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#1905Cottage: 12 DIY Pergola,Trellis and Gate Ideas!!

12 trellis and gate ideas at tatertots and jello


I spent this weekend visiting my mom and sisters in the Bay Area for Mother’s Day

mom and us

One of the things I love most about that area of the country is that people take existing homes and remodel them to make them their own. That area of the country was settled primarily in the 50’s and 60’s and it really became known for a type of home known as the “ranch”- a one-story home. These homes are being bought and remade. I love the ways that the new owners are taking the boxy exteriors and adding charm and interest with gates trellises and other architectural embellishments.

arched trellis and front walk

Over the weekend, my mom and I drove around her town and took some pictures of homes that have been remodeled and updates with these fabulous DIY changes and I thought I would share them with you!! The thing I love most about these trellises and gates, is that they are an easy DIY update that ANYONE can use to add charm and curb-appeal to their home – no matter WHERE you live!!

trellis fence

I hope to add a trellis to the top of my garage in the 1905 house, and I would love to add a fence and pergola gate to the front of the home. I hope to get started on it this summer!!

trellis over the driveway

Add a trellis over a driveaway for a grand entrance.

trellis and gate idea

A peaked pergola and stone fence with a gate is a great entrance idea.

trellis and bench

This might be my favorite — a pergola entrance with two benches. So quaint and pretty!

trellis over garage doors at tatertots & Jello

A pergola above a garage adds architectural interest to a plain facade.

trellis and fence at tatertots and jello

Add a uniform fence and gate to the outside of your home. It gives a sense of privacy plus it’s an attractive way to keep kids corraled.

trellis over the garage door

DIY Barn Doors are a pretty facade and add a trellis with vines and pergola over the top, soften the look.

trellis gate and fence at tatertots and jello

I love this architectural trellis fence gives privacy while also giving a glimpse of the yard. I also love the pergola top with the rounded gate – it’s so welcoming.

trellis and garage door idea

This remodeled ranch has such a welcoming exterior. I love the garage doors, the cupola and the welcoming trellis gate.

trellis front walkway and roses

This gate shows that you can combine a iron gate with a wood arbour for amazing results. The climbing roses make the whole entryway come together.

trellis and gate idea at tatertots and jello

The white gates with the trellis tops and arched gates with pergola make a welcoming entrance.


I hope to combine some of the ideas in my 1905 home. Hopefully I can build a trellis over the garage and a pergola over the porch in the back. Plus, a trellis gate around the property and a rounded gate with a pathway to the front door. I’m so excited to get started!!


Which Trellis or Gate Idea is YOUR favorite?? 

Let me know in the comments!! 


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  1. My sister has homes in Danville, Lafayette and Orinda – all that they have DIYed! Actually, one of those photos looked like familiar! Lovely post! Oh and awesome about you being Mom of the Day at Mom It Forward! Way to go, Jen!

  2. Oh my this are so lovely. I can’t believe how much charm they add. I am from the bay area. Thanks for sharing so much home with me. I can’t wait to see what you do with this at your cottage!

  3. these are all amazing, Jen. What a beautiful area. I want a trellis too! Not sure if I would want it around a gate or attached to our house, but I’m with you! I love them.

  4. How cute are those homes? Love the photos!

  5. modpodgerocks says:

    I’m all about that stone wall with the trellis – LOVE! But they are all gorgeous 😀

    • I know – isn’t that amazing?? I love that stone wall idea!!

      Thanks for the comment my friend!


  6. I LOVE trellis’s.. There something about them that looks so SWEET and Romantic :) My husband built me a Sweethearts Trellis 8yrs ago and added the sweetest climbing rose. It makes me SMILE every time I think about it :) I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  7. Stephanie says:

    At the Salt Lake Parade of Homes last year, Bangerter Homes made an arbor at the side of their house out of two old doors. It was anchored with a pergola-type top. It was painted yellow and was wonderfully creative and colorful. Might be a great fit for your cottage.

    • Hi Stephanie!

      That was the home I helped decorate. I agree – that arbor was AMAZING!!! I would love to create something similar. Thanks for reminding me of it!!


  8. Kathleen says:

    Great pics. Where us this in the bay area? I love seeing a white picket fence with roses growing through it in front of a house. All of the homes are gorgeous. Thanks

  9. Oh, my gosh! These are gorgeous! I’m so in love with the Craftsman style home… it’s amazeballs!

  10. I like the first picture with the arched trellis over the walkway the best, so pretty! They just cleared the lot next to our house and it took a lot of our backyard privacy away and we’re looking to put in a pergola over our 6′ privacy fence to add a little more screening, thank you for sharing this inspiration to get started on the project!

    • Hi Melissa!!

      I love that idea of a pergola in your backyard – it would be so pretty!! I just love that look!