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One of My Favorite Places: Gardner Village

Last weekend I escaped for a much-needed night out.

And I was so excited it was at one of my favorite places – Gardner Village.

My Craft Channel and Gardner Village teamed up for a FUN blogger night out. After a week of having my husband out of town, it was so fun to hang out with beautiful ladies and SHOPPING. Yay. (I might have even made my husband take a cab home from the airport — I needed a girls’ out so bad. Just keeping it real LOL)

 I love this time of year at Gardner Village.

The whole village is decked out for Halloween.

 I even picked up a CUTE pillow for my Halloween Pillow display (which is coming up soon).

I adore the  Down To Earth store. It has amazing home decor items!!

(image from Gardner Village WitchFest)

(image: Gardner Village)

(Image: Gardner Village shop Down to Earth – one of my favorites!!)

(Image: The House of Smiths (Instagram))

(Image: The House of Smiths (Instagram))

(Image: No Biggie (Instagram))

The witch who MC’d the closing event was SO funny!!! She is also going to be at the Breakfast With a Witch this year,

Have you ever been to Gardner Village? 

If you haven’t — you really need to visit soon!!

Check out Gardner Village’s Calendar for dates and events. 



  1. I LOVE that place!! I was just there a week ago, visiting a good friend. She took me to Gardners village and I was in HEAVEN!! I love the fabric/quilt shop there! LOVELY!

  2. Gardners Village is so beautiful! Love it there.

  3. Jen, Looks like you had lots of fun. Wish I could have come…xoxo

  4. I absolutely LOVE Gardner Village! So sad I missed the event. I really need to get over there…especially for some of Naborhood Bakery’s yummy treats. :)

  5. It was so fun to see you there! Love Gardner Village!

  6. Looks like you guys had a blast!! I love Gardner Village and I wish I could have come!!! xoxo

  7. how fun, the closest is salado, a true village look, or Belton on Central has been getting better and better…a couple a spots around Austin and then down the Hwy, for several several other great places…and Grapevine up the road….yur spot looked so fun….

  8. Wow, you just made me so homesick! Me and my husband actually met at Archibald’s when we both worked there! So I’m veeeeery familiar with Gardner Village, and love to visit when we go back there. Thanks for the pictures, I really miss being there this time of year!

  9. That looks like a place called Peddlar’s Village near where I grew up in PA, it is such a neat place to walk around and shop. I wish I lived closer so I could check that place out, I haven’t found anything like that near where we live now. Glad you had an awesome girls night out!