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Holiday Shopping Secret: Where to Find Unique Gifts

I love Fab. I love gifts!

It’s a cool online shop — it has both timeless and trendy, hip and classic gifts for you and everyone you know!

In fact, my husband and I have bought some great gifts … and my husband has two prints in his office from Fab!

I like the fact that Fab tries to feature smaller companies and individual artisans. Another touch I particularly like: their buyers are featured on each product page — and they each tell a little about why they chose each set of products or company.

And this year they have a Fabulous

Holiday Shop!

— perfect for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list.

Here are a few of my picks that you’ll love and that can help you with some great ideas for holiday gifts:

Looking for something for that tween that needs something a little nicer … but is too young for fancy and too old for toys?

These cool AIAIAI headphones are retro, chic and made for packing around.

They’re high-fidelity … and they even include a mic on the cord for those who chat a lot.


For your blogging friend, co-worker, or brother in law: this cool Baggu laptop sleeve comes in hip colors, protects your computer, and is made from recycled canvas too (with a nice fleece lining)!
I need one of these for me too!
If you’re like me, you have kids — or teens — who have a hard time getting up and always sleep through their alarms. This is perfect:
This cool Nanda Home Clocky Rolling Clock is an alarm clock you can’t ignore (and it’s shiny)! It runs around the room until you turn it off.
These speakers are #1 on my husband’s list but he’s not getting them :).
(I already got him some other fun stuff from Fab along with a new saw so he can help me with my DIY projects :))
Even if he’s not getting them, these limited edition Joey Roth Black Ceramic Speakers v2 look amazing!
I love these! They’d be cool in a kitchen either modern or retro:
The look of these Industrial Wire Pendants would provide focal points for the whole kitchen!
What do you get for your mother in law or someone like that who’s hard to shop for? this cool honey keeper!
The Biodidactic Clear Honey Set is attractive enough to leave on the table for tea, oatmeal, and so forth.
These would be great cord organizers for techy kids. Shhhhh. I might have already bought some!
They even come in a variety of colors!
I think I will ask for some of these Cookie Stamps!
(All the Suck UK stuff is witty and clever!)
You know how I say “I only recommend products that I love …” well, Fab is something both I and my husband love.
The holiday store and new categories make gift giving easy this year!
Here’s a quick list of the categories:

(and now shipping from Fab is free for orders over $75!)

(My husband wants to add that he has bought a lot of unique items from Fab, including a couple of tech-related things he gets lots of compliments on, like the leather cover for his MacBook Air and the cool metal backing for his iPhone (he’s stil using the one on his iPhone 4 but has one arriving for the iPhone 5). He even has really nice Kii Arens prints in his office from Norah Jones and Devo tours (the Devo one’s even signed).)

Check out Fab and let me know what cool and unique gifts you find!



  1. I just checked it out and it looks like so much fun! So many creative and unique ideas for gifts!

  2. These are great finds, Jen!! Thank you for sharing them with us! I’m off to do some window shopping. 😉

  3. looks like a fun site! I’m off to check it out!

  4. i just saw a commercial for them today! and i thought the commercial was so cute. it had all those fun colors that we both love. i’m going to check this out!

  5. I have the baggu laptop case, I actually bought it on Fab, and I LOVE IT! It’s so soft and protective but still slim and nice. I just bought another print off fab this week, can’t wait to see it! Pretty much all of my wall art comes from them….

  6. This site looks awesome Jen! Have to check it out. You know I’m lovin’ the honey set. 😉 xo

  7. Will do! Cool products for holiday gifts for sure. Thanks!

  8. I am heading over for those cool iPhone chargers :)

  9. its amazing ..

  10. I LOVE Fab too! :)