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Holiday Decorating: My 2013 Sunburst Mirror Holiday Tree!

sunburst mirror tree at tatertots and jello

It’s November 1st – so time to post my Christmas tree. LOL!! Seriously, for the second year in a row I am participating in Michael’s Craft Stores #DreamTreeChallenge. It’s so fun to see all of the amazing trees that bloggers create for this event. And I know it’s a little early but it’s fun to get inspired to decorate for the holidays!!

sunburst mirror ornaments out of popsicle sticks at tatertots and jello

I love this time of year. For my tree this year, I knew I wanted to create a GOLD tree.

I am a little obsessed with gold and I think it is so beautiful at Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years! As I was thinking of ideas to incorporate for this tree, I thought of a really popular theme for 2013 — Sunburst Mirrors. And I thought it would be so pretty to make a tree with Sunburst Mirror Ornaments, and even a Sunburst Mirror Topper! It really got my mind spinning.

christmas tree challenge at tatertots and jello

So I headed out to Michaels and tried to figure out a way to make my Sunburst Mirror Tree dream into reality. I found all kinds of beautiful GOLD details for my tree at Michaels. And in their unfinished wood section, I found everything I needed to make the Sunburst Mirror Ornaments and Tree Topper.

sunburst mirror diy tree topper at tatertots and jello

I will be sharing a full tutorial on how to make the Sunburst Mirror Ornaments a week from today — here’s a hint — I used three different sizes of popsicles sticks. Easy and inexpensive!!

use a basket instead of a tree skirt

I also wanted to do something different instead of a tree skirt. So what I ended up doing was I bought a basket from Michaels and spray painted it GOLD. Then I filled it with some bricks and put my tree base inside and then put more bricks on top of the base. To cover everything up I layered some burlap over the top. I love how neat and tidy it makes the bottom of the tree.

ballard designs inspired tree for the Michaels  Dream Tree Challenge

I also used burlap thick ribbon from the floral section and wrapped that around the tree, then I took some gold ribbon from the holiday section and layered that on. Another thing that I did to add some sparkle, was I took some glittered floral candle rings and put the branches of the tree through them and they look like giant ornaments. I also love the glittered bay leaf garland that Michaels’ sells. It’s so pretty and it give the tree some dimension.

sunburst mirror christmas tree at tatertots and jello

I placed the tree in the entryway at the #1905Cottage. I placed a bench next to it for a little holiday drop zone. I also hung my Ballard-design knock-off gold and white board on the wall along with a little mailbox and key holder and some antlers for fun.

gold and white ballard design knock off christmas board

entryway drop space for the holidays at tatertots and jello

I love that this is a little place where people can take off their boots during the winter. And it’s a good place where I can keep my keys and mail so it won’t get misplaced.

ornament wreath and dutch door at tatertots and jello

I created a pretty Christmas Ornament Wreath by wiring some pretty GOLD ornaments I also found at Michaels. And I added a bow out of the same ribbon that I used on the tree. I love the wreath on my little dutch door. When the day is warm, I can open the top of the dutch door and I love seeing that pretty wreath inside the cottage.

sunburst mirror tree at the 1905cottage

sunburst mirror tree at tatertots and jello

I hope you enjoyed my little tree. Be sure to check out the amazing trees in this #JustAddMichaels challenge. You can see them all on Michaels’ Facebook page. So go on over and get inspired for the holidays.


SO fun!!

Have a HAPPY Day! 


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Thanks Michaels for sending me a tree and gift card for this challenge. You can find all of my disclosures here.


  1. I love your tree and all the decorations. I am wondering how you get selected to participate since I would love this challenge! Dianntha

  2. As much as I’m dying over the glittery goodness of the gold tree, I HAVE to know where that gold feather pillow on your sofa came from. It’s gorgeous!

  3. Jen, your tree is fantastic. LOVE all the gold bling. so fun & festive! and those sunburts mirrors as ornaments…you are a genius!


  4. Hi Jen –
    This is the sunburst tree topper that I made. I’m planning to patch it up and revise the tutorial when it comes time to put up our tree. The good idea was the execution could be improved! :) http://journeychic.com/2011/12/15/sunburst-mirror-tree-topper-how-to/

  5. So pretty, I love the sunburst ornaments and the basket too! I might have to run out and find a basket now!
    Tasya@ My House and Home recently posted…{DIY} Fall felt trees

  6. LOVE your tree! Those sunburst mirrors are so cool! You are so creative!

  7. Love the sunburst idea, Jen! So pretty! And the basket! Love! Think I’m going to have to do that!
    Linda recently posted…Holiday 2013 Handmade Gift Exchange Sign Ups!

  8. LOVE it, Jen!! You are seriously SO talented!!! XO

  9. Jen! you are so creative! you’re tree looks great :) love the basket idea, too

  10. Oh my gosh Jen! That is the most beautiful tree ever! The sunburst mirrors are brilliant….and make the tree look stunning! You have the most incredible ideas ever! Have a lovely weekend! Angie xo

  11. What a great idea for tree decor! =D Gold is really growing on me; I’ll soon be a fanatic.
    Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-Stairs recently posted…Daughter’s Room, October 2013

  12. Love it Jen! So fun to see everyone’s different trees! xo

  13. GORG! I am doing gold this year, with a few other colors. Love the sunbursts. xo jen

  14. This is beautiful! I love everything!

  15. Aileen Gimlin says:

    Lovely tree! Mine tree will be white with yellow and silver decorations! I’m so excited.

  16. Stunning Jen! Amazing job again this year!

  17. I love the tree – how clever and beautiful! I think I’m going to use a similar color scheme this year. You are giving me lots of ideas;)

  18. Love the tree! When will you be posting the tutorial for the sunburst topper? I can wait to put up my tree

  19. Oooh Jen, I love it! I almost went gold, too! I’m so glad you did and it turned out AMAZING. I am in LOVE with the wall art, too. Absolutely stunning!
    Kim – The TomKat Studio recently posted…Let It Snow Christmas Tree :: Michaels Dream Tree Challenge

  20. It is so pretty Jen- and the sunburst mirrors are such a cute idea!!

  21. What a lovely tree! I made a sunburst mirror tree-topper a few years ago and am very interested to see your tutorial because after being in storage the thing totally fell apart. Apparently hot glue + wood + mirror = no bueno! Oh well – live and learn! I plan to fix it this year and am eager to see how you made yours.
    Laura@JourneyChic recently posted…Feather Boa Halloween Wreath {Tutorial}

  22. So shim-“merry” and welcoming! I made a sunburst tree topper last year and now I’m thinking I should drag it back out. Your entire tree is beautiful, Jen! Love it!
    Roeshel recently posted…Michaels Dream Tree Challenge – Ombre Christmas Tree

  23. Great job!

  24. This is amazing, I love everything about it! I am so excited to decorate for Christmas, but haven’t started…gotta take down the fall & Halloween stuff first :) Thanks so much for inspiring me :)
    Cindy @ Diy beautify recently posted…Fall Dessert Inspiration

  25. Your tree is BEAUTIFUL! Crazy about those DIY sunbursts! Awesome job Jen.
    Kari @ UCreate recently posted…Michael’s Dream Christmas Tree Challenge {Post #2}

    You are so talented! Thanks for letting me be your friend :)
    Can’t wait to see you in action tomorrow at West Elm!!!


  27. You are so creative! I love your blog. I love that you used so much gold and glitter! Sparkle!
    Rhonda recently posted…Kitchen Fridge Storage!!!

  28. Okay seriously this is such a beautiful tree. I love the use of the basket instead of a tree skirt. Just Fabulous ~ Lisa

  29. I love the gold! Someday I want to make a gold tree too. Everything looks fabulous!
    Amy at Living Locurto recently posted…Michaels Dream Tree Challenge – DIY Painted Christmas Tree

  30. LOVE the basket idea! it is also a great way to get more space under a tree. And this post also has me adding a dutch door to elements my dream house needs =)
    Sachi recently posted…Manicure Monday

  31. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Wow, Jen! Your tree is beautiful. I love the sunburts that you make . . . great ideas!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Have a beautiful weekend,
    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home recently posted…fun & festive ideas for a pumpkin carving party

  32. I love the mirrors! Great idea…I think it could represent reflection on Christmas’ past…or reflection on the past year. That is where my mind went when I saw it. Nice job!

  33. Jen, amazing! Not only do I love the tree, but I also adore the glittered feather throw pillow on the couch. Would you consider sharing your source? I might actually purchase myself a little fall gift! I enjoy reading your blog.

  34. Okay it’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! But you are making us all look bad my friend. While my mind has been in Christmas mode we won’t decorate until after my older daughter’s birthday so she can feel there is a separation.

    LOVE the gold tones throughout. I have been dying to put together a one tone tree- the family rules me out with all their random ornaments each year. The best I can get is my choice of all white lights.
    Gina recently posted…Ice Box Apple Pie Jars

  35. Jen, your tree is an absolute STUNNER. And I love to death the basket idea!!!
    Michelle L recently posted…Ornamental Bead Sticks! Part Three: DIY Tealight Holders

  36. I LOVE your tree. I think it is so special that you it in the entry way. It is the perfect happy place to come home to every day. Those sunbursts are pretty spectacular too!
    Megan @ Rappsody in Rooms recently posted…Painting an Indoor/Outdoor Rug

  37. What a CUTE idea for a tree topper. Like you, I am pretty much in love with Gold so this would be a great addition to our tree! Oh, and the basket….love it. Thanks for the ideas!

  38. This tree is dreamy…seriously so gorgeous! Well done!

  39. Sigrid Golnik says:

    What a beautiful corner! I also love the dutch door idea very much. But here, once the insects disappear the winter winds are blustering around the corner.
    Thanks for the wonderful Christmas tree ideas.


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