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My Goal for 2012 — Get Organized!!

Happy 2012!!

What is YOUR goal for 2012??

My goal this year — to get organized!!

{15 Ways to UNdecorate and get Organized after the Holidays}

Image via Ashley’s Thrifty Living

I have a hard time getting organized, staying organized and being motivated to be organized.

So for 2012, I am going to get organized, and I thought it would be fun to share my journey with you as well as the tips and ideas that I find along the way!!

I know I have mentioned that I write over at Babble in their New Home Ec blog. It’s a great place to go for project ideas pertaining to anything creative.

{Get Organized in 2012 — 15 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen}

I have started a series there called — Getting Organized in 2012. And I am sharing different gadgets, ideas and DIY projects I have found to help me organize each area in my home. I started with the kitchen.

And moved on to the bathroom:

{Get Organized in 2012 — 16 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom}

It is so inspiring to see so many great ideas and share them as I follow this quest.


And now I would love to know — what is YOUR secret for being organized??

Do you have any tips or tricks you can share with US? Let us know in the comments along with any links! 

My friend Anna of Ask Anna has started a new series on her blog called 14 Days to Get Clean and Organized. Be sure to check it out.


And, I am so THRILLED to be part of a wonderful blogging series that starts TODAY with really inspirational bloggers

The Blog Hop begins TODAY at the  Nesting Place!

We will be talking about all different aspects of blogging — from building a community, photography, monetization, finding your voice and finding balance. The series continues on Tuesday with Sarah, Wednesday with me, Thursday with Marian, and Friday with Katebe sure to check it out!


Have a Happy Day!!




  1. Hi Jen! Awesome! I love organizing and this year, one of my goals is to stay organized as a family:-) However, would love to share a FREE ebook that I wrote early last year filled with 100+tips on getting organized and clutter-free. Hope you and the TTJ readers find it useful. http://www.themomwrites.com/2011/01/a-free-ebook-to-help-you-get-organized-cut-clutter-and-be-productive%E2%80%A6-easily.html

  2. My goal for getting organized is keep my projects small and manageable so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. And I try to concentrate on just one project at a time. I just wrote this post sharing 12 of my organizing projects:

    Happy New Year Jen! Thank you so much for sharing so many beautiful projects and providing so much inspiration! Angie xo

  3. Thanks so much for sharing all that organizing yumminess! It’s one of my goals to get organized this year too…..and STAY organized!! I get giddy over containers and baskets so hopefully it won’t be too difficult! LOL. xoxo

  4. I am right there with you on getting organized! I broke down all the areas I want to tackle and I have promised I will do at minimum one a month until they are all checked off!

  5. I so need to get organized this year, too, Jen! Happy 2012, friend!

  6. I keep a binder that is filled with clear plastic page protecters and 3 photo protecters. In the little slots I put everything from business cards to bus schedules to paint strips that go to the paints I used in my house. Or when I buy a pair of running shoes, I cut the label from the side of the box, and stick it in there so I can repurchase the right kind. Or the serial number tag from the side of the cell phone or wireless router box. I have class lists and school holiday calendars and church rosters in the full size sheets. Or directions to places in OKC that I printed from mapquest, and won’t want to print off again next time we go. The binder sits in the pencil drawer with the phone book. I keep takeout menus to pizza places and a few other favorite places in there, too, so when my family comes to visit, we can flip through and call in an order for my husband to pick up on his way home from work. It’s great! Good luck with your goals! I looooove organizing!

  7. I am so disappointed that I newspaper wrapped my Christmas ornaments when there was a better idea available. Egg cartons galore after Christmas! Thanks for the idea!

  8. Yay for organization! This was exactly what my blog post was about yesterday! My goal for this year is to get organized. I will certainly be following you along your journey to help myself and my family get organized!


  9. That’s a great goal. I am a professional organizer and redesigner and I have that goal! I always have areas to improvie, things that need work, and inspiration/ideas I love to follow. I will be sharing organizing tips too and look forward to seeing what you share. It’s great to see creative ideas. I love your blog and all of the fabulous information. Thanks for working hard for your readers.

    Happy New Year.

  10. I need all the help I can get–with organizing, blogging, you name it!! 😉 Have been really excited about the Growing Your Blog Series!

  11. I just discovered your blog. Thanks for the great ideas on organizing. I invite you to come check out my post on Getting Organzied by Creating a Household Notebook – http://www.helpforsmartmoms.com/2012/01/get-organized-in-2012-create-a-household-notebook/

    Happy 2012!


  12. It’s funny because I got all stressed about organizing in November. So I’m pretty much done now. LOL!

  13. I love this time of year where I feel like we all have the same goal and everyone wants to get organized. I love sharing organizing tips and ideas. Here are a few I shared last year. http://organizeyourstuffnow.com/wordpress/?p=26414 Happy Organizing!

    • Thanks Leanne! I am excited to read your ideas!! Thanks for sharing your link with us. And Happy 2012!!


  14. Just read ur article on babble,it’s very informative ,…

    • Thanks so much!! It is something that I really am going to work on this year. Happy 2012!!


  15. Organzation is a big issue for me too; that’s one of the things I’m trying to work on this year too.

    • It’s something that I am not very good at. So I hope I can get a handle on it this year. And good luck to you too my friend!! Happy 2012!!


  16. What a load of great topics highlighted here! I am motivated to get (and stay) organized due to the PEACE & CALM that ultimately results from maintaining an organized environment. :)

    I also love to HELP others get organized – I’m so excited to help others achieve their New Years organizing goals that I’m giving away 4 hours of my professional organizing services this month!


    • Hi Heidi!!

      Wow – that is so cool that you are giving away some hours of your organizing help!! I am excited to come over and read your blog!


  17. You are on a roll! Good luck. :)

    • Thanks Jessica!! I hope I can get a little more organized this year. I am actually off right now to the Dollar Store to buy some containers and clean out under my kitchen sink. Woo hoo!!