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More Burlap Projects: Ruffled BurlapTablecloth


I’m running around like crazy trying to get things done so I can go out of town for the weekend. My husband has a conference in L.A. all next week and he thought it might be fun if we got away alone for a couple of days, isn’t that sweet? 

But I wanted to share a little project that I made the other day. I was thinking about my Thanksgiving table, and wanted to do something with burlap but with a more polished twist. So I experimented and came up with this fitted tablecloth.

Now I am trying to come up with a sophisticated but simple centerpiece. 

If you want to make one for yourself, this is what you do:
  • You can make this for any shape table. Measure your tabletop, then add 1 inch to each side of your table. So, my table was 52 inches round, I cute my burlap to be 54 inches wide.
  •  My table was wider than the fabric width, so I had to add two panels two of the sides. I added the fabric to each side and sewed it to the main panel.
  • Now you cut out the ruffle. I decided that I wanted about a 6 inch ruffle. So I cut 8 inch sections of the burlap and sewed them together into a continuous length. I joined the ends together to form a circle. I measured the total length around the table and doubled that amount for the length of the ruffle.

  • Once I had a continuous circle of ruffle material, I hemmed the ruffle. 
  • Then I laid the ruffle on top of the table shape. If you have a square or rectangular table, do this as well. You want to evenly distribute the ruffle along the length of the top of the table. So I took a place on the ruffle and pinned it to a place on the circle. Then I found the opposite side of the ruffle and pinned that to the opposite side of the circle. I did this on the four corners. 

  • Then I started at one side of the circle and worked my way around the entire circle, pinning the ruffles evenly throughout. This takes a little while, but you want the ruffles to be uniform on all sides.
  • Once you have it all pinned, go back to your table and put it on top of the table. Make sure it fits. 
  • When you are satisfied that it is the right size, sew the ruffle on to the top of your tablecloth. I sewed the seam twice for strength.
  • Then I ironed the ruffles to help them stay down instead of puffing out.
  • And you are done!

And meanwhile, just so you don’t think my house is picture-perfect, this is what my craft room looks like right now. Frightening – I know.  I did manage to clean some of the rest of my house today — my in-laws are going to stay here while we are gone and I didn’t want to scare them too much :)


It’s been awhile since I’ve gone anywhere and I was thinking it might be fun to have an L.A. giveaway. Does that sound fun? I will look around tomorrow for some fun So. Cal. things to give to you. I’ll update you on Saturday.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. I have two questions, first of all is your burlap a tighter weave than the burlap you can generally buy at the fabric stores? It seems like it's too loose to sew on and have it hold together. Secondly, how do you get it to stay ironed down? Again, I've worked with the burlap I got at JoAnn Fabrics and the hottest setting with steam doesn't make a dent. Oh, and let me sneak one more in, how do you wash this and not have it fall apart? Thanks for the help and the answers!