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JewelMint Giveaway (plus a 50% off promo code)!!

I know I’ve said that I want to share some of my favorite things with YOU this year.

I am so excited to introduce you to one of my newest favorites — JewelMint!!

JewelMint is an amazing site that features exclusive jewelry collections designed by actress and fashion icon, Kate Bosworth, and her celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter. And the best part?? The jewelry is so beautiful AND the prices are amazing.

Each piece is only $29.95 and includes FREE shipping too!!

It’s a fabulous combination!!

JewelMint jewelry has been featured in InStyle, People, Style Watch, Lucky, and Elle magazines.


Winner is Sarah from The Laundry Racists

An email has been sent. Winner chosen via Random.org

My favorite part about the site is the questionnaire that asks you about YOUR style and picks out the perfect jewelry for YOU!! It’s like having your own personal shopper!!  And — the packaging is scrumptious. I might have did a little dance when they arrived :) Each piece comes with a little note and in a beautiful box lined with velvet or a velvet pouch.

I took the quiz and here were my recommendations fromJewelMint:

So pretty!!!

{aren’t those XO rings FAB???}

I love them all!!

Be sure to hop over to JewelMint and see what they recommend for YOU!

Top Styles are chosen for you based on your fashion personality profile and style. Become a member and enjoy having your own stylist with JewelMint with new designs you can check out every month.

AndJewelMint is giving Tatertots & Jello readers a special PROMO CODE for 1/2 off ANY piece at their site — just type in JELLO at checkout. This code expires on 2/29.

Plus a giveaway — yay!!

JewelMint is giving away one free jewelry credit (valued at $29.99) to one of you!

Here’s how YOU can win:

  • Hop over to JewelMint and see YOUR recommendations. Leave a comment here with your favorite JewelMint item.

for additional optional entries:

  • Tweet about this giveaway — #Win #Free jewelry at @Jewelmint @jenjentrixie Tatertots & Jello. Simply Comment to enter – http://bit.ly/qWfwPa.
  • Follow JewelMint on Twitter.
  • Let’s connect on Pinterest -one of my favorite places to share great ideas.
  • Share this giveaway. Let me know how you did.
 Each action is worth one entry – leave a comment for each. This giveaway ends Feb. 28th.

Good Luck!!!

Thanks to JewelMint  for sponsoring this giveaway and for the beautiful jewelry. All opinions are 100% mine.



  1. Back to Tulum is so cute! Great site :)

  2. o wow i like the jewelry!!! its beautyfull

  3. i like the friendship bracelets!

  4. I follow you on Pinterest!

  5. I love the Lovebirds Pin Necklace!

  6. I follow you on Pinterest

  7. I like the Faye Dynasty earrings

  8. I follow you on pinterest

  9. I Follow JewelMint on Twitter

  10. I LOVE their web lace ring!

  11. Follow you on Pinterest now too – woohoo!! :)

  12. The Starburst Ring is lovely!

  13. I like the puzzle pieces ring. Thanks, Jen and the shop girls for such a pretty giveaway!

  14. love the aqua bomb ring!

  15. Sarah Jayne says:

    ooooh… so pretty! I really love the Dahlia Blossom ring – great to add a small punch of color to a black & white outfit or in the midst of bright colors for the summer. Such a great giveaway!

  16. I follow you on Pinterest as Tender Allure

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  18. I absolutely adore the Humanity Wish bracelet! It’s so cute! Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  19. Suzanne S. says:

    shared this giveaway on fb

  20. Suzanne S. says:

    I like the midnight soiree ring.

  21. Already following jewelmint on twitter (@amyikim)
    Thank you!

  22. Tweeted about the giveaway (@amyikim)

  23. Following you on pinterest!

  24. Shared via stumbleupon!

  25. My favorite JM item right now is the covent garden bracelet, which is soon to be released (hopefully!)

  26. I love the tresor ring!

  27. i follow jewelmint on twitter @hillyd

  28. the midnight soiree ring is my favorite!

  29. LOVE the sweetheart set that was picked out for me….I would wear it everyday!!!!

  30. I LOVE the 70’s flair ring!! So fabulous!

  31. jessica edwards says:

    borgia ring

  32. Followed Jewelmint on Twitter!

  33. I am really loving the Blush Bomb Ring. I think it’ll be PERFECT for Spring/Summer!

  34. I love the ‘Here To Eternity Set’.

  35. Love the seventies flare ring!

  36. i love the Dahlia Blossom Ring- so darling!

  37. Added this giveaway to my giveaway page:

  38. following Jewelmint on twitter @susand1408

  39. I like the Persephone Pendant, but hard to choose!


  41. April was in CT now CA says:

    Love the Aqua Bomb ring!!

  42. Followed on Pinterest

  43. I like the midnight soiree ring!

  44. love their rachel rose earrings

  45. Love the mod glam earrings – and the price is definitely right!

  46. I follow TT&J on Pinterest!

  47. I shared on FB!

  48. I love the Knot Without You Set!

  49. I clicked the +1 button to share this giveaway!

  50. I follow Jewelmint on twitter as aquaprincess888

  51. I absolutely love the Remember Versailles Earrings! Thanks for this giveaway

  52. Love the Web lace ring!!! and the Be Charmed ring (reminds me of the charm rings we use to wear back in Jr high and high school)

  53. following you on pintrest

  54. i shared on facebook:)

  55. I am following jewelmint on twitter as xsarry777x

  56. I’m loving the love lock pins <3

  57. I love the PUZZLE PIECES RING.

  58. I now follow JewelMint on Twitter.

  59. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  60. I really like the Rachel Emerald Earrings

  61. I like the Garden Patch Trio!

  62. It’s hard to pick a favorite, their style is so fresh and gorgeous! I think I’d pick the Wonderland Earrings, though. They are absolutely adorable– the bow! I die!

  63. LOve the aqUa bomb ring!

  64. I’m following you on Pinterest as Weatherly Richardson! I love your boards!!!

  65. I’m following them on Twitter! :) as @notwaverly
    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  66. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I follow Jewelmint on twitter as crazygirl24

  67. Bridget Heiple Reich says:
  68. angie lanigan says:

    Following you on pionterest

  69. angie lanigan says:

    My favorite item is the Dahlia Blossom Ring.

  70. I love the Sweetheart set- it’s so delicate and pretty, and I think it would go with so much. I love the shiny gold! Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I like the Remember Versailles Earrings.

  72. Heather Spooner says:

    I love the Faye Dynasty ear rings. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  73. I follow you on Pinterest


  74. I follow JewelMint on Twitter


  75. I love the YVES RINGS!!

  76. I love, love, love the Dahlia Blossom Ring

  77. I really like the Metal Mosaic Ring!

  78. I follow you on pinterest~

  79. I love the Indian Escape earrings! Beautiful!

  80. Felicia Woodward says:

    I tweeted the givewaway! @fwoodward

  81. Felicia Woodward says:

    I’m following JewelMint on twitter! @fwoodward

  82. Felicia Woodward says:

    I love the MIDAS SILVER TOUCH RING – it’s so me!

  83. Mica Staheli says:

    shared this giveaway on my facebook wall @Micaela Staheli.


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    i follow you on Pinterest@Micaela Staheli.


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  86. I would LOVE to own the Rachel Emerald Earrings! They are SO gorgeous!

  87. Mica Staheli says:

    tweeted this giveaway @MicaStaheli. here is the link: https://twitter.com/#!/MicaStaheli/status/172028859783450625


  88. Mica Staheli says:

    i love the Blush Bomb Ring!


  89. I follow you on Pinterest (aroomofmyown)

  90. Ooh I love that first ring they sent you- teal and silver, perfect! That’s what i’d get!

  91. I follow Jewelmint on Twitter (roomofmyown)

  92. I adore the Aqua Bomb Ring, and the Blush Bomb Ring, so cute!

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  96. I just Tweeted about this giveaway here: https://twitter.com/#!/katygmorris/status/172022248213975040


  97. They have some really great things! I love their MIDAS RING! So chic and bold!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  98. I really like the Faye Dynasty earrings!

  99. What is the name of ring number 3?

  100. I love the Garden Patch trio! What lovely pieces!

  101. Johanna Mathews says:

    I’m following you on Pinterest.

  102. Johanna Mathews says:

    I love the Yves Rings… So awesome!! and there are so many ways to wear it! This giveaway is awesome :)

  103. shared on facebook.

  104. following on pinterest

  105. My favorite is the mon amour bracelet. :)

  106. Ok my first post didn’t go through but I love the aqua bomb ring- i love alllllll of their rings! =)

  107. I follow you on pinterest!

  108. Also following you on pinterest!

  109. I love (and have) the lovers only necklace!

  110. love the “indian escape” earrings!!

  111. LOVE the aqua bomb ring. So cute!

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  113. Love the X/O ring!

  114. I’m already following you on Pintrest.

  115. I shared on FB. Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. The RACHEL EMERALD EARRINGS are beautiful!

  117. Wow! Thanks for the heads up about JewelMint, Jen. Cool service and who doesn’t love jewelry?

    I really enjoyed the fashion style quiz and one of the suggestions, the aqua bomb ring, was my favorite piece.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  119. My fav item is that X (of the XO) ring!! I love it.

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

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  121. follow Jewel Mint on twitter (@lake12)

  122. I looove the PARISIAN DREAM EARRINGS! Soo pretty!

  123. I follow JewelMint on twitter!

  124. I follow you on pinterest!

  125. I now follow you on Pinterest…

  126. I really like the Puzzle Pieces ring. Very clever!

  127. Laura Tuttle says:

    I love the aqua bomb ring!

  128. BRANDY BAKER says:

    The Topaz ring is gorgeous. Reminds me of roaring 30’s glamour. Thanks for the chance to win ♥♥

  129. I follow you on pinterest!

  130. I fell in love with the aqua bomb ring as soon as I saw in your post! I also like the blush bomb ring and the puzzle pieces ring.

  131. I am LOVING the “Back to Tulum” bracelets, they ate adorable! And I am so excited to be joining up with you on Pinterest, you are the cutest!

  132. I really love the back to tulum bracelets!

  133. Claudia Barragan says:

    The puzzle pieces ring!

  134. Claudia Barragan says:

    I love the puzzle pieces ring and everything here!!

  135. the yves rings are fab! thanks for offering this.

  136. They picked out the Tresor Ring for me! Super cute!

  137. I like the lady luck ring!

  138. I love the PUZZLE PIECES RING, so simple and beautiful.

  139. I follow you on pinterest!

  140. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  141. The puzzle ring is the exact ring design I’ve been looking for for years! Ah, hoping I win!

  142. {LOVE} the here to eternity set! Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. I love the Lady Luck rings!

  144. I love the From the Heart Rings.

  145. Sara Southard says:

    And I pretty sure I’m in love with the Cleopatra Reborn earrings. Among others…

  146. Beautiful pieces! I love the LADY NOIR RINGS and the YVES RINGS, they are totally awesome!

  147. Sara Southard says:

    … And I shared the giveaway on Facebook. No Twitter though. :(

  148. I am a follower of yours on Pinterest.

  149. Sara Southard says:

    I am now following you on pinterest… yay!!

  150. My top recommendation is the one that first caught my eye! LOVE the Mon Amour bracelet!

  151. i follow you on pinterest

  152. love the puzzle pieces ring

  153. I shared the giveaway. I’m already a fan of yours on FB and Pinterest. =]

  154. My favorite was the Dahlia Blossom Ring. I liked it so much that I just ordered it! =]

  155. Love the Morning Star bangle

  156. Candace Fuller says:

    I follow TT&J on Pinterest.

  157. Candace Fuller says:

    My favorite item chosen for me were the Indian Escape Earrings!

  158. Chris hunt says:

    Morning star bangle was my top style pick! Very interesting!

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    Shared ob FB

  161. Morning star bangle, shared on FB, and followed on Pintrest.

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  164. http://www.jewelmint.com/jewelry/heart-of-clove-bracelet I love the heart of clove bracelet they chose for me…fits my romantic irish self :)

  165. Not sure that I can live without the puzzle pieces ring. Gorgeous!

  166. I follow you on Pinterest

  167. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  168. I love their parisian dream earrings. They have such pretty stuff there!

  169. I’m a bracelet girl…back to Tulum bracelet or Santa Fe sunset bracelet

  170. I follow jewelmint on twitter as @ChiaraNefene

  171. I follow you on Pinterest!

  172. I love the Yves rings!

  173. I love the Emerald City rings. Just wish they came in my size. I have man hands lol.

  174. Kathy MacKie says:

    I really like From The Heart Rings, there is a lot of cool items so was hard to make a choice, Thanks for the giveaway.