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DIY Homework Stations

Hello to all Tatertots and Jello readers!  I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to visit with you, today.  My name is Elizabeth and I blog over at A Cup, A Cup.  I am a stay-at-home mom of three, ages 9, 6, and 4.  Homeschooling our children keeps me busy, busy, busy.  Getting to spend time with you is definitely a highlight for my blog and myself.  I have been dancing around on cloud nine, excited to share some easy and inexpensive organizational ideas.  I love all things that have to do with organization, especially office supplies, which is another reason I am pumped about today’s post.

Well, it is that time of year again…back to school.  You know what that means, it is time to get ORGANIZED!!!  It is time to make those dreamy trips to office supply stores and smile at all the adorable school supplies and crafts.  I am a bit of a supply queen – I love brand new office, teacher, and craft supplies (esp. Sharpies and Post-Its).  With all of these great goodies, it is easy to spread clutter and disorganization all over your home.  Using three organizational items, I have been able to keep all of our essential supplies neat and tidy.  Plus, since I home school (and we started our lessons mid July) I have already had the opportunity to use these items and make changes to meet our needs.  I guess you could say I have given this system a crash course and it passed with flying colors! So here are my DIY homework stations.


  1. Individual sized dry-erase board w/marker and eraser (Wal-Mart)
  2. Medium sized caddy, bucket, or basket (Dollar Tree)
  3. Small bucket, tin, or basket (Hobby Lobby – I have recently seen these at Dollar Tree, as well.)
The dry-erase board is great for so many things.  It is awesome to use in place of paper when practicing math, spelling words, letters/numbers, and handwriting.  I know my kids find it fun to use, which always makes things easier in my house.  It could also be used for chore lists, homework lists, and small notes to one another.  The list is really endless.  Plus, the boards I purchased are also magnetic which makes me love them that much more.  My kids have gotten so much use out of these boards.
I LOVE the medium sized baskets from Dollar Tree.  I have used them in several areas around the house.  They are perfect for most craft and school supplies.  It really helps to keep all essential supplies in one location.  It keeps the panic and frustration down when kids are trying to do homework and moms are trying to cook dinner… :)

I customize each basket based on the child’s age and supply needs.  My nine year old’s basket holds different items compared to my six year old and four year old.
Aren’t those little metal buckets the cutest?  I have had those for a couple of years.  We have used them from pencil holders, to ticket keepers (for rewards), all the way to paper clips, push pins, and anything else small.  Originally, I bought these at Hobby Lobby.  However, I was excited to see them at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago.  The kids really enjoy using their favorite colors, as you can tell.  It makes it fun and they get super excited when I add new things in “their own color”.
These work stations could be used any where in the house and they are really affordable to put together.  If you didn’t want to purchase new items, you could fill the basket and bucket with craft supplies, markers, crayons, etc. that you already have on hand.  You could even tuck a small snack or treat in the basket for after school munchies.  There really are endless possibilities, but most importantly, those possibilities are neat and tidy. :)
Thanks so much Elizabeth! Those stations are such a fun idea and I love how they are organized for each kid. Makes it so much more fun to do your school work! Elizabeth has such great ideas on her blog, A Cup, A Cup. And if you’re a homeschooler, you definitely will want to follow her for more great ideas!!
I just love her homeschooling classroom. She has so many great things going on in this fun space. What kid wouldn’t want to go to school in that space??
And you know how I loved planked walls! She did a DIY Planked Wall Bedroom makeover that turned out so awesome!!
And I love her DIY Open Shelves in her kitchen. They have such a cool industrial look with the piping that I just think is so perfect for her space.
Elizabeth has so much experience as a high school teacher, that I know her amazing ideas will inspire you. Make sure to follow A Cup, A Cup and make sure to follow her on Pinterest too! Thanks so much Elizabeth for your awesome ideas.
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  2. This is a great way to organize and so colorful. I have looked and looked for buckets like you used. Suggestions where to find them? I’ve tried my local Dollar Tree and checked their website but no success.

    • Hi Tara,
      The larger baskets I purchased at Dollar Tree earlier in the summer. The smaller tin buckets I found a couple of years ago at Hobby Lobby in the party section. I also saw them at Dollar Tree about a month ago. I would try hobby lobby. I have also seen small buckets similar to these at Lowes. You could spray paint those to match your decor.

      Thank you for reading the post! :)

      Elizabeth recently posted…Guest Feature – TaterTots and Jello

  3. Love these and how they are based on each child’s age!
    Keri recently posted…{Harvey Shop}


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