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Individual Italian Seven-Layer Dip – Favorite NYE Recipe!

One of my favorite New Year's Eve recipes is Italian Seven-Layer Dip! This year, I decided to mix it up a bit and make individual dip servings (large ones!) in glasses - wide enough for dipping. I love the look because you can see the individual layers as you dip ... no more scooping it out and mixing the layers (#insignificanthostessproblems LOL). And here's the recipe! … [Read more...]

Tangy Asian Meatball Recipe! (so yummy)

I had a little neighborhood get-together yesterday. I wanted to bring something extra tasty. Tangy Asian Meatball Recipe! (so yummy)   Save Print And I love mini meatballs at parties. But I wanted to put a spin on traditional meatballs. So I made some Asian Meatballs. I was hoping to have some left over for the next night's dinner. But guess what?? They were all eaten up super fast. … [Read more...]

15 Last-Minute New Year’s Party Appetizers!

 How do YOU ring in the the New Year? We love having a family game night with fun decorations and LOTS of appetizers!!  Each year I make my grandma's Potato and Cheese Pierogi's and a couple kinds of fondues too. It's one of my favorite nights of the year!! If you are looking for some easy, last-minute appetizers to make -- check out these ideas:   Garlic Chicken Puffs @ … [Read more...]