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Make the Easiest Ruffle Tree Skirt {Holiday tutorial}!!

I have been meaning to make a new tree skirt for a few years. The holidays seems to fast-forward so fast that I never have time to do it. So this year I decided that I really was going to make one. And it turned out that I had some Ruffle Fabric from RuffleFabric.com that would be perfect. So I made one up.

The first thing I did was get some lining fabric. Now a tip — get a thick lining fabric for your tree skirt. This will make your tree skirt lay flat and not conform to the shapes of your tree base. I used cotton muslin.

You need 1.5 yards of material for the top of your tree skirt and 1.5 yards of material for the lining of your tree skirt. Once you have your top material.

Here’s how to make an Easy Ruffle Tree Skirt:


Ruffle Fabric

Lining Material

Flexible Tape Measure

Sewing Machine




1. Fold your lining top material and bottom material into fourths. Then take your flexible tape measure, and pin it at the top corner of the material. Mark with a pencil or pen the longest length and keep going all the way across the material in an arc.

2. Cut the material where the marks you made are.

3. You will have a large circle.

4. Lay the lining circle on top of your ruffle material. Pin it. Then cut out an identical circle.

5. Pin the under layer to the top layer. Then sew it together all the way to the end.

6. Cut the excess material so you have a circle.

7. Fold it into fourths.

8. Lay your flexible measuring tape at the top of the point and measure down 2 inches in an arc. Cut that line.

9. Open the skirt, cut up one side to the center of the circle.

10. Sew the raw opening shut all the way up that side, around the circle and back down the other side. Leave about a 6-inch opening.

11. Turn it inside out. And then pin the one section shut and sew that opening shut.

12. The last thing to do is add some ribbon to the opening on both side so you can tie it shut once you get it around you tree.

For more instructions — check out these YouTube videos.

And now you have a Ruffled Tree Skirt for YOUR Holiday Tree!!

I love it. It’s clean, simple, but also pretty and the layers of ruffles are beautiful!!

If you want to order some of the Ruffle Fabric, check out RuffleFabric.com — they have TONS of different ruffled fabric — perfect for all kinds of awesome projects from Runners and Holiday Decorations to Clothes!


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  1. I love it! My tree skirt is not cute – I need to make this!

  2. Rebecca Cash says:

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy all your tutorials!

  3. Jean Stringfelllow says:

    Great ideas! Keep up the good work!

  4. Love this. It is so easy with that fabric and looks amazing.

  5. I love this white tree skirt! And, the white stars on your tree are just perfect with it!!

  6. LOVE the tree skirt..LOVE the tree—LOVE it all!!!
    Jen, I need you to come decorate mine :)

  7. This is adorable and I love your tree!

  8. Love your TREE, love the skirt, love it all, love you. xo jen

  9. I love the fabric and it looks so easy! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Ok, I think that even I could manage to sew this. :-)

    • You totally could. It’s basically two circles sewn together right sides facing in. Then cut the hole in the middle and make a cut up the center. Then Sew around those edges and flip it right side out and sew the little opening shut.


  11. Jen those ruffles are so cute! I love your tree! I really need to make a tree skirt this year too…mine is at least four years old and really ugly!

    • Thanks Kelli!! I didn’t even have a tree skirt. I was taking a table cloth and draping it around the tree LOL!!


  12. So cute!

  13. So pretty!! Would LOVE it if you would link this up at my turquiose lovin’ party!! http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/2011/11/turquoise-lovin-15.html

  14. LOVE the tree skirt! I wish, I wish, a tree skirt would survive at our house. I refuse to buy/make anymore b/c my boxer, Beckham, loves to play with them up.. which gets our other dog, Brandi, all riled up, which in the end will leave me a tattered and torn tree skirt… sigh…

    I can admire yours from afar though! :)

  15. Hello Jen,
    Nice work, I love your new ruffle-ious tree skirt it is so pretty. I am so with you once November hits the months seem to go in fast forward. Thanks for sharing.
    Smiles, Paula

  16. I love it, Jen! :) Thanks for introducing us to ruffle fabric. :) I LOVE your tree!

    • Thanks Amanda!! You will love that ruffled fabric. It’s so soft and ruffly!! LOL. I am loving the turquoise and red together. Last year I did turquoise and silver and it was more upscale, but I love the whimsical look of the red and turquoise.

      Thanks for the sweet comment my friend!!!


  17. Such a pretty tree skirt! Such a beautiful tree as well!!

    • Thanks Melissa!! I love the plain white color but the ruffles add a little bit of texture and prettiness.

      Thanks for your sweet comment. I appreciate it :)



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