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.99 Ikea Pillow Hack!! (decorating idea)

Good Beautiful Morning Tatertots and Jello Fans!  I hope each one of you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and President’s Day.  

I am Stacie, from The Three Sweet Peas and I am thrilled to be back and sharing a fabulous little secret that is sure to save you MONEY!  It was by mistake, but, OH those mistakes, are sometimes, OH so GREAT!  

So, last week I went to IKEA in search of one of these:

Ektorp Slipcover 

and  I came upon one of these:

..And I thought WOW for $.99 I can buy NEW pillows for my ENTIRE home, I started with four beautifully rolled $.99 pillows for my Peanut’s room!  …And so it went, I came home and EXCITEDLY opened and unrolled my new pillows to…  WELL, pillows that were JUST as flat as the ones I was trying to replace!  

New IKEA pillow
Peanut’s already flat pillow

Oh, the disappointment, my grand idea of buying pillows for my entire house down the tube.  Because, lets face it, a beautiful bed begins with the pillows, and how many of us can go buy an ENTIRE bed full of down filled pillows.  If we did it would cost $$$’s,  UNLESS we take TWO of the $.99 pillows and put them into the same pillow sham.  

..And there you have my IKEA hack, two $.99 pillows that look like a $50.00 down pillow.  The way the pillows are stuffed are very similar to a down feather pillow minus A LOT of the down but by combining two of them you get a VERY custom looking pillow and bed.


I know this little tip can save you A LOT of money! I know where I am going when I clean out the washer!  :)  Stop by and say hi, The Three Sweet Peas.

Love, Stacie
What a great idea Stacie!!
 I love Ikea — I was just there today.
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PS — I made the cutest pillow today. I can’t wait to share it with you tomorrow :)


  1. Chelley Black says:

    Ikea pillows wash and dry VERY well. They will fluff up quite a bit if you run them through a wash cycle. :)

  2. Love It!! Atlanta Ikea watch out- Frazzled Five Mama is coming this weekend!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this idea! Very smart!

  4. LOVE Ikea….I go for the phony fil, I am allergic to down (can you imagine that)! You just inspired me to hit them up for my shams. I have this teeny weeny standard pillows trying to fill a King size sham.

    99 cents is fabulous for my itty bitty pocket :) Great post!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very jealous of other bloggers IKEA finds! The closest one to us is 6 hours away! :)

  6. genius!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing the great IKEA find. Love that store.


  8. I’ve got to remember this on our next trip to IKEA! I’ve got a couple pillow shams to fill and a few square pillows to replace. I like the affordability of this! :)

    Thanks for posting it. Your bed and pillows looks very pretty. :)

  9. Wow! I love her pantry! We don’t have an IKEA in our area. :(

  10. So smart! I actually like my pillows that flat though 😉 That did get me to thinking I could use that for a couch pillow by smooshing all the filling to one side and sewing one edge to make it square. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I also came upon these pillows…and their flatness. Good thing I was goin to make tem into throw pillows for the couches anyhow. :) I just fluffed all the stuffing to one side and sewed a seam on the other side to make a nice fluffy square pillow to use as an insert for my favorite fabric!

  12. We’ve done the same with the IKEA Euro shams. Makes for great support at the back of a bed of pillows! Thanks for the tip with the smaller sizes!

  13. Wow, what a great tip! I’m sure lots of people are going to be running to their nearest IKEA to grab some. Hope they don’t raise the prices! : )


  14. That is a brilliant idea! One of those things that make you think “why didn’t I think of that?”

  15. Smart idea! I will keep this mind for future projects.

  16. Great idea especially if you can find pillows that cheap! Will swing by and say hello over there as well!