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Kids Say the Funniest Things — Capture Those Funny Moments! [New iPhone App]

I’m excited today to share with you a fun new iPhone app created by my friend  Kirsten Wright 

I get so excited when my friends do something cool — and this is my IRL friend Kirsten,
who had this great app idea and made it come to life!
I love to see people follow their dreams.

It’s a fun iPhone app that helps you connect with your kids,

no matter what age.

You can get your kids talking …

… and you can record them saying their silly, thoughtful, adorable answers!

I love looking over my kids’ funny comments as they grow – so fun!!

We’ve been playing with it (like on car trips) and we’re having a great time with it — well worth the $.99

(And if you like it, too, don’t forget to give it a 5-star rating!)

Here’s a link to it in the US iTunes store:


Here’s how it works:

We had a great time creating our “peeps,” kind of like avatars to represent each child.

Then, the questions were fun to talk about (we tried them on a car trip), like this one:

And even more fun — you can record your kids’ answers!

Here are a few of ours:

What’s your favorite family activity?

Ella: “Play games!”

Hannah: “Go shopping!”

What’s your favorite thing to do with mom?

Ella: “Riding Bikes.”

Hannah: “Go shopping!”

(I expected Hannah to say that to everything, since she’s liked going shopping since her first word … which was “shoes!”)

If you could have an invisible robot to clean your room, what would it look like?

Hannah: “It would have to be invisible so mom wouldn’t know that it was the robot cleaning my room!”

We had fun with family time playing the game!

Here’s a fun video Kirsten created to show you more:

Want to learn more?

For the price of $0.99, just go give it a try !

Or, visit and follow the Kid Chatteroo folks at:

And at:   www.thecraftingchicks.com  where the creator of Kid Chatteroo Kirsten & The Crafting Chicks share cool DIY stuff
* * * * *

What are some funny things YOUR kids have said??

Let me know in the comments – I would love to hear!



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  59. Susan Ayers says:

    I think this is wonderful but I have one concern… At the top, the largest picture is you and your daughter in the car and there you are behind the wheel with your seat belt on reading a text? Not the best example really?

  60. And Droid will have an app when?

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