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Geometric Pillow (tutorial and Silhouette deal)

Who loves pillows??? There’s no easier way to change up the look of a room than switching out pillow covers. And what better feeling than to make the pillow yourself??

I was able to try out Silhouette’s 24-inch mat this week. Wow is it big!! There are so many projects I can think of to use with this mat. The first thing I wanted to make of course was a pillow. And with Spring coming, I wanted to introduce some more colors into my family room. I love yellow. So I took a plain white Ikea pillow cover and some yellow canvas and came up with a pillow that I love!!!

  • I used one of the shapes from Silhouettes online store, the Circle Links Background — .99. I brought it into my screen and then copied it, then matched them up and erased the lines in the middle to make one big image.
  • Then I cut out a length of the yellow canvas — 24 inches long by 12  inches wide and ironed on the fabric interfacing.
  • I peeled off the backing and put the material on my new mat.
  • Then I cut it out. My machine got off track and messed up one corner before I could reset the machine (just keeping it real)
  • But once I started it again and got it on track, it cut the fabric out perfectly. And that was a very complex pattern.
  • Once the design was cut out, I peeled the design off the mat and placed it on my pillow over.
  • I ironed it on and it looked SO good!!

To cover up that little area that got messed up and to add a little ooomph to the project, I made a giant fabric flower out of some chevron fabric.

I was going to sew the fabric on the pillow cover but it ended up being so thick that I hot glued it onto a piece of fabric and attached it to the pillow with two pins. That way I can take the flower off while I wash the cover. So the flower won’t get ruined.

And that is how I made my new favorite pillow!!!!

And the Silhouette people are running a special on their cutting mats + fabric interfacing products — you can get a bundle for a great price right now. Just type in “TATER” at checkout to get a new 24″ cutting mat, plus the smooth and the sewing interfacing packs for a great price (code expires on Feb. 29th).


PS — It’s my favorite day of the week!! Why?? It’s almost time for The Weekend Wrap Up Party – I am excited to see YOUR ideas!!! The party starts tonight at 6 pm MST :)



  1. i like!!!! so cute….

  2. Love these! I am going to have to get that mat!

  3. I really like the pillow and would love to take advantage of the special pricing on the 12 x 24 mat and interfacing at the Silhouette site, but they tell me there is a link somewhere to get the “bundle”. Can you direct me to that? I have clicked everywhere I can think of, but, so far, no cigar…

    Thanks for any help you can provide and I will definitely be checking your blog frequently!


  4. I am in love with it Jen. I love the retro look and the yellow is delicious. I’ll be featuring it tomorrow on my blog.

  5. I absolutely love the colors and patterns of yours pillows!

    • Thanks Susan!!

      I love the way it turned out too. It’s so modern and the flower is fun :)

      Have a wonderful weekend!!


  6. These are great – I love the colors!

  7. Karen Alford says:

    Please tell me where I can purchase the 9″ X 24″ SD cutting mat. I would love to have one, but can’t find it online. Are there any discount codes for this size? Thanks so much. Love your blog!

    • Hi Karen!!

      I thought Silhouette sold the 9 x 24 cutting mats for the SD, but I went on their site and didn’t see it. I would probably buy the 12 x 24 inch size and cut it down to 10 inches wide because the mats are 1 inch wider than the cutting space. And then put some masking tape over the 1/2 inch on the one side that you cut down. That way the roller doesn’t get stuck on the sticky surface.

      I will email the Silhouette people and ask them if they are making a 9×24 inch cutting mat for the SD or if they already have one, where you an purchase it. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back.


  8. I have got to get a Silhouette! We have a Roland cutter, It’s HUGE and I have no clue how to use it! LOVE this idea of using fabric interfacing to create a patterned pillow, Bravo!!!

    • Thanks Jacque —

      It really is my favorite crafting tool. I love it. I think you would love it too. If you do get one, let me know if you have any questions :)


  9. heather carey says:

    I am in love with that couch!

  10. Very smart cover up, and I love the yellow!

  11. Very cute!! Thanks for sharing!! I love the colors!

  12. Cute! I just made some pillows too, but they’re not geometric. If I have to measure anything or square it up…it ain’t gonna turn out right. 😉

    • hehehe – that’s how I am too!! I have a hard time getting things square :) I’m coming over to check out your pillows!!


  13. I LOVE these pillows! So cute plus I just love yellow and gray! I would love for you to come link up at our Naturally-Nifty Party!


  14. KimberlyRae says:

    Love your pillow! Thank you for all you do and your time to put all these tutorials together! :). Do you use Sil. CAMEO? What all can it cut?

    • Hi Kimberly!!

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment!! Yes, I used the Silhouette Cameo for this project. I love the larger cutting mat. It’s great for bigger projects that you want all in one piece. Like this pillow, but also it would be great for making artwork, big designs if you wanted to print off for a quilt or blanket, anything like that.


  15. How cute is that! I love the yellow and white combo, and the flower was the perfect way to fix the little blunder. Happy Friday!

    • Thanks Erin!!

      I was so sad when it went off track and thought I’d have to start over. But I actually like it better with the flower now, so sometimes mistakes can be a good thing LOL!


  16. I love the pillow, I think I may have to break out my interfacing for my Silhouette. Question? Will the large cutting mat you are speaking of only work in the Cameo?
    Love your blog!

    • Hi Jen!!

      Yes, this cutting mat is made for the Cameo, but you can buy the longer 24″ cutting mat for the SD too. The only difference is the SD cutting mat is 9 inches wide and the Cameo is 12″ wide to fit the two different machines.

      Thanks for the sweet comment!!


  17. I love the yellow! It’s so bright and cheery! I also love that you covered your little oops with that adorable fabric flower! If you hadn’t told us about the oops no one would have ever know it was there!

    • Thanks Kelli!!

      I am so excited for Spring. I love the bright colors!!

      I am kind of glad I messed the pillow up, otherwise I might not have made the flower and I love it with the flower now. LOL!!

      Have a great weekend my friend!


  18. The flower is my favorite part! Such a cute pillow! xoxo Jenni

    • Mine too Jenni!!

      It’s funny that a mistake can turn out to be the best thing that happens to a project. LOL!!

      Have a great weekend!!