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HAPPY Holidays — Make Burlap and Ribbon Pom Poms

Happy Holidays – Make a Burlap and Ribbon Pom Pom

burlap and fabric pom pom @cleverlyinspired (2)

Burlap and Ribbon Pom Pom 

Hi all! I’m so happy to be here at Jen’s place today! My name is Tracie and I am author of CleverlyInspired where I share all sorts of projects, crafts, recipes and all things home. Be inspired to be clever :)
I love using things that are already hanging around the ole craft room.

These pompoms would be great to use on a gift, on a mantlescape…or maybe bunched up and hanging from a ceiling fixture.

They are shabby and chic and practically free…and that is always a bonus! These would also be a great classroom project for kids…they come together quick and no glue is involved 😉
burlap and fabric pompom @cleverlyinspired (1)

Here’s what you will need to make one large pompom…

  • 14 pieces of burlap cut into 12-inch long strands,
  • twine,
  •  any holiday fabric you like ripped into strips (I used about 14 pieces, holiday ribbon. The strips of fabric are all about an inch wide.

burlap and fabric pompom @cleverlyinspired (3)
I love that that they are inexpensive, easy and unique.

I bet friends will ask you where you bought them :)
Lay out all the strips of fabric and burlap. Cut in half. Gather the strips from one half and tie a piece of twine tightly and make a knot. Do the same with the other pieces of fabric and burlap. Create one large pompom by joining the two and tying another piece of twine tightly. Poof out the fabric and burlap creating a fuller effect. Remember, it shouldn’t look perfect 😉 I love that that they are inexpensive, easy and unique. I bet friends will ask you where you bought them :) Handmade is the best gift of all.
burlap and fabric pompom @cleverlyinspired (2)
Thanks Jen for having me visit!

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Wow – what a FUN idea Tracie!! 

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Be sure to check out CleverlyInspired for all kinds of CLEVER ideas. 

Have a Festive Day! 
PS – Here’s what I’ve been working on:
I can’t wait to show you more!!


  1. I love this project so much! I would love to know how she did the pine cone/ribbon part as well! Did she buy it?

  2. Thanks for sharing your FUN project Tracie. I love it!


  3. Love the burlap & fabric pom pom. I’m going over to visit Tracie’s blog!

  4. Hello Jen, Thanks for introducing us to Tracie. I love her Christmas pom pom project, so clever and cute. I am now off to check out her blog. ;o)


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