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Get Organized in 2012 — Update and Ideas!!

I know I’ve mentioned that I also write a few times a week over at Babble’s Home Ec blog — it’s a fun place to keep up with all things creative.

Since my goal in 2012 is to get more organized, I have been taking each space in my home and compiling some great ideas to help me in my quest. So if you are also trying to organize your life, here are some fabulous ideas to help!

Organize your Bathroom

Organize your Laundry Room

Organize your Closet

Organize your Laundry Room

Organize and Ways to Carve out Space for a Home Office

Organize a Small Home or Apartment

Organize Kids’ Rooms

Organize a Small Kitchen without a Pantry

Organize your Basement

Organize your Craft Space or Carve out a Craft Area in Your Home

Organize your Entry

I am still going through my home, one space at a time, but it’s nice to have these ideas as a guide as I work on my goal this year. I hope you will find these ideas helpful too!!



  1. Some of the links aren’t working (home office & craft space) They’re linking right back to this page. Would you be able to fix those? Thanks!! Looking forward to using some of the ideas!

  2. Hi! I just wanted to say I love the organization links! Great ideas :)

  3. Suzy @ http://joyisathome.blogspot.com says:

    Jen!! Love all these ideas! I’m squinting to try & see them all in your pictures above because it is SO frustrating to look at them on the new home ec blog! You should see if they can make it so the pages don’t have to reload everytime, or you could put them all on one page! It takes 10 seconds for my computer to load every page…. and you know with all those awesome ideas there is just no time for that! LOL :)

  4. the links for the bathroom one and the kitchen one just link right back to this page…. help?

  5. Thanks for posting this! I could really use some organization tips because I live in a small space and it always feels crowded! I will definitely be using these images as guidelines!


  6. Hey Jen,
    LOVE your organization links! So great. Can you please fix/repost the one for DIY entry ways? When I click on it, it takes me to the craft supply organization page….and I’d really like to see those entry ways!

    thanks so much! :)

    • Hi Leigh! I got the link all figure out. Thanks for letting me know about that :) Have a great night!!