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My Favorite Things — World Market!

We are on our way back from our family trip. It’s been so fun!

I stopped in World Market the other day and found some really fun things.

They have really awesome furniture and cool organizational items. I thought I would share them with you!

I love the portable islands at World Market. And I love that a couple of them are on wheels. So you can wheel them out of the way if you need the space.

And I love these bar stools — you can twist them up or down to adjust the height.

This reading chair is so pretty. I love the colors and the little wheels in the front.

This tufted headboard is so pretty. My favorite part is the colorful buttons — each one is a different fabric print. It gives the piece personality and playfulness.

I adore the grey color of this side table and it kind of reminds me of the old-fashioned library file cards.

How beautiful are these upholstered chairs? The yellow is so vibrant and colorful!

These dressers are pretty. The front looks like it was stenciled. I think they would make amazing night stands. Or even a showpiece in an entryway.

I think this chalkboard map is a great idea. You can use chalkboard markers to map out place you have been, or trips you want to take. It would make a great addition to a playroom or home school room.

Another fun chalkboard thing I found — these stick chalkboard labels. The would be awesome on those clear jars in a pantry. And I love the shapes of the labels too.

I also fell in love with these carved tiles. There are many different patterns. The would be so striking grouped together on a wall.

And there are some great items for organization. These chicken wire containers would be good for all kinds of home organizing.

These metal files would be so cool in a mudroom, labeled with each person’s name.

And the pillows – oh my. There are so many in all kind of colors. So fun!

So there you go — some of my favorite things this week!!

I am so excited to get back home and get to work on some new projects.

This week I will be working on:

  • a new Fall Wreath,
  • I’m trying to finish up my Guest Bathroom,
  • some Halloween Projects and
  • a BIG project that I haven’t blogged about yet, but I will soon!


What are YOU up to this week?

I would love to know!


PS — I am not being compensated for this post. I just really loved the things I saw in World Market the other day.


  1. JaneEllen says:

    You sure found some” jewels in the rough” so to speak, the islands and the black organizational items are my favorites. Wish we had a World Market, HomeGoods or Ikea here, (Grand Junction, CO). We are very shy of alot of good shopping. Supposed to get a TJMaxx in a few months. At least we have Michaels, Jo-Anns and Hobby Lobby.
    I used to live in So. CA so know what it’s like to have all the “good” stores handy. Then we moved to Helena, MT area in 92′, allwe had was a mall, a Kmart and a little store called Gibsons. Had to learn how to do without. At least the mall had a Maurices. A few years later we got a Walmart, thought we were in the land of plenty, lol.

  2. we don’t have a world market here and i love their stuff!! i bring home small things when i travel but there are so many things that won’t fit in a suitcase!!

  3. Lot’s of cool things you found! I can’t wait to see your surprise project! This week I am working on my first Halloween costume orders! It’s begun already!

  4. I love World Market! One of my favorite stores

  5. This summer during my travels I discovered World Market and Hobby Lobby! Two awesome stores but sadly there is NO World Market anywhere near where I live :( Your pictures make me want to take a rode trip!

  6. We’re getting a World Market in my city soon–opens in a couple of weeks I believe. Your post has now REALLY made me anxious for its grand opening!

  7. I love World Market! I could browse in there for hours and hours! That chalkboard map is so fun…I think it needs to be knocked off soon!

  8. Love all the eye candy, I must plan a trip! Thanks for sharing! XO ~Liz

  9. Love World Market! Wish we had one closer.

  10. Last week of summer break – boo hoooooo!!!!!

  11. Shelley Smith used those carved tiles on a wall in her bathroom, and it turned out so gorgeous! http://www.thehouseofsmiths.com/2012/07/diy-decorative-tile-wall-art.html

  12. Thankfully there is no World Market by me or I would be broke! Great pictures of great things, I love that stool and the headboard!

  13. nice collection,..)


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