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Make Love at Home Canvases ♥ (Valentine’s Day Tutorial)!!

Hello Tatertots and jello fans, (I’m one too.) I am Jennie from CraftOManiac, and I am MOST thrilled to be one of Jen’s Contributors to TT&J.

Today I am sharing with you my


Canvas Boards.

I was inspired by two things Sunday mornings growing up, and my mother always singing “When there’s Love at Home.” Growing up there was always chaos in our home getting ready for Sunday church. My mom would sing this song loudly for all us children to hear, eager to make a humble point. I also was inspired by Valentines Day. LOVE truly IS HOME and Love is in the HOME.
I started with “3” 12×12 Chunky Canvas Corp. boards. You can get canvas’s at most craft stores.

Then I used my Cricut to cut out the stencils from card stock paper. The Heart was cut from the Platinum School book cartridge, the @ was cut from the Lyrical Letters cartridge, and the Home was cut from the Going Places cartridge. I used some painters tape to help hold the stencil in place, I used black acrylic paint, a stencil brush and got busy.

These pieces are great for home decor in your home all year round, or for just Valentine’s if you choose. 
Thanks Jennie!
My Mom had that song framed above our piano when I was growing up – I love it!!

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Have a Terrific Day!!



  1. This project is such a wonderful idea and so simple! Thank you for the idea. I have some time off this week and was looking for sweet Valentine’s Day gifts/things to do! Jen, you’ve got a wonderful site here. I have just begun my site and can only hope to build mine up as you have done with yours. Your advise would be awesome!

  2. Thanks sweet friend for the feature. Love you. xo, jen

  3. I’ve never seen those boards – going to have to look harder.
    Great ideas.
    ~ Dana

  4. What a cute idea, but then all of her ideas are cute. You picked a great guest blogger today!

  5. Katy (France) says:

    On the link to your site on my blog it says ‘make love at home’ and I thought that you’d gone all saucy for Valentine’s day!!! 😀 I can’t believe Christmas is over and Valentines day is looming..wow time goes so quickly!!

  6. Jessica W says:

    I <3 this! Thanks for all the ideas flying through my head now!

  7. Very cute! Your title made me wonder just what kind of canvases you were making :)

  8. WOW, lovely…

  9. Super cute & yet simple to make! Love it!

  10. I laugh because I am now that mom singing songs to “motivate” my children into humble similitude. I love being a mom and I love what you created!

  11. Such a cute idea! I just might have to borrow this idea for a valentine for MY valentine!

  12. I bought some canvases just for such a project as this … or a subway sign. As of now all my cutting is done by hand … sometimes on adhesive shelf paper for its stickability….hoping for a silhouette for my birthday … already laying out the hints.

    Did you do anything to prepare the canvas at all first? Have you ever done one where you painted it a color first … and then stenciled. Also… is it a good idea, or necessary to do any kind of final coat?

    Thanks for your post.

    becky @reinventingtheordinary.com
    love to have you drop by some time.

  13. I LOVE this! I always sing this song to my kids too! What a clever and adorable reminder to hang in your home!

  14. Adorable!

  15. Oh Jen that is SO VERY CUTE!!!! This would even make a Great House Warming Present or Wedding Gift… :)

  16. This looks so great…I love it and will be doing a project like this in the future…great job as usual Jennie!

  17. Great stuff Jennie! So glad to see you here now too!

  18. Love the “love @ home” boards. So cute and so easy to make. Fabulous idea!

  19. Wow,so cute