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Beachy/Vintage Mantel and Framed Brooches (tutorial)!

I finally got around to taking my Spring Mantel down. I loved it, but I wanted something new. I took the vintage door I used for my Spring Mantel and flipped it to the other side to decorate my Summer Mantel. Super easy!!

And I am loving the {Styled By Tori} DIY jewelry line. I thought it would be fun to frame some of the beautiful brooches and hang them on my vintage door. I also wrapped some burlap around a couple of blue canning jars and pinned a brooch on each. I am planning on putting fresh flowers in the jars each week during the summer. I love fresh flowers!!

I love the brooches in Tori’s {Styled By Tori} line because they are  all so unique and beautiful, but they are also so affordable!! Last summer when we went to London I spent HOURS scouring the antique markets for vintage brooches — and let me tell you, they are expensive. As they should be. But if you are looking for the same kind of look at a fraction of the price, the {Styled By Tori} brooches are awesome. And this would also be a great idea if you have some family heirloom brooches that you wanted to showcase.

Here’s how I made the framed brooches:

  • I used frames from Cut It Out Frames. These are the same frames I used in my Family Gallery Wall. I love the scrolly shapes!!

  • I painted the frames and then sanded them down and applied some scrapbooking dye to the sides to make them look old. I just rubbed the ink pad all around the edges and wiped off the excess.
  • I wrapped the inside cardboard with brown material and then wrapped that in burlap (the burlap’s open weave made it so that I needed to use something underneath).


  • Then I put the fabric-wrapped cardboard inside of the frame.

  • Then I pinned the brooches on the burlap. Some of the brooches come with a pin on the back, and some are made to be pendants and they have a ring on the back. If the brooch had a ring on the back, I pinned a plain pin to the burlap and pulled it through the loop, attaching it to the other side of the burlap. That way I can easily take the brooches off and make jewelry with them later without ruining them!
  • I hung the frames up on my vintage door with Command Picture Hanging Strips. I love those strips!!

I accessorized the mantel with an oxidized “H” I found at Hobby Lobby (50% off!!), a starfish and some lanterns I use year-round.

I really love my new Beachy/Vintage Mantel!!

You can find the {Styled By Tori} jewelry line at your local craft store. Michael’s Crafts carries some of the line and JoAnn Crafts carries the full line.


PS — It’s Friday!!!

My favorite day of the week.

I hope you can stop by for the Weekend Wrap Up Party.

I love to see YOUR ideas and feature YOU!!

The party starts at 6 pm MST.

Disclosure: I am affiliated as a brand ambassador with {styled} by Tori Spelling. Opinions expressed are 100% mine.


  1. i just found your wonderful website. i am looking forward to trying your framed brooches with burlap project. thank you again for your inspirations.

  2. Patricia Robertson says:

    Love these framed brooches! Works so well in a beach theme decor! Thanks!

  3. Hi! quick question…Did you spray paint the frames or paint with a brush?? I just go tosme cut it out frames and am not sure what to do. I LOVE your beachy matel!!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I have some gorgeous vintage brooches from my local ‘supplier’; they were in the $5 – $10 range and I love them. But I get most of my brooches in Malaysia (we tend to go every year). Small “baby” pins cost about 30 cents each; huge, elaborate brooches roughly the size of dinner plates cost about $30; most of mine cost around 75 cents. That’s also where I get my pashminas and other scarfs; they vary in price from about 75 cents for a rayon scarf to $2 for a pashmina. I love to take the equivalent of about $10, go out in the market, and not come back until it’s all spent. It can take a couple of hours and I always come back with bags of great stuff. Bargain hunting in Europe is like waiting until Bergdof Goodman’s has a sale (it doesn’t happen very often, and when it does, the prices still aren’t great.) If you want bargains, head to Asia.

  5. Looks awesome! Wondering what kind of paint you use on these frames? Acrylic leaves streaks in mine :(

  6. Kim Smyth says:

    Love that beachy mantle also! I love anything beachy and fresh!

  7. LOVE THIS!!!

  8. Cute! I have done a similar thing but I used sea blue velvet instead of burlap- I love how the burlap looks though! The one caution I have for people making any kind of project with brooches it to either use newer ones (as you did), don’t make any permanent changes to the pins or make sure you know what the vintage one is worth before using it. I collect vintage rhinestone brooches and have learned quite a bit about them as a result. I have totally cringed when I’ve seen $5 craft projects on Pinterest that destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of vintage brooches. Nobody be that person! LOL! LOVE the way you used the brooches here- you highlight them but don’t really destroy them. Kudos!

    • Good tips Cynthia!! I love the idea of using velvet – I need to come over and see yours!!


  9. Jen! Love the glitzy framed brooches! I did something similar, I am sharing on Saturday. Love the glam look with the distressed frames. It sure looks cute all together =)

    • Oooh – I can’t wait to see your idea!! So fun. I am sure it will be awesome!!


  10. Oh my word! This is fantastic!!! And I love that your door now had TWO decor useful sides!! So awesome! Funny story. I have been sitting on a cut piece of a fence pallet. It’s cut width wise not length. So it’s long and wide with the diagonal board in the middle. PERFECT decor! I’ve wanted to use it on my mantel but just wasn’t sure if one could use a fence pallet on a mantel (please don’t tell Ms. Funky Junk I said that). I don’t know how I forgot about your SPRING door mantel! I even have it pinned! But I just said out loud after seeing this “Surely if you can put a door on a mantel you can put up a fence pallet” Then my husband looked over and gave me that “yep, she’s crazy” look!!

    • Ami — put that pallet up! I am excited to see it. I am sure it is going to look SO awesome!!


  11. Carlene@Organized Clutter says:

    I love the framed brooches! I may have to make some!

  12. What a beautiful job you’ve done with the mantle. The brooches look amazing! Megan

  13. Grogeous fresh and clean. Love the vintage brooches/gems on the burlap. Burlap is so fun that way…really goes well with so many things!

  14. This is just ADORABLE!! LOVE the turquoise and the distressing!!

  15. Jen!! I love this! I think it’s one of my favorite mantels ever – the pins look so pretty and it’s all just fabulous!

  16. Jen the framed jewelry is wonderful! Happy Weekend~

  17. I love it! I don’t have a mantel so I am working on a beachy burlap wreath.

  18. I love all the fun beachy colors! That door is awesome too. I love that you just flipped it over to use it again.

  19. Love your mantel!


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