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Family Picture Gallery Wall — Reveal!!

Happy Tuesday!!

I finally finished my family gallery wall — woo hoo!!

It all started with these unfinished frames from Cut It Out Frames.

I had a hard time deciding what color to paint the frames. In the end I opted for white that matches my trim because I wanted the fabulous pictures my sister Wendy took of us to shine through.

Here’s a tip that can save you a lot of time and frustration: Instead of trying to hang up the pictures and make mistakes resulting in extra holes in the wall, trace the frames on craft paper and hang the silhouettes on the wall.

Mine stayed there for about a month while I rearranged them until I was happy with the placement.

Here’s what I did to create the family picture wall:

We also recently painted our entire downstairs, so I knew I didn’t want a bunch of holes in the new paint. I decided to use 3M Command Strips to hang the pictures. The Command Strip line has many many different options for hanging projects. I ended up using three different types for this project — Large Picture Hanging Strips, Medium Picture Hanging Strips and Sawtooth Sticky Nail Strips.

Another cool thing about using 3M Command Strips is that even if the placement of the strips isn’t perfect, the special hook and loop backing gives a little room for adjusting the placement. And that can make ALL of the difference.

  • First I primed and spray painted the frames. I sanded in between the coats to get the smoothest finish.
  • Once painted and dried, I sanded the edges.
  • Then to get a “worn” finish on the edges, I skimmed the edge of a Ranger Walnut Wood Colored Stamp pad along the edges. (thanks Shelley from House of Smiths for showing me this tip).
  • Then I laid the pictures out on my floor in the placement I wanted. I cut out silhouettes of the frames with craft paper and hung them on the wall. Then I lived with it for awhile to make sure I liked the placement. I actually ended up moving the frame papers around a few times.
  • This sign is from Kristi from Barn Owl Primitives. I love it!
  • Once I was sure of the placement, I got my 3M strips and got to work.
  • I used 4 picture hanging strips on each frame just to be safe. I peeled off one edge of the strips and attached them to the frame.
  • Be sure to read the directions on the 3M strips for more in-depth instructions.
  • Then I peeled the top off one strip, snapped the two sides together and then peeled one edge off of the paper frame silhouette. I placed the picture frame over the silhouette and pushed that edge down, adhering the strip to the wall. Then I took the picture back off, and the one side of the 3M strip sticks to the wall while the other side stays on the frame. 
  • When I stuck the second side onto the wall, I used my level to make sure it was straight.
  • I did this with each of the corners of the frame.
  • The directions on the 3M strips say to let the strips stay on the wall for at least an hour so they can adhere to their full strength before you hang the picture permanently.

And, at the last minute I decided to spray paint my table. This is my grandmother’s table. Over the years the finish has worn off. So I sanded, primed it and added a layer of satin yellow. I love it!!!

**And I was considering covering up the thermostat that’s inconveniently located on my wall. But a reader pointed out that if I covered it up, the thermostat wouldn’t gauge the temperature correctly and my heating would get messed up. So for now, I am ignoring the thermostat. Pretend it isn’t there, mmmkay?

The last thing I wanted to add to my gallery wall was an initial. But the plain letter looked too, well… plain. So I took a canvas and covered it with some fabric and then hot glued my spray painted initial onto the canvas. And I love the way it adds a little depth to the wall.

So there you have it. I am loving my new picture wall. Every time I walk past I see another aspect of the photos that I love.

And more good news. If you want to win some of these pretty frames, there will be a Cut It Out Frames giveaway coming up soon.

UPDATE: Questions? I might have answered them in this post: Gallery Wall: Your Questions Answered!

You may also enjoy seeing the Holiday Family Gallery Wall and Ghostly Family Gallery Wall.


3M and Cut it Out Frames sent me some free product for this project.


  1. Rebecca Seeley says:

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  3. I am featuring your wall tomorrow Jen… I love it!
    Desiree @ The36thAvenue recently posted…Chicken Pasta with Spinach and Artichoke

  4. I love your wall of photos, very inspiring idea. Now, about that thermostat, why not add a decorative frame around it, too!

  5. Tracie Pond says:

    This is amazing!! And I absolutely love your yellow table. Where did you get it? I have a perfect spot for one like that. Now I need to start following your blog!!

  6. I have a space exactly like yours and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. The one thing that’s been bothering me is the thermostat as well. I’m thinking of moving it somewhere uninvisible. I’m not happy with how the builders created so many power outlets and light switches at random places on my otherwise would have been perfrect walls for deco. I love these frames and pictures gallery, I’ll tackle the job next month. Thanks for the idea.

  7. Heather Alverson says:

    I noticed the Cut it Out frames do not come with glass in them. What did you use to protect your pictures?

  8. WOW! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your gallery wall and yellow and grays together, I just LOVE (that’s what color my planner is this year and it makes me smile). Great tips, thanks so much!

  9. Hi! Love the hallway photo display. I was on the frame website and noticed the frames do not come with glass. How did you work around this?

  10. Hi, I really love this design work. The colours are amazing together! What colour did you paint your walls?

  11. I LOVE this… question – did you put glass in your frames?

  12. Love it, but why don’t you answer all questions? It looks like a lot of people want to know what color of yellow you used on your console table and I don’t see that you gave the color. I see the wall color. Very frustrating when people want to show there projects and don’t give all the information about it when asked.

  13. Antonella says:

    can you show us how you frames the pics with glass

  14. I´m so glad that I have found your blog. I just love your style and you have so many beautiful ideas. Unfortunately the houses here in Germany are a different style from what I am used to in the UK but we are working on changing that.

  15. I love the use of color in this gallerty. I am a huge fan of white frames, but the little pops of yellow and gray add the perfect amount of color. Plus the gorgeous table of course! I have featured this gallery wall on my blog as one of my favorites: http://www.thelovenerds.com/2013/03/gallery-wall-pinspiration.html

    Maggie @ thelovenerds.com

  16. Laurinda says:

    This is beautiful! Where did you get the frames?

  17. I love this idea it looks great!! I bought the materials to try it today can’t wait!! I do have a questions, I have seen that white bowl on a tv show and have been searching for it everywhere…Where did you get it? Please let me know my email is redsoxfansx5@yahoo.com or even if you want to sell yours let me know…..Thanks so much!!!

  18. We “Spot The Cavalier”. Play the Spot the Cavalier game with us!


  19. Hi! Just wondering if the command strips held well? I’m looking to do an alphabet wall in my baby’s nursery but want to make sure they’ll hold long term. Thanks!

  20. What kind of primer and spray paint did you use?Did you use gloss,satin or flat finish.

  21. I never noticed the thermostate until u pointed out. Great job. U have inspired me.

  22. What a fun gallery! And I love your CKC pup, too! Command strips are the best for photo galleries! I just used them in our son’s new gallery: http://www.dejongdreamhouse.com/2013/02/printable-gallery-wall.html

  23. Kim Munson says:

    I love this! I am wondering if you used glass to your pictures? I think this is seriously what I am going to do! I’ve been looking everywhere for inspiration like this :)

  24. Nothing like being almost a year late… lol but I love how your wall turned out! I remember seeing pics you shared on Twitter of you working on it and I remember thinking to myself, I need to see how you finished it, and well- I am now doing it! It looks great! Love that you just painted the frames white and did the small splashes of color!

  25. Do the frames come with glass or did you purchase that separately?

  26. Mona, Kentucky Lady 717 says:

    This is beautiful…..love it……

  27. Beautiful, what paint and color did you paint the walls in the hallway?

  28. I LOVE the photo display and actually I am copying! I am doing it in my home too!! I got the fames and painted and used the distress ink. However, I didn’t know that the distress ink does not dry! It smears everywhere!! when trying to put the glass and pictures in, the ink was everywhere! Maybe I missed something. I am not sure if you will even get this message but if you can maybe you can tell me a trick about how your did not smear. I would not recommend that messy ink!

    • Hi Leanne! You generally just have to put the distress ink on and then wipe it back off. It just adds a bit of aging to it! Thanks for commenting!

  29. What size are each of the frames? Can you go through and lable each frame and their dimensions? LOVE the look and love the site where you got the frames!! Thank you for sharing!

  30. Get a Nest thermostat u will love it!!!

  31. What size frames did you use????

  32. What size frames are these??

  33. The wall is so fantastic i didn’t even notice the thermostat!!! Awesome work!

  34. You’d have to change your lovely layout, but if you buy a frame to put around the thermostat, spaced just like the photo frames, it will fit in much better. I LOVE this post! Thank you for sharing :)

  35. Alex Creach says:

    What color are your walls painted?! I LOVE the color!

  36. Susan jenkins says:

    I’m trying to find out if the frames come with the glass already in it or did you add that? There website doesn’t say anything about it.


    • Susan – I was wondering the same thing so I called and for shipping reasons, the frames from “Cut it Out” do not come with glass. He did suggest going to your Dollar Store (we luckily have an abundance of those) and getting a cheap frame to use the glass for the smaller frames, up to 8×10 usually. For the larger frames you’d probably need to get glass cut. Hope that helps.

  37. kelly Freye says:

    What is your wall color?

  38. Brigid Smith says:

    I am sooooo overjoyed to have found your blog! I have been looking for a way to frame my girls photos in an awesome yet affordable way! I love organic bloom frames but they are way too much! I finally found a way to do it….thanks to you! Your wall is an inspiration to me….I am hoping to create one just like it in my home. Brigid

  39. I was just wondering what sizes of those frames you used on your Family Wall?

    Thanks, Kim

  40. Totally LOVE these frames!!! Can you what sizes you used??

    Thank you soooo much!!!

  41. I’ve beem wondering about the command strips products and how well they work. Thanks to seeing your success I;m going to use them on my next project. Thanks!

  42. Love the Table before and after, the frames the mustard yellow, the canvas with the H and Command Strips:)

  43. What are the dimensions of this wall? I’m wondering if the wall I have picked out is too small for the size frames that is in your project.

  44. Love this! Is there glass in the frames?

  45. Ann-Charlotte says:

    Where did you get the frames? can one make them?

    • Hi there!!

      There’s a link to the site on that post where you can order the frames. They come unfinished so you can paint them any color.


  46. Hello! Love everything about the pictures and table!! Quick questions…..did you use the “distress ink” on the table also?? And you spray painted the table, correct?? Thank you so much!! I want to do the same thing!! :-)

  47. please PLEASE tell me where you got your mustard yellow spray paint. I have been on the hunt for that Exact shade of yellow spray paint with No success! Love this whole wall it is completely adorable. nice work!

    The House of Shoes

  48. I love the wall color and see that it is a discontinued color by Martha Stewart named Starkey Gray. I am thinking about repainting my walls a lighter color. Your walls looks so cheery but not plain. What I see on my screen is a very light and exact gray color with no tint of brown, blue, pink etc…Is that correct? I mean it looks like an exact mixture of white with a little black added in to make it gray. Thanks. Love the simplicity of your project too. Lots of friendly and welcoming pop to it.

  49. Thanks so much, this has really made me think dofferent about my home’s entryway. It is much of one so I never thought to do anything with it. I hope you don’t mind I shared this on my blog and plan to do it again when I have completed the ptoject. PLease let me know if that is not OK (I am way new at this)

  50. What is the name of the yellow color?

  51. Love your pictures! Can you tell me your wall paint color and brand?! Thank you!

  52. I love this!! Just found your blog tonight and can’t stop reading. I’m not a DIYer….yet. Definitely going to try some of your ideas though!

  53. What paint color is on the wall. Everything is beautiful.

  54. Hi Hi Jen! Love, love this! I just built a pallet coffee table and am going to paint it yellow. Finding there are so many shades of yellow. Do you know the exact yellow you used on the table? Brand and color? Thanks a bunch!

  55. What is the paint color on your walls? I love it….

  56. This is so cute! I love how it is different and so eye-catching. I’m curios to find out where you found that cute flower bowl.

  57. Love your frames!! What type of paint did u use??

  58. I didn’t see the answers to some questions below :) I would love to also know if the frames came with glass or plastic and if not/ what did you do. :) and of course, i also would like to know the color or your walls :) love it :)

    • i see martha stewerts starky grey now as paint color (which is discontinued!!!), but still wondering about the glass.

      • Hi Alyssa!!

        Is Sharkey grey discontinued??? I am sure you can still get it color matched though. And as far as the glass goes, you can’t order the frames with glass. But you can get glass in the 5×7 and 8×10’s by buying $1 frames from the dollar store and switching out the glass. You can also buy glass in the sizes of the frames from your local hardware store like home depot.


  59. Jamie Martin says:

    I am a photographer and I always have an abundance of pictures of my family. I order enlargements and then never put them up because I cant ever decide on the frames and so on. This is sooo cute and different. Yours looks amazing and I wish I could just steal that cute yellow table. :) Great job, and thanks for the awesome ideas.

  60. Emily Garrett says:

    why is this blog not called tater tots and jello shots? that rhymes. every time I read the title I want to say “shots” at the end. is that the point?

  61. I love it when a plan comes together! You have given me some really great ideas. I love every single thing you added, and I didn’t even notice the naughty thermostat until you pointed it out. There was just too much good stuff working together!

  62. This is just wonderful! I am in the process of buying a house (experience blogged) and I cannot wait to paint my house a baby gray kinda like the way you have it. Still making up my mind if I want gray or a baby baby beige…. so exciting! Anyways, great blog I look forward to getting as much comments as you get :)

  63. Love it!! The frames come with a glass or plastic cover to go over the picture right?

  64. i love your family wall! it is one of my next home projects. i’ve pinned it on my pinterest board, and also added it to my blog as inspiration. very beautiful and inspiring! here is a link to my blog post, in case you want to verify it is linked correctly, as i am a big fan of giving credit where credit is due. one blogger helping out another. http://howsweetlifeis.com/2012/07/13/summer-brights-fun-ideas-to-brighten-up-your-home/
    {you can follow my blog to my pinterest board to verify linkage to your blog from my ‘home sweet home’ board}
    Again, thanks for the inspiration, and also appreciate the step by step guidance!

  65. I am in the process of buying a home, and once I close escrow in a few weeks… (read about my experience in my blog at http://sheblogsme.blogspot.com) I will be showing my creating skills on so many different topics! Such an exciting process!!

  66. Vanessa says:

    I came across your blog through Pinterest. Today, I see on Facebook another blogger using your picture – they cropped out your dog. I get so furious when bloggers use other people stuff and don’t source it, so I’m exposing someone.


    • Hi Vanessa! I am the one who used the image without linking back. It wasn’t my intention at all to do anything hurtful to anyone. They are amazingly talented and I wanted to share. I honestly lost the link. When I went back to Pinterest to find it, I couldn’t. I have every intention on adding the link now. My sincere apologies. You are right, I should have never posted it without finding the link first. Jennifer

  67. Looks great!

  68. you can relocate your thermostat and it will work just fine

  69. Hi there, I found your gallery wall on Pinterest and I LOVE it! I’m going to copy if that’s ok? Wondering about the sizes of your picture frames, perhaps I missed when reading. Could you tell me what sizes they are?

    Thank you!

  70. Love the gallery wall! You did a great job. The yellow rocks!

  71. K Seale says:

    What about the glass for the frames?

  72. Great looking entry and nice detailed instructions. I really like the frames and the chevron letter mount is the perfect finishing touch!

  73. Love the color combo. The yellow satin table really makes it all POP!

  74. I love it! What is the paint color on your wall?

  75. Can you tell me the name and brand of your walls paint color? Love it!

  76. Hi! I absolutely love this! My daughter just graduated college and is moving into her first apartment. I want to make this for her. Could you let me know exactly what size frames you used. Especially the larger ones. Thank you so much. It is just beautiful ! Great job!

  77. Cool project! It gave me enough inspiration to push through with my own. 1 thing we have in common, my wall has a couple of light switches. Seeing your finished wall tells me it doesn’t matter. The project should hold its own.

  78. What is the size of the “H”?

  79. Jenn it’s Shelley’s sister Kim. I’m a little late to the party but I love this. Found it on Pinterest and didn’t even realize it was you at first. :-)

  80. Cutest wall ever!! I love it!! What size frames did you use and where did you find that amazing chevron fabric?

  81. Charlene says:

    Oh yes, I’d like to know the wall color too! Thanks again!

  82. Charlene says:

    What is that color yellow?! I LOVE IT!

  83. Courtney Mac says:

    Have a question: do you use glass in the frames, or just stick the pic in and go?


  84. Where did you find those frames? Help!!

  85. **thoughts

  86. Beautiful!! I love the rug in front of your entry door….where from? Also, can you share your toughts on your sidelight covers…

  87. love the frames!

  88. Love it! What wall color is that? I love it and we are about to repaint, I’ve been looking for that color. THanks!

  89. Heather Humphrey says:

    Hi! I love your wall! What size frames did you buy?

  90. I LOVE that table! I need to repaint my kitchen table and I think that color would be perfect! Now I didn’t read all the comments but may I suggest for your sweet thermostat that you can’t cover, try nail polish. It, obviously, sticks to everything and you can get it in any color or stick some cute paper on there. or even tissue paper if you found some cute enough. I have seen people use paper napkins with mod podge as well. I love your new wall too. C:

  91. Can you let me know what kind of paint or technique you used to paint your frames? They look fabulous! Thanks so much!

  92. I love love LOVE this gallery wall and everything you have on it! I make signs, too, so I will have to think up a sign that I want on my gallery wall. Thank you for the link to the place to get the wood frames, I’m going to order mine tonight!! And I shared what you did with the initial with a friend of mine who has been wanting to make one. Love your blog! :)

  93. Stacey Zilz says:

    love everything you did to your gallery wall! Also love your wall color! Do you by chance have the name? Thanks!

  94. Virginia says:

    I’m pretty new to your site but now I have to read it EVERY DAY. I love the graphics and the projects you and others do. It’s lit a bonfire under me to get creative again, doing what I’ve always loved to do! I’m about to open an antiques & vintage shop. Your designs fit right in and give me a great start. I’ve used some of your images for my tags and signs. It gives the shop a more personalized/less commercial feel to it. Thank you for helping me make a start! : D

  95. I seriously love this so much! Even better in person! Makes such a statement.

  96. hi there! love your photo gallery!
    i also love the grey paint color! what color is that?
    thanks for sharing!

  97. stephanie says:

    HI there! Love this idea. I have been wanting to revamp a very similar table in my home. could you please tell me the colour/brand of the the yellow?
    Thank you!

  98. How about putting a pretty little frame around the thermostat, like this one: http://pinterest.com/pin/78320480989253211/. I’ve even seen wall decal frames, those are cute too!
    Love the gallery wall!!

  99. This project turned out gorgeous!!! I love these frames. I was just checking out the site you bought them from. Great prices. How do you like the quality of the frames? How raw is the wood? I would love to hear more about the frames themselves if you have the time. Thank you for sharing. :)

  100. Jen, I can’t believe I missed this! I went out of town for a funeral and then I caught a stomach bug, so I have been out of the loop. Your gallery wall turned out so nicely. I love it!!!

  101. I absolutely love this & will now be doing something like this in my baby’s nursery. Did you really spray paint the frames or did you paint them? Also, how did you use the Distressed Ink?

  102. Your gallery wall looks fantastic! I have been in love with gallery walls for about a year now. It took me a while to find a place in my home where I could have one – and it’s still a work in progress but I have most of it up. Just like you, every time I look at it I smile. It makes me so happy!
    You can see mine here: http://kristenbalvin.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-gallery-wall.html
    Thanks for sharing yours!

  103. Where did u get that daisy bowl on your yellow table

  104. This looks great. Don’t you just love command strips?

  105. looks fantastic!

  106. Jen, I LOVE this wall! I have a million frames I am trying to hang in our guest room and you’ve inspired me!

  107. This looks so beautiful!

  108. Nichole Steele says:

    Are the frames real wood? I have been looking for frames like this. Your wall looks amazing!

  109. It turned out amazing! I need to get my butt in gear and get mine all painted and put up. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  110. Your new wall looks great.

  111. oh jen!

    this is so you! and so crazy awesome with color & all the different frames.
    your sister’s photos are gorgeous.



  112. I love it!! I have a wall this would look perfect on. Can you tell me what paint color of walls you have??

  113. I’ve always had a soft spot for white, yellow, and grey together – so fresh and fun! I’m LOVING your new wall gallery – well done!

    Q: Can you tell me what yellow paint you used on your grandmother’s console table?

  114. Wow! What an impact! I love it.

  115. this is SO gorgeous !!
    I love the way it all just ‘meshes’ together.
    side note .. that hutch in the second to last picture is TO DIE FOR!!
    thanks for sharing with us – I can’t wait to clear out a hallway and wall to do something simliar
    very inspired !

  116. Kari Lemon- the Sweetest Memory says:

    This turned out so pretty! Love the color combination. I just found the Command strips today and picked them up. I am excited to try them out!

  117. Hi,
    I noticed the dog laying under the yellow table in the picture. Could you tell me what kind of dog he is? He looks just like the dog we adopted through a animal rescue and they say he is a King Charles Spaniel/ Brittany spaniel mix? Just wondering if they were ever correct in their guess of him. Thanks

  118. I absolutely LOVE the gallery wall!!! And those frames are too cute! The color combinations are fun too!! Loving the yellow table!

  119. I love your wall!! It turned out so great. Those are really fun frames! And thermostat? What thermostat? (See how well I follow instructions?) 😀

  120. I love it! I am trying to do a photo wall too and am going to use your idea of the silhouettes so I can be sure to get them just right! Love the frames and the photos! And the yellow table??? LOVE!

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  123. Love it! The color combo is awesome!

  124. What paint color is your walls? I really like it. Thanks for any info!

  125. Melinda T says:

    Gorgeous! I love it!

  126. Fantastic! I’ve used the command strips to hang things in my motorhome because the walls are thin and not easy to patch when I change my mind. I love the command sheets.

    Your wall looks beautiful and I love the yellow table.

    Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com

  127. Great!! As always, your projects feed my creative hunger 😉

  128. It looks great! The pops of yellow are so fun!

  129. I love that spot. And I love the yellow table. so cute.

  130. This is so darn cute! Just wondering where you get your fabric at? Loving that chevron

  131. I noticed that the company you purchased your frames through doesn’t sell glass with their frames. Did you go and buy glass yourself? Or not use glass at all?

    • Cut it Out Frames can’t ship the glass to you, so if you want to use glass you can get it cut. Also, for the 5×7 and 8 x 10 pictures I went to the Dollar Store and bought frames and used the glass out of those frames for these frames. Or you can buy discounted bigger frames with glass at places like Hobby Lobby for just a few dollars that is much cheaper than getting glass cut custom.


  132. Jen, this looks beautiful and so polished! I love the table too, it was the first thing I noticed :) Its the perfect pop of color. And thanks for the FYI on the command strips! I had no idea they made claw tooth kinds :) Perfect way to hang those door mirrors!

  133. LOVE it!!! You’ve inspired me to try something like this in my entryway. Great work!

  134. BEAUTIFUL!!! :)

  135. Your wall turned out awesome. White frames was the perfect thing to do and the yellow accents are perfect. I love 3M hanging products. It’s all I use now. Can you tell me what color of spray paint you used for the table?

  136. I just love what you did to your wall. When you first posted those frames I knew I wanted some for in my own house, and I will definately be getting them when I visit my inlaws in the USA. ( So I can bring them back ofcourse) Thank you for the great ideas


  137. Turned out great, Jen!!! LOVE it!!

  138. For the thermostat, you could put a frame around it to make it look intentional, and/or paint or vinyl a design on it. Looks great!

  139. I love it! The table looks great in yellow, positioned there! Definitely a good idea to go with white frames, the photos really stand on their own that way!

  140. Love it! I’ve had Cut it Out Frames pulled up as a tab for a couple weeks now, because I just can’t decide which ones I want! You did a fabulous job! So crisp and clean!

  141. I have about half a dozen frames and am too chicken to put that many nails in the wall so I am glad you
    put up this post and used the 3M that looks like a good option for us!Many Thanks, love your site!

  142. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I waaaant one. 😉 And I really, really love that bowl!! Where did you find it?!

  143. Jacqueline says:

    Turned out beautifully!

  144. Keriann says:

    I LOVE this wall! Actually I am wondering if you could tell Me the brand and color of the wall paint. I’ve decided to paint my walls a gray, hopefully a cool pale gray but I am going blind staring at sample cards! Maybe your choice will give me a direction :)

  145. CrystalC2B says:

    Oh! Jen!

    I love your gallery wall! I need to show my Hubs that I’m not the only one wanting to hang stuff with the 3M hooks, I LOVE them!

  146. Nicole Thomas says:

    Not sure if you answered this but could you tell me what size each of these frames are?

  147. LOve, love, love! I just ordered a bunch of frames from them and I can’t wait to create our family wall with them…thanks for the tips and inspiration! Smiles~Beth

  148. I love this wall! So creative and pretty. My husband moved our thermostat from one wall to another, so if it bothers you, you could move it around the corner or to another spot.

  149. I’m LOVING that you painted the frames white! The pictures and shades of yellow really pop now! And that table is fabulous! You did an amazing job. So cute.

  150. LOVE it Jen! It looks fabulous. And I love that all the frames are white. It looks amazing. And the table transform is amazing too! I love it in yellow. So. Much. You never cease to make me completely in awe of you.

  151. Looks awesome! I love that you left the frames white! They pop off the wall color, and then the color from the photos pop off the white!

  152. Just out of curiosity are the biggest and smallest sized frames you used? I always wonder when I see gallery walls displayed. Proportion always looks off when looking at a large grouping.

  153. Beautiful!! Love the yellow table! Look up The Nest – we just replaced our thermostat with one and we love it!

  154. Suzy @ http://joyisathome.blogspot.com says:

    Looks great!! I love the new colors you have… makes me ready for spring!

  155. It looks great Jen! Good job. Love the table makeover. :)


  156. It looks darling!!! I love it! And I love using those strips. It’s so much easier to arrange pictures!

  157. Christine T says:

    I love the white bowl! Where did you find it?

  158. Amy welch says:

    Sorry I guess I didn’t see the part on how u made it , I see it now . Thanks

  159. Amy welch says:

    How did u make the gray and white zig zag with the letter m on it ?

  160. Kamilli Vanilli says:

    Love it. L ove the frames. And, like some other commenters before me, LOVE the paint color. I’d love to know what it is too. I’m looking for a nice, warm gray/taupe like that.

  161. I absolutely LOVE all of this!!! I wud have just added a frame around the thermostat to keep the theme going on the entire wall;)

  162. Jen ~ i LOVE the way it turned out! the yellow table is amazing and the perfect compliment to the wall! xoxo

    • Kristi!!

      Your board is beautiful and I love it!! I am so excited to spotlight your business soon. You are awesome!!


  163. Lari Cox says:

    LOVE this!

  164. That is so darn gorgeous, Jen!!! I love it. Such a happy spot in your house!

  165. Very cute, Jen!

  166. I love it! I have been wanting to do a gallery wall for the longest time, but I never get around to it. Great job!

  167. Very nice! What is the color you used for the wall paint? It looks like a soft gray/taupe color and I’m looking for a shade like that to paint my living room. :)

  168. Looks so great! Nice job Jen! :)


  169. gorgeous! love everything about these frames and the placement. the monogram “H” is cute!

  170. The gallery wall is just fabulous! But so is the yellow console…I love the BOLD color. It sings.

  171. LOVE IT! I’m going to do this in my house!

  172. Adorable! I love the Anthropologie vase, the frames, the initial… everything! Great job! That yellow, teal and chevron are still some of my favorite decorating palettes! Thanks for sharing!! xo, Reannah @ShapedbyGrace

  173. One more thing.. since I love your wall so much!!! I love how the table has the same dips and points and lines that the frames have, they compliment each other perfectly. xo- jen

  174. Love LOVE love it jen. The most favorite color I have put in my house now aside from turquoise is YELLOW! its just darn right happy. I love your placement of everything, and the Monogram with the cute BOP saying is the perfect touch. Love that you painted that table yellow. Great job. P.S. I can’t wait for you to see what I made for my CONT. Post I have worked on it for the past 2 days. I will be sending you the post early probably tomorrow, as we are going on vaca this weekend. LOTS of LOVE, jen

  175. oh i just ADORE command velcro strips! i use them EVERYWHERE! keeps nails out of walls and lets you change your mind often without “nailers guilt” and spackle. haha!

    looks fantastic, Jen! thanks for sharing and inspiring!


  176. That is simply fabulous. Love it!!!

  177. Love this! The pops of yellow are gorgeous. I think I might have to make some H art just like yours :)

  178. I absolutely love this!!! Definitely something that is going on my “to-do” list. I love the colors and everything about it. Great job!!!

  179. I love that! It looks so cute…I love the yellow table, it just makes the whole area pop!

  180. Oh my word! I LOVE this wall! My family is starting to build a house later this year and I know my mom will love it :)

  181. Jen that looks amazing! I love the pop of color from the newly painted table! LOVE that yellow:) And the frames look so good white…never would have thought white could be so pretty! The initial is fun too. Is it one of those cardboard ones or is it wooden…and where did you get it?

  182. Jenny Whiting says:

    This is so wonderful! I love it and have been looking forward to seeing what you did with those cute frames. I would love to know what sizes all the frames are that you used. I’d like to do something similar but am not sure how big to go … what is the size of your largest frame? Maybe the 20×30? Or 16×20? Thanks for your help!

  183. looks amazing Jen!!! Your home is always so beautiful and put together and I am loving the pop of colors you’ve been adding! xoxo

  184. That is darling! I love it!

  185. Everything turned out gorgeous! I’m a big yellow fan too :) Your pictures look lovely hanging up!! What is the name of the color on the wall? I’m in love with it!

  186. Wow. This is one of my favorite posts. I loooooove your wall. I am a picture fanatic and I have been in the middle of remodeling my whole apartment. I am picking out new colors and new stuff and this gives me great ideas, thank you so much for sharing. And your house is gorgeous!!

  187. I love those 3M strips! That velcro-like one lets you reposition and they’re just fabulous. Great wall!

  188. Looks fantastic. I love the pops of color, especially the initial on the canvas. I think I might try that idea for my playroom. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  189. I LOVE it! I love the unexpected yellow and the way that the yellow and the chevron pattern mix the new with the old shape of the table. Fantastic!
    XO Cindy

  190. Looks awesome!!! I love the fun shaped frames and the brightness of it all.

  191. Colleen says:

    Looks gorgeous! I wish I had your patience when hanging things. You would DIE if you saw the number of extra holes behind each picture and crooked frames hanging around my house! I love love the color scheme!

  192. Picture Perfect!!

  193. I love it! And I love the colors you picked. It looks so bright. If I could do every room in those colors I would. Right now I only have one room those colors! :) I would love for you to share this at my link party.

  194. That looks really good, Jen! I love those frames! Such great shapes. I like how you went white with them so the pictures stand out more.

  195. Love this!! Can you tell me what color your walls are painted? It’s perfect!

  196. Love it! Love the pops of yellow.

  197. Your gallery wall is gorgeos, the colors are so fresh and fun. I have a suggestion for the thermostat – a shelf over it. A small one with brackets on the side, it will help hide the thermostat but still let air get to it. I did this with mine and it really helped to disguise it. One more thing, I thourougly enjoy your blog, it is one of my favorite decorating and crafting blogs.

  198. Beautiful, Jen! It looks like such a happy home and such a happy, cute family. :)


  199. Gorgeous! I need that bowl that is sitting on your table…it almost looks like it is made out of paper. Good call on not covering your thermostat…I have a thing about cords and anything like that, so one year I covered our thermostat with a hanging basket, and we had to have major work done on our heating system because it had to work overtime to keep up the right temp…all because I covered the thermostat…plus, I didn’t see yours until you pointed it out :)

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  200. Love, love, love! The white frames definitely make the adorable family pic POP!
    AND, that table… PERFECT!!! :)

  201. I love it.
    I love the cheery yellow, the letter on the canvas. that you did this without making any holes (big pro in my concrete/brick walled house). Got to find out if I can get that whole line of 3M hooks over here too. I have seen some, but not all I think.
    Wonderful job, a tribute to your family.


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