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Family Picture Wall Makeover {decorating tutorial}

I have a little nook under my stairs where I love to display our family photos.

This space has undergone a few different changes over the years. This summer we decided to change things up just a little…

This is what it looked like when it was  painted a dark brown color with pine cupboards underneath.

Then I stenciled  the area but decided it needed a little lightening up….So we thought the cupboards would be pretty painted white and we added some beadboard to the back.


You can buy beadboard sections at your hardware store in different sizes. And it comes all pre-primed. So all you need to do is paint it and nail it up!!

I didn’t want to put any holes in the beadboard, so I hung the pictures with 3m Command Strips. So when I want to change the area up in awhile, all I have to do is pull the strips off and it won’t damage the beadboard.

I hung our family pictures, plus a few other embellishments. I took a gold “H” letter and wrapped and decoupaged  with some Chevron fabric that matched the some pillow I made for my family room. And I also sprayed a garage sale frame turquoise for a pop of color. And added a couple bright plates with some vinyl. And then I made a little felt circle bunting and attached it to the top of the space with some gummy poster paste.


I love the white space with the bright pops of color. And it will be so easy to change up when I want a change. I know that about myself. I love to change things up!

Tell me — do you have a special place where you like to display YOUR family pictures?

How do you decorate that space??


PS — Be sure to check out Kristen Duke’s Decorating With Portraits Series — she has amazing guests sharing how THEY decorate with photos!!

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And more!!


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  2. Yes I do have in my hallway, which i recently updated and I intend to fill the entire wall with beautiful pics of our family over the years. Wanna take a peak? http://stardust-decorstyle.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-hall-update-horizontal-stripes.html
    Love, Olga

  3. Looks great Jen! Love the beadboard and how fresh and clean it looks now! Thanks also for sharing my photo wall…what a fun surprise!

  4. It looks amazing Jen!! Its fun to look at all the changes that its had :)

  5. Hi, I love this! I’m getting ready (well I hope soon) to put pics up on the walls! Great job! Oh and you have this little box that is covering half of what I am typing right now (with all your social media things) in it….it kind of followed me as I scrolled down reading your post :( It covers some of your pics and text (in your post also) needs to shift to the left more :)

  6. All of the versions look good, but the latest update is amazing how much it changes the look of the little nook! Great job!

  7. Jen, you re do that nook more than any other place in your house, don’t you? I love it! Again!

  8. I love it! Where do you get your canvas prints, though? I am going to be updating our family wall soon in our hall way. I have been wanting some canvases here and there…

  9. Jen, I just love your style. All the “versions” were great, but I really like this latest lighter and brighter version. Looks fab!

    I am a huge huge fan of snapshots and family photos. I like to display them anywhere I can. 😉

  10. I love it. The white and beadboard really brightened things up! I like putting pics on my new built-ins by the fireplace!

  11. Loving all the inspiration! It’s like you’re reading my Mommy mind!!!!

  12. Love the bold colors of your photos against your white bead board! I have also used command strips to hang pictures in my home. They are fantastic, aren’t they? Thanks for all the picture hanging inspiration!

  13. I love it Jen, the colors are perfect and the new white cabinets and beadboard are the BEST part! I LOVE beadboard! :) You have such a darling family!

    • Oh thanks Brittany!! I am loving how light and bright my house looks since we painted it lighter colors :)


  14. I love it! I remember when you did the first “re-do” and I thought that one was great. This one is even better. Can I just say that it kind of bugs me that your tush is cute enough to display in family pictures…? I would never, ever, ever be photographed from the rear. (Unless they were using a wide-angle lens.)

  15. it’s perfect! l just love it!

    the initial H is awesome wrapped in the chevron fabric!


    • nest of posies » Thanks Kellie!! I think I’m trying to cover my whole house with chevron LOL!!! I hope you are having a great day my friend!!


  16. Oh my goodness your photo wall is so similar to what I just finished doing! I love it! I did a big huge canvas a few separate other portraits along with our letter “B” big on the wall! Beautiful!!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

    • Thanks Becky!! I would love to see your wall. I went over to your site but couldn’t find it. I love your 31 days organizing ideas though!


  17. I wish I had a space like that underneath my stairs. It looks great white with the beadboard. It also makes me want to get family portraits done on canvas. I love the look.

    • Thanks Krystle!! I got my first done on canvas last year and they’re great. You can get canvases really cheap through The Canvas People.


  18. I love the new look! So light and bright! I am currently trying to put together a wall of canvas prints in our family room. We have three so far. I need to buy a couple more before I feel like I can put them all up. Nothing special about the space (just a wall), but I can’t wait until it’s done!

    • It sounds really cute Emily!! I am sure it will be awesome. You have such a beautiful family.


  19. Jen, that looks SO GREAT! I love the before and after. I love white. Now just to convince hubby how much more bright and cheery it is!

    • I was surprised at home much lighter my house is just by painting the walls different colors, It really makes a difference :)


  20. Oh cute! And what a perfect spot! I’ve been hesitant because it seems that my kids have, “Swipe the Pictures Off the Wall Syndrome!” But this has given me a new found love!

  21. It looks beautiful! I love the beadboard! It definitely brightens the space!

  22. Wow.. I love that idea!
    All your pictures are beautiful as well. We don’t have a family yet and the photos of us are displayed in some black and white collage style frames that now seem very boring..
    I’ll definitely have to borrow some of your ideas.. I loved the beadboard.

  23. Absolutely beautiful Jen! I love how the white plays with all the bright colors so perfectly! :) Love it!

  24. I love the beadboard! Your cabinets looks awesome painted white too! I have a ton of family photos in our living room, but they haven’t been changed up since I hung them there more than a year ago:)

  25. I really love how bright and light you have made that space under the stairs! What a great way to use the unuseable spaces in your home.

  26. I love what you’ve done here, Jen– such a bright and functional space! And I’m with you on keeping it open for change ~ we wouldn’t want to stagnate would we?? 😉

  27. I LOVE your under the stairway hideout! What a great display area! I think what shocked me the most is that you have grown up kids! You look too young to have kids your height! :)
    Way fun to get a sneak peak into your world…love all the wall spaces…I just finished a gallery wall in my daughters room! :)

  28. Super cute,I have some pictures which I have kept on the cabinet,..but I luved the idea of using command stripes,..


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