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10 Tree Decorating Ideas and Tips!!

Ribbon Tree @ A Party Style

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
It’s Black Friday, but also a day when many of us put up our Holiday Tree!!
I love everything about Christmas trees — the lights, the colors, the smell, the sentiment.

If decorating your tree seems a little overwhelming,
here are a few tips to help you create a tree that reflects YOUR style!!


Tip: Use ribbon to change the look easily

To change the look of your tree without spending a fortune, one good idea is using ribbon like the tree in the photo above and draping it down your tree. This is a good idea if you are looking to change out your tree’s overall color quickly and easily. I’ve done this at my house for a few years and has the extra bonus of being easy to do! (Don’t miss those after-Christmas ribbon sales!)


Tip: Use small trees to display vintage ornaments

Got a vintage ornament collection? Use a small tree to display those treasures. This white tree highlights and showcases the many colors of the vintage glass.

Display Vintage Ornaments @ Dying of Cute


Tip: Stick to One Color

Another way to create a stunning tree is sticking to one color.

White is always an excellent holiday choice — like this snowflake tree. White lights and white snowflakes create a beautiful holiday focal point.

Snowflake Tree @ The Yellow Cape Cod


Tip: Create a theme tree and add some whimsy

If you are looking for a more whimsical look, a theme tree is always fun. I love all of the colors in this Candy Tree:

Whimsical Candy Tree @ Trendy Tree

Frosty The Snowman Tree @ Better Homes and Gardens

Beachy Christmas Tree @ Palm Beach Daily News

 Snowman Tree @ Trendy Tree


Tip: Bling adds a sophisticated touch

Create a more sophisticated look when you bring in some bling. Yes, I know, that seems counterintuitive, but it works for Christmas trees. This white tree with accents of blue and silver is stunning:

White Tree @ Desire to Inspire


Tip: Flocking adds texture (literally!)

You can also add texture by flocking your tree. I love this pink flocked tree — so fun and happy:

 Pink Flocked Tree @ Tobi’s Blog


Tip: Plan your tree’s lighting

The last thing to think about when decorating your tree is lights.

There’s nothing as festive as a tree all lit up. Here are a few easy tips to be assured that your tree lights will look fantastic this year:

  • Divide the tree into sections. Apply the lights by section vertically.
  • Make sure to check your lights from the year before first. Then string your lights lit up. That way you can see how it looks as you string the lights and not have any dark sections. (My husband swears by this tip! He had to re-hang lights outside three times this year because he kept assuming last year’s new lights would work again this year.)
  • Start at the bottom of the tree. Wrap the lights around each branch and work your way up to the top of the tree.

  And when you’re all done, you can have a tree that looks as beautiful as this one:

 White and Lights @ Country Living


 I hope you are having a great Holiday Weekend with YOUR loved ones.

The Weekend Wrap Up Party is still happening tonight if you want to join in  —

the party starts at 6 PM MST.

Have a Festive Day!!


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  1. Mary Hogland says:


  2. I love to look at Christmas trees – and all of these were just wonderful – just wish I had the energy to put a Christmas tree up in every room.
    thanks you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful trees and great decorating ideas. These made me want to go NON-traditional this year. Instead of bold colors, I’m thinking of using pastels.

  4. Thank you for posting this! So helpful! And you even have our white tree on there with an example of what colors we want! Surprisingly those aren’t easy to find across the internet. XD

  5. Thanks for sharing. There are some great ideas here. We love the snowflake tree!

  6. these are really awesome trees……

  7. LOVE these trees! The candy one is so colorful and the snowman one so creative. Would love to put every one of these up in my house! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. How fun!

  9. I love the all white trees! I should maybe try that in one of the rooms this year. Thanks for the cute tips. :) Jess

  10. мария says:

    страхотни идеи

  11. Those pink and pastel ones blow me away! I need to EAT that candy one…

  12. those trees are amazing!! gosh, i love them all!

  13. love the frosty one, too cute. but if i had a choice i’d pick white and lights. gorgeous!

  14. We always cut out snowflakes and tape them to our big window. I look forward to this every year so the tree with snowflakes is especially appealing to me. Thanks for the great round-up!

  15. LOVE the snowman tree! Now I’m hoping the thrift store still has their little trees, so I can grab one and make this.

  16. Love all the pics Jen! So excited for Christmas! :)

  17. That white tree that looks like a snowman is just to die for!! That would be cute even on your front porch!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Thanksgiving!