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2014 Home Decor Trends: Open Shelving

2014 home Decor Trends open shelving

Looking for a quick way to change up your kitchen or pantry? Open shelving is a great way to personalize a kitchen, it helps the space feel lived in and homey.



The Design Files 



House Beautiful


Design Sponge





Country Living




The Kitchy Kitchen


Traditional Home

Sormustin ja sorkkarauta Katja Rinkinen keittio

Parolan Asema


Caught in Grace




House Beautiful


Martha Stewart


Better Homes and Gardens


Camille Styles


The Kitchy Kitchen




Hus & Hem


Apartment Therapy

What do you think? Are you open to open shelves, or are they not for you?

Let us know in the comments!


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  3. LOVE open shelving! It’s eye candy and keeps you organized at the same time. Nice post!
    Belle recently posted…HELLO cupcake!

  4. Definitely loving the open shelves- I’m one that if I can’t SEE it, then I forget I have it. So having everything out & visible is perfect for me. I will definitely be putting some open shelving in my studio space.
    Gina recently posted…Comment on Call for Contributors & An Exciting Announcement by emily

  5. I love the open shelf look for everyone but me. Especially in the kitchen. It just looks like more to clean to me and another space for the kids to clutter.

  6. When we were repainting out cabinets i went without upper door for a while and semi liked the open concept. It was really nice to see where everything was and because you could see it, it was kind of easy to keep it tidy. BUT dust and grease became a factor over time. Plus the inevitable splashes, spills and explosions in a kitchen. It is easier to wipe down a cabinet door versus everything inside. I also think because its on display you can’t cram everything you need in a cabinet which is both good and bad.

  7. every time I look at open shelving I think man, these people must not have cats!! lol. My 3 kitties would have a field day with open shelves, so unfortunately none for me.
    Stephanie @ Sandpaper and Glue recently posted…How to Turn your Closet into an Office

  8. Love the look! However, I am not sure about the dust factor. If some of your readers have a problem with this, I would like to know what they have to say about that. Thank you in advance.

  9. I usually like how they look in other people’s homes but I feel like I would go crazy if it was in my house where everyone could see the messy cupboards I hide behind the doors :)
    Amanda {NoDak Nest} recently posted…Weekend Warriors