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Making a Quilt With Kids — Downy Touch of Comfort Program!

I wanted to update you on my progress with the quilt I am making for Downy’s Touch of Comfort Program.

I think it is such a wonderful way to bring comfort to sick kids!

I posted about the Touch of Comfort Program a few weeks ago and showed the FREE Quilt Kit I received:

The girls and I had a great time making this quilt, with the FREE kit Touch of Comfort sent us. I have to admit that I had never made a quilt all by myself before. I was a little intimidated by the idea. But the quilt kit came with everything I needed. It had all of the material cut out in the right sizes and very detailed instructions.

And the girls loved knowing that it is going to a little boy who will love it!!

All in all, it took us about three hours to complete. And such a sense of accomplishment. I’ve already requested two more quilts. We are excited to see how many quilts we can make together this summer!!

I think our favorite part is the label which allows us to name our quilt AND see where it ends up!! I love that idea.

And I love the idea of showing my girls that they can help make the world a better place by bringing some comfort to sick children. It makes my heart happy.

Chandra Wilson just completed a quilt delivery — here’s a little video:

I went online and discovered that there isn’t a local chapter in my area, so I signed up to start one. I think going to deliver quilts from the Touch of Comfort Program would be so wonderful.

Even if you are like me and have never quilted before, you can do it. The quilt kits are free and come with everything you need. Plus, it only takes a few hours of your time. You can make one easily in a weekend.

And if you don’t think you have time right now, I hope you will consider passing along this information to someone that might be able to help — maybe a grandmother or neighbor. This is a wonderful way to bring comfort to kids that are hospitalized.


Now we have to decide what to name our quilt. What do you think??

Please consider getting involved with this worthy program. Find out more information for the  Downy Touch of Comfort program and instructions on how to help please go here, or request a free quilt kit from Quilts For Kids.

Have a Beautiful Day!




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  1. tami black says:

    can u request more then one in the same day?

  2. I am also doing Downy Touch of comfort (I am 13 years old)! It was such a relief for me to find out it only took you 3 hours! Huge sigh of relief. I have never made a quilt before. NEVER. I had no idea how long it would take. I put a link to your post on my blog here: http://flykidme.blogspot.com/2012/06/downy-touch-of-comfort.html

  3. Daisy Hovey says:

    Hello Jen, I read your tutorial yesterday and had to do this too! Such a wonderul thing to do for children and something I love to do always! Sew!! I told all my friends and I’m hoping they will follow me in my footsteps also and send for one of these great gift Thank you and I can’t wait to see your quilt all done and get my box in the mail! :)

  4. I just recently finished up a quilt for this program and thought it was so fun! I agree it was pretty easy and loved the fact I could name my quilt. :)
    My was a “Cars” theme and was so cute when finished.

  5. I just wanted you to know that you inspired me to do this. I am just finishing up my quilt which has the same red/black squares but with a Cars focal print. My 3 year old son is a tad jealous but when I explained to him who it was going to he loved the idea and we talk about “the boy in the hospital” all of the time. Great way to teach your kids about compassion. Thank you so much for letting us know about this worthy project.

    • Oh yay!! I just love this program. I think it’s so wonderful. I would love to see your quilt when you are finished!!


  6. Hi Jen,
    I am a sewer, but have never quilted. I’d like to make a quilt, and am wondering, as Melinda was, if this can be done on a “normal” sewing machine. Would I need to finish it off with a quilting stitch over the whole top? Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Hi Susie!!

      This was the first quilt I have made and I used my basic sewing machine. All it requires is straight stitches :) You finished it off with straight stitches diagonally. The instructions are very detailed and easy to figure out :)


  7. to the rescue!
    that sounds like a great program, i will check it out!

  8. That is such a great program! I am working on my quilt too. Yours came out great!

  9. I can’t seem to find the area on the link that says “go here to request your quilt kit”. Am I missing something, or are they no longer available?

  10. So lovely and what an amazing program! I love it

  11. Looks great–did you have any trouble sewing it on your machine?
    I was a little intimidated when they said it had to be machine quilted.


    • Hi Melinda!!

      I was a little intimidated too. But it honestly is a very simple pattern and all you need to do is straight stitches. You can do a zig zag around the outside but it is so easy. The batting is very thin and I had no problem sewing it with my basic machine.


  12. HeatherM says:

    What a gorgeous quilt and fantastic activity to do with your girls!!

    Our little one was in the NICU for 10 weeks. We were and are still so grateful for the baby quilts she received and the love they represented!!


    • Hi Heather!! I am so glad to hear that. I wish this program had been around when my son was hospitalized when he was a baby. I think it’s such a good idea and I am glad to hear that it helps :)


  13. This is so awesome! I’m a quilter and never knew about this program! *Scampers off to request a kit* And you did an awesome job on that! (and your girls are gorgeous!)

    • Aw – thank you Amber!! It was so fun to do this project with them. I really want them to know how important it is to help other people. They really seemed to like it! I am so excited that you are going to make one!


  14. Thank you for writing about this. I saw another blog do a story on Downy and this program awhile back and I had forgotten about it. I hope to make one soon!

    • Oh yay Liz – I hope you do make one. I think it’s a great program that really makes a difference.


  15. Jen, it turned out so nicely. What a neat program! :) I don’t know if my sewing skills are quite up to par, but I give you two thumbs up for a job well done!

  16. Paula Parnell says:

    This is a wonderful idea. My second eldest son (9) has a medical condition (NF1) that has numerous side-issues caused by it, so we have had MANY visits for procedures to the Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. He was in hospital to have one of his kidneys removed three years ago and while we were there, he was given a quilt similar to the one that you made. There are a few craft groups in Australia that make these quilts and deliver them to sick kids. It was a real highlight for him and he still uses it on a regular basis. You and your beautiful girls are doing a wonderful thing. xo

    • Paula –

      Thank you for your comment!! I hope you son is doing better. I am so glad he was able to receive a quilt and that he enjoyed it.


  17. Love this idea! Thanks for letting me know about it so I can be involved too!