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A Beautiful Coral and Grey Baby Shower!

I was thrilled to attend my sister Ashley’s baby shower this past weekend.

It was so much fun!! She has the cutest little boy Hudson and this is her first girl. So we had to celebrate!!

I was excited to fly out with Hannah for a really quick 1 day trip for the party!

It was held in Ashley’s beautiful home.

The baby’s colors are grey and coral — beautiful!!

I loved that instead of games we CRAFTED. So fun!!

We stenciled little onesies for the baby

And little headbands too!

And the food was amazing and healthy. Ashley’s sister-in-law Jessica Luengo put the party together and made all of the food.

{Ashley and Jessica}

It was delicious and so healthy!!

PLUS, Jessica has a brand-new cookbook out–  Cooking Healthy Together.

Full of healthy, easy to make food!!

It was a wonderful weekend filled with family and fun memories!!


And check out these fabulous maternity pictures that Wendy took:

(post pictures also by Wendy)

To see all of the pictures, just link on the link above.

Have a WONDERFUL day!!


PS– Here’s a little sneak peek of the nursery. I am trying to talk Ashley into doing a tutorial on the room..


  1. Ashleigh K says:

    Hey Jen , love the headband idea!!!! I wanted to know what the card read so I can follow the steps as you wrote them

  2. Looks like a great day and I love the baby’s room! We are doing grey and purple for our baby on the way… Could you tell me what the paint color is that you used?
    Thank you!

  3. Kristin Roop says:

    May I ask where you got the canvas sign “hush”, I love it and would love to get one for my niece. Do you know how to get in touch with them if I wanted to order one? Hanks…

  4. Awesome!! I’ll be doing this for my son & his wife’s baby shower. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful party! Ironically, I am due with my third in three days and the nursery is gray, coral and teal. I love what she did in her nursery and the maternity photos are beautiful! Brooke

  6. Hi Jennifer!! I am so happy I found this website – how fantastic! First of all, a HUGE thank you to everyone for the shower love! It was a fun party to plan & an easy crowd to please! :)

    The stencils, paint and flowers for the headbands are from Michaels (a craft store), the onesies are from Target, and the headbands I made myself by buying elastic lace from Mood (a fabric store in LA) and sewing them into headbands (12″ for newborns, 13″ for 0-6 months, 14″ for 6-12 months, and 15″ for 12-18 months). If you don’t sew, you can always just cut the elastic into the size(s) you want and swing by a seamstress to make them for you. Hope all this helps for those of you planning a shower in the future!

    For my cookbook (filled with healthy & easy-to-follow recipes!), check out my website at http://www.jessicaluengo.com for all the links you can click on to purchase and read reviews about it! 😉

    Thanks Jennifer! XO

  7. These photos make me want another baby. Lucky you!

  8. I loved all of the ideas for the shower. Her maternity pictures came out great too. Where o where did they get the stencils for the onsies? I LOVE those.

  9. Wow, what a beautiful shower! I love every element! Quick, very random question – where are the wall shelves behind your sister in the photo of her holing up the “hush little baby” art from? I’m looking for long, brown/dark brown wall shelves & can’t find them anywhere! Thanks!

  10. Oh my gosh! Ashley’s maxi dress is TO DIE! Right? You girls are all so pretty together. I love that there was healthy food. Such a cool idea. And OF COURSE you gotta celebrate a girl. Of course! Besides, it’s never the wrong occasion for stripe-ee straws. They are ‘da bomb!

    • You are so sweet!! Isn’t she just the most fashionable pregnant girl ever??

      Love you!!


  11. so sweet! I think you should talk her into the tutorial just from the sneak peek it looks amazing!

  12. I got so many great ideas from that post.
    Thanks for sharing! I may be hosting my nieces baby shower.
    So glad I stopped by to see what you were up to!

  13. What a GREAT idea!! I love the no games just crafting concept. what a beautiful party.

  14. Whitney says:

    I love the idea of the headbands…can you tell us where you got the stretchy lace and bands along with how big to make the length? I would love to do this for my sister in law.

  15. Jean Stringfelllow says:

    So much fun! Loved having you here!–Mom

  16. That is one of cutest, most creative baby showers I have ever seen! The food looks amazing and I love the create a baby onesie idea! Love it!!

  17. Jen, I gotta say it. Y’all are so adorable it almost makes me barfy. LOL! And that’s said with LOVE!

  18. I LOVE that “Hush Little Baby” sign. Any ideas where it was gifted from??

    • Hi Kalen!!

      Yes, we found the sign at a store in Utah called “the Wood Connection”. It sells mainly unfinished wood, but they also have some finished pieces too!


  19. Thanks for sharing it all! Loved the decor, the maternity photos were amazing & the food looked delicious! I also loved the idea of crafting instead of games~I’ll have to remember that one. BTW, does your sister, Ashley, have a blog also? You mentioned you told her she should do a tutorial for the baby room. Looks like a super cute room!

  20. Kortnie says:

    What all did you use to decorate the onesies? I am throwing a baby shower in a few months for my sister and I really like that idea!

  21. everything is beautiful! everything! you, your sis, the food, the party, the maternity pics and her bedroom, the nursery….. i love it all!

  22. What a great shower. :) Love the idea of making headbands for the baby!! Way, way more fun than games. :)

    • Thanks Amanda!!

      It was so fun to make things for the baby. Way more than games. I am so glad we did that instead. Thanks for the sweet comment my friend!!