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Painted Glass Fall Mantelscape

When we came home from our last Summer hurrah vacation at Disneyland, I found a big surprise waiting for me! 

DecoArt sent me a box full of their Art Glass Paint, stencils and brushes. So fun!!

I couldn’t wait to get started on some ideas. I had a few Ikea frames in my garage waiting for some inspiration. I got them out and got to work. I thought it would be fun to tape off some designs on the glass with painter’s tape and then try out the different DecoArt glass paints.

DecoArt makes several different kinds of glass paint.

  • Glass stain which is very clear and comes in many different colors,
  • Glass Paint which is a little more opaque and comes in regular and also sparkle (which might be fun for holiday projects),
  • Opaque glass paint which is thicker and more opaque
  • And the 3-d Opaque paint which is even thicker and comes in a bottle with a tip applicator. This is a good medium if you are trying to make leaded-style projects and you want to use some paint to make the leaded outlines.

I had a great time experimenting with the different paints. And DecoArt was so generous in the supplies, I am sure to be making quite a few different projects in the next few months with these products.

Of course, I love Chevron, but I thought it would be fun to make a bigger version of the design for a more modern look, and I also love the clean simplicity of stripes.

So I taped off the glass in the two biggest frame sizes with painter’s tape. And I wasn’t very precise. I really wanted a more freeform feeling for this project. So I just started taping. It was so fun. I used an x-acto knife to cut the edges of the chevron corners.

Once I had it all taped, I applied the paint. For the larger frames I mostly used the DecoArt Opaque paint. I didn’t have an orange Opaque paint so for that color I used the Frosted Glass Paint, which isn’t quite as opaque. I let one layer dry and then applied another layer. One tip I can give is to run your X-acto knife around the paint lines, that way when you peel off the painter’s tape, the paint line will stay crisp. I had a problem with the paint peeling off the glass when I peeled the painter’s tape off.

After the painter’s tape was peeled off, I went over the whole back of the frame with white opaque paint on one glass and white glass stain on the other. I loved the effect of both. Both paints give the glass the effect of stain glass. The white glass stain is more translucent.

Then when I paint was dry, I put the glass back in the frames — with the painted side inside the frame — the smooth side of the glass is facing out. I lined each frame with white scrapbook paper. But it might also be fun to use a colored scrapbook paper, or even a colored paper with a small print.

Another thing that I did which I loved, was I had my kids make some paintings on the glass. I bought a couple Dollar Store frames and took the glass out. Then I had my kids draw some things on the glass with the DecoArt glass paint. Ella drew a pumpkin and Hannah made some polka dots and finger print art.

Then I labeled the frames with their ages and date. I think this is an awesome way for kids to be involved in decorating and it’s also an idea to create little heirlooms. I love both  of their creations so much!! It would also make a meaningful gift for grandparents. You could have your kids create little pieces of art and then wrap them up for Christmas gifts.

This was a fun project and I learned so much!! I love looking at my modern Fall Mantelscape. It makes me happy!!

And another thing I love is that you can see the brush strokes on the glass — it looks hand-painted and is original artwork.

Thanks DecoArt for all of the fabulous supplies and the chance to play with the Glass Paint collection!

You can find DecoArt Paint at your local craft store like Michaels. And for more information and project ideas, be sure to check out DecoArt’s glass painting site and follow the hashtag #decoartglass on Twitter! And there is also a cool new Pinterest Board dedicated to creative ways to use Glass Paint.

Happy Monday!!


This post is part of a campaign with DecoArt. All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.


  1. This is such a great idea and love that…

  2. I love this project Jen! Somehow I missed this post in August, but this is absolutely beautiful! J’adore! Angie xo

  3. What an amazing way to add color to a room. I absolutely love the chevron pattern. I think my living room is kind of permanently fall, lol. I will have to check out your Pinterest board.

  4. These are beautiful. I love the idea and it was perfectly executed – they look gorgeous!

  5. These are such lovely colors! Can’t believe summer is over but we’re really looking forward to fall…..we have really beautiful maple trees in toronto that changes to beautiful fall color every year :)

  6. I love this idea! Fall is my favorite season so I love the colors as well. I included you in my Open Loops blogpost today!


  7. I love how these colors warm up the room!

  8. Awesome pop of Fall color…love the whimsy of the kiddo’s art!

  9. So pretty, Jen!

  10. Jen Martin says:

    This is such a great idea and love that I can include my 4YO’s help! I’m sure you have mentioned somewhere along the way, but may I ask what color/brand paint your walls are painted in that room? Thanks!!!!

  11. How fun, I love them all together on your mantle!

  12. Really striking – and easy! Love how it accents the rest of the room.

  13. So fun! Love the chevron pattern and mix of colors.

  14. I love DecoArt products! I haven’t used their glass paint, yet, thanks for inspiring me!

    • I was really impressed with their paints. And there are so many different kinds you can use, depending on what type of project you are doing and what you want the finished result to be.


  15. I love all the color this added to your mantel. I am sure your kids loved helping you out and getting the chance to paint.

    • Thanks Krystle!! We had a great time working on the project together. I had some shots of us making them and they got deleted somehow :( But it was a fun family project!


  16. What kind of paint brush did you use to paint the glass?? Thanks!! :)

  17. What a great project! I love to paint just about anything. Pinned it so I can order the supplies! Kathy Penney @ Pinner Takes All

    • Thanks for your sweet comment Kathy!! And thanks for pinning my project. I appreciate it. I think you will love using the glass paints. There are so many different kinds and all kinds of pretty colors.


  18. how fun is that?!?! i haven’t ever played with painting glass but I have a growing stack of random glass that may have just found its purpose!! thanks for sharing!!

  19. Super cute idea – and inexpensive too!

  20. Cute, Jen! I really like the one with the stripes! :)

    • Thanks Amanda!! I think I would love to have a houseful of striped things. I am addicted to stripes LOL!!



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