we make in class. This would open up a new tool for all the students who take my classes.

  327. Super liked them on FB and left a HUGE ‘HELLO” to them! fingers are crossed!!!

  328. What NOT to make is the question! Oh my goodness! I am super super excited for this give away I can’t contain myself! I am having a hard time focusing! I think I might first make some hair items for a baby shower I have coming up…or decorate a pillow…maybe some jewelry…but the pins and magnets looks so darling too! I just can’t decide….it would be fun to dress up a gift too! so many possibilities and so much fun!!!!

  329. I follow Imaginisce blog!

  330. I like Imaginisce on FB!

  331. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to make some custom buttons for a vintage coat I have.

  332. Jen Richards says:

    I want to make fabric covered buttons to use on clothing and as the center for some flower hairbows. Ooh, on bobby pins too = that would be so cute!

  333. Hmm, I think I’d try that sweater with rick rack – super cute!

  334. I have been dreaming of this giveaway since your last post… I’m so disappointed not to live in the US that I’d make a tantrum :-p

  335. Sharing on FB. Love the jewelry and hair accessories! Looks like fun!!

  336. Diana McCorkle says:

    I LOVE IMAGINISE iTop tool! I love the jewelry and the pins! OH, THE STUFF I COULD MAKE!!

  337. I shared your giveaway on my FB wall. (Susan Brown Hatcher)

  338. I commented on Imaginisce’s blog.

  339. Oh man, I would love to make fabric covers for some of the knobs on my very-outdated-totally-waiting-for-rehab bedroom furniture. And a headband for my niece. :)

  340. I “liked” Imaginisce on FB. Told them you sent me.

  341. I love covered button earrings. I’d totally use it to make some of those.

  342. Following imaginisce’s blog and commented! Loving the fabric buttons – I could do a specimen box for every month of the year! And make christmas presents too…

  343. I love the button boxes but I can see them matched with cards for all my gifts!

  344. Commented at imaginisce blog!

  345. I would love to try the spring sweater makeover. Those buttons are so cute.

  346. Liked imaginisce onfb!

  347. I would love to make the framed buttom art shown above. I’m currently redecorating our house because my college life is winding down, so I have FREE time now when I’m not working. The framed button art would look great in my new yellow living room! :)

  348. I’m obsessed with covered buttons! Want to make some to jazz up my pillows!

  349. Liked them on FB

  350. I would love to try the Imaginisce iTop tool while making a quiet book.

  351. I think it would be fun to make something for my daughter.

  352. My mind is going crazy over all the possibilities! I would love to try covering buttons!

  353. I would make the adorable spring sweater update!

  354. I love the spring sweater update! That is what I would make, it is too cute.

  355. Went to the Imaginisce blog and am a follower… Great site! :)

  356. “Liked” and posted on Imaginisce’s FB page! :)

  357. Posted on FB Laura Rae Hulka shared a link.
    3 minutes ago
    Sharing this – join me for a chance to win! http://tatertotsandjello.com/2012/02/super-giveaway-from-imaginisce-three-winners-250-total-retail.html

  358. I have a project in mind – making a pillow to match my Amish quilt!

  359. I would love to make some button and maybe a wall decor item. Thanks for a chance to win.

  360. This tool looks like so much fun! I think I would make a necklace or ring first if I won. :)

  361. i totally would make hair clips first! :)

  362. I posted on facebook as well.

  363. I’m loving the covered buttons on the cardigan! So fun.

  364. I am now following Imaginisce’s blog!

  365. I liked Imaginisce’s Facebook page.

  366. I would make interchangeable hair clips with it! I also love the button art… lots of fun projects to try!

  367. Ooh I would love to make some buttons for clothes! So much you can do with this thing!

  368. I want to make one of those cute spring sweaters you show! Penney’s has their cardigans on sale for $12 this month! Perfect way to personalize!!!!! Thanks!

  369. I would love to make some necklaces to keep and gift! Thanks

  370. I LOVE it!! I would use this tool to make the covered button gifts for my place setting for my wedding. They would make such a cute, unique, unexpected twist to anything we’ve had in my small town in Indiana. I want a vintage wedding and this fits in so well. I would also love to try to make necklaces for my little niece and use them to embellish my scrapbook pages. So many choices though : )

  371. I think all the projects look cute! The spring sweater redo would be just fantastic and the button jewelry and hair pins would look great on my grand daughters. Thanks for being such a great site for my help me express my creativity.

  372. i love the covered buttons framed out…great way to showcase small scraps of fabric in my craft room!

  373. I love making little paperclip bookmarks and also putting button centers on flower hairclips for my daughter! This prize is perfect!

  374. I love the button covered gift topper!!

  375. I LOVE it!
    I WANT it!
    I’ll USE it!
    I’m seeing tiny black and white pictures of my G-girls on a button bracelet or how about a
    cute-as-a-button scrapbook page, or one-of-a-kind buttons on the G-girls dresses! oh, the possibilities are endless.
    Thanks so much for bringing this tool to my attention.

  376. I would redo some of my buttons on my clothes! So excited!

  377. oooOOOO! Please count me in for the drawing! I love the button specimen art!!!

  378. I would make flower buttons for headbands and purses for my little one (and maybe me too)!

  379. Bobbie Mackey says:

    i would really like to make earrings and headbands for my daughter!

  380. I love the button tool. I would definitely be using it first to make buttons to for my bags.

  381. I would love for you to come and link your blog to my new linky party. It can be a particular blog post of yours or just a link to your blog. Please come add your blog to the linky party now!! Thanks!

  382. I Like GlueArts on Facebook

  383. I followed Imaginisce’s Blog!

  384. sent them greetings on fb

  385. one of my daughters is a button fanatic, it’s her most prized collection, so i would totally make her some customized buttons for her favorite sweater!

  386. I would make some bobby pins for my girls!

  387. Kellie Pringle says:

    shared this giveaway via facebook!

  388. I’d love to make some earrings for my girlfriends! This tool looks awesome!

  389. I would do a sweater update!! SO cute!!!

  390. Checked out their blog! SO many fun ideas!

  391. I love the way the button home decor turned out. What a fun way to use them!

  392. The framed buttons are adorable ~ my first project pick! Thanks for the chance to win!

  393. My first project would be to make magnets for the fridge with different fabrics I have lying around. This is such a fun giveaway–perfect for when I’m feeling crafty!

  394. Kellie Pringle says:

    I would love to win this set! I think the first project I would make is the super cute headband with the flowers. What a great idea!!

  395. Hm…button hair elastics…no a sweater make-over…no button barretts. Yea, button barretts. That’s the ticket. :) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  396. I commented on their blog, cute boxes.

  397. I would make the framed buttons. So adorable. Just makes me HAPPY!

  398. wow, you guys really want to win this i-top tool and accessory kit!
    they are waiting to ship out – as soon as Jen gives me the winners addresses!
    –great sweater button idea Jen!

  399. OMG! this is so cool, I would make the framed buttons, one for each room in the house, soooo cute. I think it would also be great in my mixed media projects

  400. Shared this post with my sister.

  401. I would love to make the button picture for my laundry room. Too cute

  402. I love the idea of using buttons to wrap presents!

  403. I liked imaginisce on fb and said hi.

  404. I am now a follower of Imaginesce.

  405. I am tweeting about this giveaway.

  406. I would love to make buttons for an Easter sweater for my 2 year old.

  407. shared on FB

  408. Carrie Anderson says:

    I would love to make the framed buttons like you!

  409. I liked them on Facebook

  410. Already a follower

  411. I didn’t know there were so many creative ways to use these things. I have been wanting to use these buttons on the Dog Crate Covers in my Etsy Shop

  412. these are great! I have lots of projects that would be perfect if I had this!

  413. FB fan and said hello!

  414. I have so many of their products for scrapbooking and I would probably use this for embellishments on my pages!

  415. I would love to use these on my sewing projects! This is very cool!

  416. I tweeted about yet another fabulous giveaway from you!

  417. Left a comment on their blog :)

  418. I “liked” and commented on Imaginisce’s facebook page!

  419. Liked Imaginisce on fb! Left a comment telling them who sent me 😉

  420. Tacks for my made over memo board for sure!

  421. I am thinking I might have to redo some buttons on some sweaters for the trip to Croatia.

  422. I would make some button art!!!

  423. Ellen Sutton says:

    I can see endless possibilities with this fabulous tool! Dress up flip flops, pillows. fabric bags, shirts, sweaters, frames, make the center of ribbon/fabric flowers…….. on and on and on!! I would love this tool!!!
    Headed to share on FB and over to Imaginisce’s blog!!

  424. I would love to make covered buttons for clothes, accessories, projects of all kinds 😉

  425. I would like to make button art!

  426. Wow, they do have some cool project ideas on their blog. I left them a comment.

  427. I liked them on Facebook and left a comment on their wall

  428. I would LOVE to win this to make some beautiful covered buttons with my hoarded… I mean stashed…. fabric!

  429. I tweeted about the giveaway..

  430. I want to make the snap and change buttons on a pillow so I can change the dots based on the season!!!!

  431. I would absolutely loveeee to win this! I am thinking it would be cute to make some buttons to go on flip flops and also make some matching buttons to make some cute hair bows and headbands. I would love to create some special things for my 3 little girls and myself too!

  432. i’m loving exploring their blog too – yay!

  433. I follow the imaginisce blog..

  434. like em on fb – oh yeah!

  435. Jen what I love about You is You share with us lots of possibilities to make which really helps boosting some creativity. I am for Sure going to make a buttons frame but I am more excited about using these tools into making a bulletin board with fabric and use push back, pin back and button back buttons in making a summer fun colorful board..

  436. I just “liked” their page and left them a nice comment :)

  437. I would make headbands! And then some brads for scrapbook pages! :)

  438. I’d totally dress up my cards and home decor with buttons! love this!!

  439. I joined imaginIsce’s blog

  440. I like Imaginisce on FB.. Love their craft products line

  441. Liked them on facebook :) love their products!!

  442. Lisa Walker says:

    I would like to make button earings and hair pins.

  443. I would love to make some super cute buttons! I have always loved the homemade buttons people are making! What a great giveaway!!!

  444. I would totally make “button art” framed! I am in need of stuff for the walls of our new home!

  445. Oh I would so redo some of my girls outfits with fun new buttons! They would love it…then of course move right along and change up some of mine as well :)

    Thanks for this give away!

  446. I left a comment on Imaginisce’s blog!

  447. I follow Imaginisce on FB!

  448. Oh my gosh, this is so awesome. I love the projects that you posted earlier and was wondering where I could get the tool. I would make some of the jewelry first, but them I am a quilter and it would be cool to do my own buttons on some of them. I also love sewing bags and these would be perfect!!!

  449. I would love to make some cute button necklaces – they would make great gifts!

  450. I would start making fabric covered buttons for the center of bows for my little one!

  451. I joined their blog. It looks awesome!

  452. SO COOL!
    I don’t know what I’d do as a first project but I’m sure that once I learned how to use it I would make something fun for the kids! I’m thinking punch pin-style buttons for the chore charts? Hmmm..
    Hope I win!! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  453. I like the necklaces with the buttons. Maybe even a charm bracelet of sorts?

  454. I “like” their facebook page!

  455. i do so love covered buttons! great giveaway.

  456. I would make covered buttons for my sister in law! She likes to have cute and different buttons on her sweaters!

  457. I commented on Imaginisce’s blog post: http://www.imaginisceblog.com/2012/02/i-spy-weekly-winners.html

  458. Nikki hatfield Wilson says:

    I shared on twitter and tagged you.


    Twilson107 at cox dot net

  459. This is so neat, so much easier then the button kits I’ve used in the past. I would love to start out with a necklace.

  460. That button art picture you made looks fun for my little boy’s room

  461. I want to try the snap back option. I love the idea of interchangeable buttons!

  462. I left Imaginisce a FB comment (Jen Gerwig-Dively)

  463. I commented on their blog!

  464. I liked them on FB

  465. Also liked them on Facebook

  466. Commented on Imaginisce’s blog.

  467. I’m making an upholstered headboard for my guest room and would love to add buttons to it. Plus there are so many other amazing projects, elastics, shirts, rings… oh my!

  468. Nikki hatfield Wilson says:
  469. Kristin S. says:

    I would love to make a framed button masterpiece like the one you made!! I have a weakness for any crafts involving buttons.

  470. I think I’d start out with home decor- I LOVE that framed button piece. I’ve been wanting to do one with sewn hearts or butterflies but the buttons are CUTE on it! That might be my starting point.

  471. I wanna make that button art in frame. That’s so cute!!

  472. Dana Sutherland says:

    I would love to make headbands and scrapbook with my niece! Thanks:)

  473. I would love one of these!!!! I would use the snap backs to make a lot of button flowers for headbands for my 2 little (bald) girls :)

  474. I follow the Imaginisce blog and I left a comment.

  475. I like Imaginisce on FB!

  476. I liked them on facebook and joined their blog.

  477. Nikki hatfield Wilson says:

    I Follow Imaginisce’s blog via GFC.

    Twilson 107 at cox dot net

  478. I would make button magnets and button pony holders – both could be used for many different things! Or I would just make lots of buttons and then I would just run them through my fingers, smell them and then just sit and gaze upon the beauty because I love all things button!

  479. Nikki hatfield Wilson says:

    I left a blog comment on Imaginisce’s blog.

    Twilson 107 at cox dot net

  480. I love this tool! I would make the framed button art. So cool!

  481. I stopped by Imaginisce’s blog, looked around and left a comment (on i-Spy).

  482. Im so excited to make that sweater! The ric rac is a great idea! I also make hair bows for kids and these buttons would be an adorable middle for some of the flower ones i make. Wether I win or not I think those are two projects that will have to be done! thanks for the inspiration once again! Im reposting on my facebook and twitter pages.

  483. Definitely jewelry! Maybe earrings or a pendant? I love all the options!

  484. I would love to make some rings and some headbands!

  485. Their blog is fun with some great ideas.

  486. Liked Imaginisce on Facebook.

  487. I would use them to make some super cute hair bows for my daughter!

  488. I would totally make the necklaces and jewelry. Those are so cute!

  489. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  490. Left a comment on their blog.

  491. Would love to make cute accessories for my girls! liked on facebook, following blog and left a comment, shared! Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  492. Liked them on FB!

  493. Bri Johnson says:

    Oooh, I would love to win this. I want to make some fun rings for my girls!

  494. I really want to do one of those sweater updates!

  495. this is so cool…. i have so many project ideas to do if i win…… thanks so much for the giveaway!

  496. Share this giveaway. Let me know how you do in the comments. one entry per way you share.

    I shared this giveaway on Twitter :)

  497. I would make some new buttons for my favorite jacket

  498. Karen Knuppenburg says:

    I would use the buttons for center pieces on flowers, or just by themselfs on the cards I make and sell…

  499. Nikki hatfield Wilson says:

    I liked Imaginisce’s fb page and left some love!

  500. Allyson Croshaw says:

    I would make necklaces and charm bracelets. What darling birthday gifts they would make!

  501. ““Check out Imaginisce’s blog — where you can find out great project ideas and giveaways. Leave a comment and/or join. one entry each.””

    I commented on the Love is in the Air day 3 blog entry :)


  502. I like Imaginisce on FB. (Julie Espy)

  503. I love what you did with your sweater, I might do something similar.

  504. I would use it to create my own embellishments for cards and I would also create fun jewelry pieces! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  505. I am working on a quiet book for my son so my first project would be some cute buttons

  506. I love the sweater update idea you posted. I would update my two favorite, go to cardigans and make a button necklace.

  507. “Check out Imaginisce’s blog — where you can find out great project ideas and giveaways. Leave a comment and/or join. one entry each.”

    I am now following the blog :)

  508. “Head over to the Imaginisce Facebook page. Like it and give them a big TT&J hello. one entry.”

    I liked and commented on Imaginisce’s Facebook page :)

  509. I went and liked imaginisce on fb and told them hi!

  510. I would love to make some jewelry with my daughter using this tool! I like them on Facebook.

  511. “Let me know what type of project you want to make first with your new Imaginisce iTop tool in the comments. one entry.”

    What couldn’t I do with this! I would definitely try my hand at making some new pendants and buttons with my fabric scraps 😀

  512. I really want to make some fabric button earrings!

  513. I’m currently redoing/recovering my inspiration corkboard. I would love to try my hand at making some button push pins!

  514. Shared on FB!

  515. Liked and commented on their facebook page.

  516. I want to make hair pretties for my daughter. So excited that you introduced me to this tool. I liked their facebook page too!

  517. I shared on FB.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  518. I left a message on their FB page from TT&J.

  519. I commented on their blog.

  520. I liked imaginisce on FB.

  521. I would like to make fabric covered button magnets for my fridge!

  522. I joined their blog

  523. Shared this contest on FB

  524. ” Liked” them on Facebook!

  525. Left a message on Imaginisce’s FB wall {and tagged you as well :)}

  526. LOVE~ I would make covered buttons for hair pretties if I was to win!!

  527. I would make buttons for a pin board that is going to go up in my craft room.

  528. I would probably start with the headband or make some hair ties with different buttons on them. My two little girls LOVE hair accessories….especially when they are simple and cute.

  529. Kris Cullinan says:

    I want to make the bracelet first, so many possibilities. I want this tool.

  530. Checked out and liked their facebook page.

  531. Left a comment on their blog. :)

  532. I definitely would start with the hair things. I think I would make a flower and put it in the center instead of the hair binder. Hope I win one !!!

  533. I would make hair flowers for my girls. We can’t have enough hair flowers, especially because they keep losing them.

  534. Liked & commented on FB.

  535. I think I would make a button necklace first. They are so adorable!

  536. I would love to make buttons for my granddaughters sweaters, they love getting original clothing from grandma!

  537. I want to make a bracelet!

  538. I also signed up for their blog using my gmail acct.

  539. This tool looks so fun! I love the option to make snaps! I’d love to try it out. Your ideas are great.

  540. I checked out their blog. There are some cool projects on there.

  541. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    I left a comment on the Imaginisce blog on the post about TT&J

  542. I shared this giveaway on my Facebook page


  543. Shanna Cluff says:

    I would probably make some wall art!

  544. I liked the Imaginisce Facebook page :-)

    Imaginisce Facebook page

  545. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    I follow Imaginisce blog!

  546. I just ‘liked’ Imaginisce’s FB page!

  547. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    Liked Imaginisce on FB and said hello from TT&J!

  548. I want to make some matching jewelry for my daughter and me.

  549. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    I so want to try the I-top especially to make some wall art and jewelry!

  550. Linda Cloer says:

    Checked out the blog and left message there!

  551. Linda Cloer says:

    Went to the blog and checked in there!

  552. I love all the possibilities but would probably use it make a sweater refashion for spring first.

  553. First, I think I would cover some buttons to update a cardigan of mine!

  554. shared on fb!

  555. Jessica Jenkins says:

    That looks like a lot of fun and I would love to try using it on all my scrapbook pages, cards, and anything else I could think of1

  556. following Imaginisce’s blog!

  557. Linda Cloer says:

    Been there, Done That! Liked Imaginisce on FB!

  558. Oh my, the possiblities would be endless with the things that I could do with a button maker. I love the jewelry. I love to paint on canvas and I could see the buttons as the middle of flowers. Oh my gosh… I soooooooooooooo want this… I hope I win….

  559. Stopped over the blog and left a comment

  560. Shared this giveaway on FB! =)

  561. Stopped over to the Blog and left a comment! =)

  562. tammy Lewis says:

    I am making chunky button bracelets with coordinating fabrics. This tool is going to speed up the process and make it much kmore professional looking!! Have had a hard time finding the individual button kits at times which are much more exspensive. So excited about this new crafting tool!…. thanks TT&J!

  563. Nicole Estes says:

    I just shared this giveaway by pinning it on pinterest

  564. Nicole Estes says:

    I just joined imaginisce’s blog

  565. I liked Imaginisce on FB! Left a comment!

  566. I likes them on Facebook

  567. I think the snap backs would make some fun hair acessory projects!

  568. What would I make! Well I am obsessed with fabric covered button earrings, so I would defiantly be making some of those!

  569. Hi!
    I would make hair accesories and bracelets! I also love the framed button art and would love to make that!

    I have shared this giveaway on facebook and like &
    said Hi on Imaginisce fecebook page.
    And I also commented on the beautiful Imaginisce’s blog!

    So I really hope that one of my four entrys will make me a winner!

    Best regards !

  570. I shared this giveaway on my FB page under the name Seven Alive. Thanks for the great giveaway!:)

  571. I like Imaginisce on FB and left them some comment love.

  572. checked out their blog.

  573. liked them on fb

  574. would add these to my crochet hats

  575. Nicole Estes says:

    The first thing I want to make when I buy or win this tool is shower curtain buttons to go on the rod hooks.

  576. The first thing I would make would be some button earrrings they are so cute!!

  577. liked Imaginisce on fb!

  578. Linda Cloer says:

    Love this! I have to have one! I am saving up right now! The first thing I would make is earings, necklace, card embelishments!!!!

  579. My favorite idea to do with this I thought would be paper related for scrapbooking or something but after seeing your sweater redo I am really inspired to try that. It is so cute!

  580. I would live to make a necklace

  581. paper flowers for spring (maybe on a wreath) with button middles!

  582. I subscribed to Imaginisce RSS feed and Google friends

  583. I Liked Imaginisce on FB and left a message

  584. I tweeted giveaway @amykdee

  585. I like Imaginisce on FB!

  586. I’m planning on making a quilt for my daughter’s big girl bed, and making some cute button art with the scraps would be so much fun!

  587. Marilyn Taylor says:

    Creative ideas are overflowing!! I would love to have this!!!

  588. left ’em some love on their blog!

  589. already follow Imaginisce’s blog, too!

  590. Already love Imaginisce on FB but just let some love via TTnJ!

  591. Wahoo!! Imaginisce for the win!! I think I’d make… ALL OF IT! I’ve been making tons of wreaths with handmade flowers and covered buttons would make beautiful and easy centers!!!

  592. Like on FB

  593. I would love to make some necklaces! I’ve been trying to accessorize more =)

  594. Tina Goins says:

    I would give it to my mother-in-law. (as much as I would love to keep it) She has arthritis and struggles to do covered buttons when she sews. Think this would help a lot!

  595. I would make a home decor piece!

  596. I like them on Facebook and told them hello!

  597. I posted the giveaway on facebook

  598. I would love to update a sweater myself! I love that!

  599. I LOVE covered buttons so I would make something fantastic centered around the buttons!

  600. I’m a fan of Imaginisce on Facebook!

  601. I tweeted the giveaway

  602. I would update a few of my boring winter sweaters with some fun, bright spring colors! I would love to win!

  603. I would like to make a button decorated hair rubber band.

  604. I’d make some button stud earrings! Maybe not the natural choice for a button maker project, but I have some really cute fabrics in mind!

  605. Wow! I’d love to win!

  606. vanessa.sanyer@gmail.com says:

    I like Imaginisce on FB!

  607. vanessa.sanyer@gmail.com says:

    I’d love to make my own customized buttons! I’d use them for all sorts of crafts!

  608. I would love to make some specimin art, and it would go so quickly with the punches & scrapbook paper!

  609. Carol Davis says:

    I shared with facebook, blog and every way I possibly could. Let me win please please please.

  610. I would love to make some fun hair barrettes for my daughter with this!

  611. I LIKE Imaginisce on Facebook!

  612. This is a great giveaway!!! I would make buttons to turn into magnets for a project I’m working on!

  613. I would love to make some fun accessories for my little girl.

  614. I have a small button cover kit I bought at Walmart to make button centers for the flowers I crochet for my girls. This would really expand the kinds of buttons I could make!

  615. I left them a comment on their blog

  616. Jacqueline R says:

    I joined the Imaginisce blog!

  617. Jill Hughes says:

    Ooh–How cool! I would use it for covered buttons for clothes for my daughter, and for other crafts! Loved the frame with the covered buttons in it. Awesome!

  618. Jacqueline R says:

    I left a comment on the Imaginisce blog!

  619. I shared this giveaway on Facebook

  620. I “liked” Imaginisce on Facebook :)

  621. i shared this giveaway on facebook

  622. I like Imaginisce on Facebook & left them a comment.

  623. I started following their blog

  624. I would love to make over some of my spring sweaters with cute new buttons! Great give-away!

  625. Jessica Anderson says:

    I like Imaginisce on FB!!

  626. I liked their FB page and said hello

  627. i already follow the imaginisce blog

  628. Jacqueline R says:

    I like Imaginisce on FB!

  629. Just became a follower of Imaginisce Blog

  630. i liked imaginisce on facebook

  631. First thing I would make is cute push-pin type buttons for a memo board :)

  632. Jacqueline R says:

    I would love to make some buttons for some dresses for my nieces!

  633. I WANT THIS so bad. I saw it on your site and already was looking into how much it was. I’d love to have this just for every day projects. I have no idea what I’d do with it yet, but I love the options it provides. Hope I win!

  634. Jessica Anderson says:

    I would make some embellishments for my project life album. But that button frame is really cute too!!

  635. i would make some magnets. to go with my magnet bored i plan to make soon.

  636. I would love to use some of those pin back buttons to make the center of my felt flowers I have been making. They would be just perfect!

  637. Laura Teasley says:

    Shared your link on Facebook!

  638. I would probably have to make a headband first for my diva daughter. lol, Then I would probably look into the jewelery aspect of it.

  639. What a fabulous giveaway!! I would love to make some fabric covered button ponytail holders.

  640. Laura Teasley says:

    Tons of ideas but the first thing I would make would be embellishments for my mini albums. Maybe use the buttons for closures? This is an awesome prize. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  641. Tweeted it!! :)

  642. Shared your link on my FB!

  643. Commented on the blog!

  644. I think this would be fun to make some magnets with…I really need some cute magnets!

  645. Liked and left a comment on their FB page!

  646. Shared on Facebook and commented on your status on FB!!!

  647. Carol Davis says:

    Hello, Love this great tool and I want to make buttons buttons and more buttons. Thank you so much

  648. Liked their fb page!

  649. Awesome Giveaway!! I’d really love the opportunity to try this guy out. 😉 I’d make one of those adorable necklaces first!

  650. Becky Greene says:

    I posted a comment of their blog post about your review of the iTop tool. Thanks for the extra chance to win!

  651. Patti Wachowiak says:

    Besides buttons I would love to make a bracelet!

  652. Commented on their blog hop post!

  653. I have been a follower at the Imaginisce blog for a long time, and I love their products! I use my irocks on cards, and especially on the fancy boxes I make! The iTop tool would put my crafting over the top!

  654. Becky Greene says:

    I am a follower of imaginesce’s blog – thanks for leading me to that site!

  655. I liked Imaginisce on FB!

  656. I would love to make some of the button necklaces!

  657. Would love to make covered buttons!!

  658. Liked them on FB and told them you sent me!

  659. I’d love to make some granddaughter hair clips! O many things though!

  660. I would love to make covered buttons!!!

  661. i just love covered buttons and would love something to make it with! love, love.:)

  662. I would make some buttons! I just bought a bunch of patterns for dresses, and cute buttons would be just the thing to make it pop!

  663. Becky Greene says:
  664. I shared on my fb page.

  665. Becky Greene says:

    I would cover some buttons to make a tufted floor cushion! Thanks for the giveaway!

  666. Oh what to make first? I think I’d make buttons that I’d use as the center of large flowers, maybe a pin or card embellishment.

  667. I would update my boring white cardigan sweater with beautiful buttons that match the colors I wear with it to make it look new and hip.

  668. Oh, I would love this to make covered button pacifier clips!!!

  669. Kerry Guiliano says:

    I tweeted your giveaway!

  670. I would make cute little headbands for my granddaughter! I want this tool more than anything!

  671. I love the buttons! I can’t wait to update spring sweaters for my kids (and me:-)!!)

  672. Kerry Guiliano says:

    I shared your giveaway on my FB page.

  673. Kerry Guiliano says:

    I liked Imaginisce on FB & left them a lovely comment :)

  674. That looks like such a fun tool! Buttons, buttons, buttons! Thats what I would do!

  675. Kerry Guiliano says:

    I joined the Imaginisce blog.

  676. i want to make some of the jewelry with the snaps to change them out. this giveaway is huge, thanks for hosting it.

  677. I liked and commented on their FB page…thanks!

  678. I commented on their blog.

  679. oh this is awesome! I want to make covered buttons to use on the fabric flower pins that I make!
    kathy k

  680. I would make button hair accessories for grandkids.
    Magnets for refrigerator.
    Gift sets for friends
    the list goes on and on.

  681. Wow all of these projects are so cute! I probably like the buttons on canvas best.

  682. Kerry Guiliano says:

    I have been wanting to make a re-purposed sweater into a cardigan – this would be perfect to make it “my style”. So excited!

  683. I liked their FB page.

  684. Suzie Hurst says:

    I tweeted the giveaway! (supermom8)

  685. I would love to make some fabric covered buttons to use on some hair accessories!

  686. Thanks for this giveaway! I am definitely coveting this…There are so many things I would like to do, but probably would first try a Fabric button to replace the plastic ones I use on the aprons I make..

    Love the blog…such great inspiration always!

    Good Luck everyone!

  687. Suzie Hurst says:

    I shared on facebook!

  688. I joined Imaginisce’s blog.

  689. I have a plain cardigan that I would probably try to do something with. Thanks!

  690. Suzie Hurst says:

    I followed the blog and commented!

  691. I liked Imaginisce on Facebook

  692. SInce our soon to come baby boy will get mostly hand-me-downs from his big sister, I would love to brighten his clothes and give them a new twist by adding some of these super cute buttons :)

  693. The first project I would begin working on is the button canvas. I have the perfect frame for it!

  694. I also liked them and commented on FB. Thanks again!

  695. Suzie Hurst says:

    I liked imaginisce on facebook and commented!

  696. following their blog

  697. This would be awesome for gifts in the way of jewelry, wall-art, etc. I love these products! Thanks

  698. Suzie Hurst says:

    Oh my… so many possibilities! I think the first thing I would make is a cute kindle case for my sister with covered buttons. =)

  699. liked them on facebook

  700. Samantha C. says:

    I would definitely make some button top hair accessories for my daughter!

  701. I liked & commented on FB. I also follow their blog.

  702. I’d want to replace all my boring buttons on my cardigans. First graders love their teacher in bright and colorful clothing:-)

  703. make a necklace

  704. If I were to win this fabulous prize, I’m absolutely positive I would jazz up a few old cardigan sweaters and make hair accessories (because plain bobby bins are so boring!).

  705. I would use this to make really cool buttons for spring/summer dresses for my daughters.

  706. I’d love to make a bunch of button earrings!!

  707. left a comment on their blog

  708. I really like the covered button home decor that you made and would copy that!!

  709. Lawana Gray says:

    I liked and commented on FB

  710. I want to make some button covered earrings

  711. Hi, I am thinking that if I won the amazing iTop tool that I would first stamps some fabric and make some personalised fabric covered buttons that would be great embellishements for notebooks and centres for fabric flowers and ….
    Thanks for the opportunity
    Happy Stamping

  712. I would give it to my best friend Emily. She is always making hand made buttons and I know she would love this. I would love one two but she would LOVE it so much more. Thanks. A.

  713. The necklaces are adorable. Always looking for unique homemade gifts for family and friends!

  714. I love buttons! I would love to make the framed button project…but then again, the sweater update is just so cute too. I would make either one, or both!

  715. I would love to make some buttons for my little girl’s spring dresses!

  716. I would make a sweater refashion. I have loved your sweater revamp since you did it last year… SOOO cute, Jen!

  717. If I won this fabulous tool, I would make adorable hair doo-dads for my nieces. I only have sons, so I don’t get to make cutie-patootie hair accessories very often. I think these would be ADORABLE!!!

    I’ve “liked” Imaginisce on FB, shared the giveaway on my FB page and joined the Imaginisce blog.

  718. Lawana Gray says:

    I’d probably start with headbands for my girls! They love that stuff!

  719. What woudln’t I use this on?!? I’d start by making some buttons to use at the center for a bunch of messy flowers, and then I’d use it to dress up my Project Life album.

  720. I would make a button monogram frame for my toddler’s room! :)

  721. I have a bolster pillow (currently missing the buttons on the ends) and would love to add some cute buttons!

  722. elizabeth normandin says:

    I would love to own an Itop button maker! I would make some charm bracelets out of covered buttons! Thank You, Beth N.

  723. Lupita Christoffersen says:

    This is so awesome, I would probably start with the frame of buttons.

  724. I would love to make some of the hair clips and headbands for my daughter and some rings for myself. I also loved the covered button picture frame that you made.

  725. Kim Breadman says:

    I have some ideas for flowers that I would love to put a coordinating button in the middle! So excited for a chance to win this, it has been on my ” wish list”!!!
    P. S. I love your blog such great ideas you are just so talented!!!!

  726. Lee Ann Dusci says:

    Would love one of these now to choose what I’d do first ….. hard decision but I think I would make some jewelry, then replace buttons on my jackets to dress them up, then some cute button frames, then……,and then….the possibilities are endless

  727. I’m now a follower on the Imaginisce blog.

  728. I would love to make an interchangeable headband for my daughter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  729. I’d use buttons for the centers of fabric flowers…and some rings would be cute too!

  730. Amy McGrew says:

    I will be creating rings and necklaces for my daughters and I. Can’t wait1

  731. I would like to make some buttons for closures on girly “survival” bracelets… my teens and their friends would love them. I would also use it to add buttons to spring summer clothes Im making for my 2 yo, and for hair accessories!

  732. Left a comment on Imaginisce’s blog!

  733. Fun! I would love to add these to throw pillows or even try some upholstery projects…

  734. Tina Johnson says:

    I would start with a bracelet, off to a framed piece for the craft room and make something fun for my daughter.

  735. What a cool tool. I didn’t know it was out there. I would immediately make some buttons for a sweater I’m knitting for my son.

  736. Oh man, I love the framed buttons, I would attempt something like that! Thanks!!

  737. My daughter makes jewelry and I can’t imagine the fun we could have with this….thinking bracelets here.

    I’ve done all 4 possible entries. Shared this post on facebook at creatinghome!

  738. I commented on Imaginisce’s blog post about your giveaway!

  739. I follow Imaginisce’s blog.

  740. I would probably make some decorative pillows – I’ve got an awesome idea in mind!!

  741. So many fun projects…..I would start with making a necklace and expand from there.

  742. I would make some button jewelry! I always wanted to make some and I have so many cute fabric scraps that would be perfect.

  743. liked imaginisce on fb and told them you sent me

  744. i tweeted about your giveaway!


  745. I appreciate the opportunity to enter this give-away. I am a follower of your wonderful blog and would like to make some hair pretties with this awesome “package” of goodies. And I wouldn’t stop there…so many ideas going through my head right now! Thanks so much!

  746. Shawna Perry says:

    I am now following Imaginisce on Facebook and on Pinterest!

  747. Shawna Perry says:

    I visited the Imaginisce Facebook page and gave a Good Monday Morning hello!

  748. Shawna Perry says:

    I would love to win this package so that I could make a bracelet (or 2, or 3 . . .) I’ve pinned the bracelets on Pinterest and the button making tool would make this project alot easier!

  749. i left a comment on their blog, on an adorable valentine’s day cards post

  750. Kourtney Rivera says:

    I would love to make some button bands for my display Easter eggs. I shared on Facebook and pinterest!

  751. This looks so fun! I would probably first do some hair accessories if I won.

  752. i am now following their blog

  753. commented and liked they’re facebook page

  754. Love the sweater upgrade! I would make one for spring if I won the button maker. I shared on Pintrest this morning.

  755. i would LOVE this!! when you posted about it the other day I pinned it to make sure I don’t forget about it! I would love to make some cute covered button magnets!

  756. Carol Douglass says:

    I stopped by the Facebook page (already a fan) to say hi!

  757. Carol Douglass says:

    I am not sure what particular project, but I am an avid scrapper and cardmaker, so I would use the tool on a consistent basis.

  758. Carol Douglass says:

    I already follow the Imaginisce blog.

  759. Okay…totally weird! I just bought all of these things this weekend!!! But, hey, I could sure replenish my supplies!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  760. Now that the weather is warming up again, I’m going to be pulling out my flats soon. My favorite pair are black with a little button detail, and I’d love to attach a snap to them and make a bunch of buttons to choose from! Also, I’m going to join their blog right now. ^_^

  761. I also follow you on google reader ! :-)

  762. I am intrigued by this tool!! I especially look forward to making pins and buttons!
    Thank you,

  763. I would make some button hairbands!!

  764. I’d definitely use that for apparel…love custom buttons.

  765. Wendy Myers says:

    I think it would make really cute hair do dads. But that is just for starters. You know what would be cute? A button embellished t-shirt!!!

  766. Shawn baker says:

    I really want to make some cute buttons for my sons new quilt! This would definitely make it easier:) thanks for the great giveaway!!

  767. I retweeted your link on twitter.

  768. I have so many projects and ideas! But the first thing I would do is create and finish some Easter pillows and wall hangings by adding some fUn buttons!

  769. Connie Haack says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook

  770. Connie Haack says:

    I shared the giveaway on Twitter

  771. Connie Haack says:

    I check out Imaginisce Blog and am now a GFC follower

  772. Connie Haack says:

    I liked Imaginisce Facebook page and let them know you sent me

  773. Hello, I love this button maker and I would love to make a home decor, a button frame:) İt’s so cute, I don’t use facebook but I joined İmaginisce’s blog and I share this giveaway on my blog sidebar.
    Loves, bahar:)

  774. Connie Haack says:

    Wow! So many great ideas and I would like to try them all. I have been wanting to make one of those pictures where you embroider the stems and leaves then add the buttons as the flowers and these covered buttons would make amazing flowers. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  775. Hi Jen! Thanks for offering these fun packs of button-making goodies. This seems like a really creative tool…I would love to have one. I think that I would make a pillow similar to the one you have pictured with the rows of covered buttons on the front.

  776. linda newsom says:

    Love the covered button gizmo. I would make button flowers, remodel some of my tops with new coverd buttons and just let my mind run wild with imagination. I need this for my church card making, too….ow the ideas just keep coming thru. What fun.

  777. I now like ’em on FB, said ‘hi’ and snooped around a little bit. :)

  778. I would love to make some clippies for my little girl’s hair. She loves to look so pretty!

  779. I would try making a necklace!

  780. I love all the framed buttons, I would definitely try that first

  781. Told my bf about the giveaway so he can try to win one for me too :p

  782. Liked imaginisce facebook page!

  783. Planning to make a series of neck cowls with button features for easy closing(so that you don’t mess up your hair!) So some bright fabric buttons would be really awesome…

  784. Jessica Samsen says:

    Calling my sis in AM 2share

  785. i TWEETED!! @HolleeAnnCFG

  786. i also am now following their blog and commented!

  787. i have liked them on FB for a while but i wrote on their wall!!

  788. How fun! I want to make a headband that has lots of buttons in a variety of sizes off to one side. I’ve seen something similar using fabric flowers but think it would be adorable in buttons!

  789. first of all your family photo wall is going to be amazeballs. i can tell. just from the sneak peek.

    ok. winning this would be a dream come true. seriously. i have wanted an i-top button and brad maker for a VERY long time. well it seems like a long time. i have sooo many projects i NEED this for. one of them is making covered buttons out of my Mima’s dresses for my cousins and aunts….we all want to carry a little bit of her with us forever. She recently unpacked some of her dresses from the early 40’s alllll the way to the mid 70’s a lot of them have some damage but some of them are totally wearable and re FABULOUS. the damaged ones are the ones i want to use to make the awesomeness using i-top button and brad maker.

  790. liked imaginisce on fb and told them you sent me! :)

  791. That would be awesome to have! I TOTALLY would be making over some vintage thrift store finds. Blazers, Cardis, you name it. I could make so MANY projects! Love your ideas!
    XOXO Janean @http://howikeepsane.blogspot.com/2012/02/weekend-wardrobe-link-party_12.html

  792. i’d love to make buttons to jazz up some of my wardrobe, and also some pins with my artwork images on them!

  793. Jessica Samsen says:

    Love it! Gonna update my spring sweaters with covered buttons -and try the ric-rac ~ adorable 😉

  794. I would like to make new buttons to liven up my cardigans.

  795. I’m following Imaginisce’s blog! It’s so cute!

  796. I shared the giveaway on my blog

  797. I tweeted!

  798. I was just thinking today that when I move back to Virginia next month, my first DIY project is going to be making a headboard for my dads bed. My dads room is such a bachelor pad–and I’d love to add some homieness to it by making one of those fabric headboards with the buttons on it.

  799. I’d love to make some headbands for my little one. I love your framed artwork with the covered buttons as well.

  800. I love the button maker tool! I make lots of hair accessories and have always wanted to put buttons in the center of flower hair things :)

  801. What a fantastic give-away! Amazing opportunities for your creativity with this tool! I’d love to make buttons and hair accesories.

  802. shared to my facebook

  803. I so want to make fabric covered button rings and bobby pins!


  1. […] And I found a really fun tool that makes making covered button projects even easier! It’s called the iTop by Imaginisce. I am having a fun giveaway with $250 worth of  iTop goodies over at my Tatertots & Jello blog. Come over and win! […]