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Giveaway Monday — $40 to Rosie Posie Designs {custom platters and more!!}

UPDATE — Winner of the giveaway is #145 — April.
Happy Monday!! 
We are filming our webshow today. Eeek – so exciting. 
Meanwhile, I have a fun Monday Giveaway from one of my favorite etsy shops:
{Can you guess how much I want this cell phone cover?? Love.}
This cell phone cover is so cool too. 
You can order any of the designs in any color too.
I love that!
And I love these Melamine Platters.  

They would make such an awesome birthday gift for a friend, a wedding gift with the newlywed couple’s initials, or what about putting someone’s house number on a platter as a housewarming gift?? 

You can also order custom plates with names. 
And since they are melamine, they are perfect for backyard BBQ’s and parties. 
Or get the last name of your neighbors and use them as neighbor gifts with holiday cookies this holiday season. 
So many gift ideas!! 
And follow along with Ashley’s blog– Paperlicious Girls, to find out about new items like this adorable lunchbox. 
Perfect for back to school!!
Ashley from Rosie Posie Designs is giving away a $40 credit!!
So fun!!! 
Here’s how you can win: 
  • Like Paperlicious Designs on Facebook. Where you can find out about their giveaways and new designs. one entry. 
  • Share this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook or on your blog. one entry each.
{this giveaway ends on August 1st}
Good luck and have a great Monday!!! 
PS — Another Tutorial coming up tomorrow :)


  1. ChristyT says:

    Rosie Posie is awesome! I really like the idea of personalized plates! It was a tie for me I liked the Halloween designs but the adorable personalized elephant tore me between the two!

  2. goldieb21 says:

    Love the cell phone cover!! I also liked Paperlicous on FB && tweeted this post :)

  3. Christina@pluffmuddstudio says:

    I follow Ashley's blog.

  4. Christina@pluffmuddstudio says:

    I follow them on FB!

  5. Christina@pluffmuddstudio says:

    I LOVE the chevron pink and gray platter!

  6. Simply Sara says:
  7. Simply Sara says:
  8. Simply Sara says:

    I like her page on FB


    Sara Haga Gore

  9. Simply Sara says:

    I follow Ashleys blog and left a comment!!


  10. Simply Sara says:

    I love the melamine platters!!!


  11. I love the Personalized Helicopter Melamine Plate.

  12. The Personalized Fleur De Lis Vintage Melamine Tray is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  13. Hi

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    I like Red Damask.

    sunnysky223 at embarqmail.com

  14. Alyssa Jeffers says:

    Correction to my first comment entry, "the name" of the items I like are

    ~Personalized Fleur De Lis Vintage Melamine Tray


    ~Personalized Monogram Cell Phone Case- iphone 4, 3G, Ipod, blackberry, samsung

    and…..if the rule is that I had to pick one it'd be:
    Personalized Monogram Cell Phone Case- iphone 4, 3G, Ipod, blackberry, samsung


  15. Alyssa Jeffers says:

    Here's a post to my FB with my shoutout:


  16. Alyssa Jeffers says:

    I am now following Ashley and can't wait to see what else she creates!!

  17. Alyssa Jeffers says:

    I liked paperlicious girls on FB:)

  18. Alyssa Jeffers says:

    I like the personalized iPhone covers and Fleur de Lis platter :)

  19. Lover of Life says:

    Loving the orange & blue cell phone cover. And hubby will be happy that it's Bronco colors (close enough).

  20. Kathie B. says:

    I am in dire need of one of their beautiful cell phone covers – particularly the turquoise quatrefoil one. :)

  21. Kathie B. says:

    I told my friends on FB

  22. Kathie B. says:

    I commented on Paperlicious Girls blog. :)

  23. Kathie B. says:

    I like them on FB

  24. I 'Like'd Paperlicious Girls on Facebook.

  25. My favorite item is the Personalized Melamine Tray that says The Pricketts on it. It's red, white and black and it's on the firs page of trays on her website. Very cute.

  26. ShelJea says:

    I love the little girl plates!!

  27. Suzanne Clark says:

    Liked on FB :)

  28. Suzanne Clark says:

    Following Ashley's blog!

  29. Suzanne Clark says:

    I am in love with the black & green monogrammed cell phone case!!

  30. TheDixiePixie says:

    I follow them on FB :)

  31. TheDixiePixie says:

    I love the Personalized Monogram Cell Phone Case in turquoise and lime! If I win, I might even have to buy an iphone just to put it on :)

  32. emily eve says:

    I can't decide between the personalized iphone case or the personalized platters which would be perfect for my upcoming bridal showers as hostess gifts!

  33. April was in CT now CA says:

    The Red Damask platter is so adorable!!

  34. Love the personalized melamine fairy plate.

  35. Charlotte says:

    Posted the giveaway on my facebook!

  36. Charlotte says:

    Following Ashely's blog!

  37. Charlotte says:

    I liked paperlicious girls on facebook!

  38. Charlotte says:

    I love the Personalized quatrefoil Platter Aqua and Lime!!

  39. Nickelby Drive says:

    I love the monogrammed cell phone cases!

  40. Football Wife says:

    I am now following Ashley's blog!

  41. Football Wife says:

    Wow, I love her line! One of my favorites was the navy and pink platter with a monogram. I also love the turquoise and lime quatrafoil platters. Beautiful!

  42. I'd love any of the customized plates.

    Emily http://www.mywordsinterestslife.blogspot.com

  43. I love all the iPhone covers! SO cute!

  44. Melanie says:

    Love the fairy plate!


    Reasons To Skip The Housework {The Blog}
    Tinker B Boutique {The Shop}


  45. Michaela says:

    I liked Paperlicious on Facebook!

  46. Michaela says:

    I like the Personalized Melamine Platter/Tray Blue and White!

  47. Lindsey says:

    I liked paperlicious designs : )

  48. Lindsey says:

    I love the personalized red and white melamine plate. It would perfectly match my kitchen!

  49. House of Leahan says:

    I love the platters! The OSU ones are cute!

  50. Love me a personalized melamine platter. Maybe in the quatrefoil! Thanks.

  51. I would order a phone case gray chevron with pink lettering!

  52. Amy Kirchhoff says:
  53. Amy Kirchhoff says:

    I follow her blog.

  54. Amy Kirchhoff says:

    I like Paperlicious on FB.

  55. Amy Kirchhoff says:

    So cute! I'm loving this teal & green monogrammed cell phone case.

  56. Josh and Amber says:

    I commmented on Ashle's blog. She has some great stuff on there too :)

  57. Josh and Amber says:

    I "liked" Paperlicious Design on Facebook!

  58. Josh and Amber says:

    I LOVE the personalized monogram cell phone cases- especially the orange and white one with the blue monogram! :)

  59. Bethany says:

    I "like" Paperlicious Girls on Facebook.

  60. Bethany says:

    My favorite item is Personalized Melamine Tray- Damask. It's so beautiful.

  61. Bethany says:

    I'm a new follower of Ashley's blog.

  62. I am now following Paperlicious Girls Blog.

  63. I LIKE Paperlicious Girls on Facebook.

  64. I like the Personalized Melamine Tray- Damask.

  65. xo:rick.and.kels says:

    love the trays, so adorable.

    Personalized quatrefoil Platter Aqua and Lime

  66. Karen of Little Red House Designs says:

    I LIKED on FB!

  67. Karen of Little Red House Designs says:

    Criss Cross Vintage Rabbit tray… LOVE that!

  68. I love the Personalized Fleur De Lis Vintage Melamine Tray!

  69. makemyselfathome says:

    I love the melamine platter with the damask & dots!

  70. I am following Sarah's blog!

  71. I like Paperlicious on fb!

  72. I adore the owl plate! Perfect for my daughter!

  73. Following her blog!

  74. Love the pink and green cell phone cover! Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. schmiford says:

    I "liked" Paperlicious Designs on FB

  76. schmiford says:

    As trays and platters are something I crush on, I really like the melamine trays, particularly the Brown and Blue

  77. Celeste says:

    left a comment on Ashley's latest blog post.

  78. Celeste says:

    Following Ashley's blog

  79. Celeste says:

    I love the Personalized Monogram Cell Phone Case (in the pink floral w/ green monogram) :)

  80. I loove the cell phone covers!!

  81. Larissa says:
  82. Larissa says:

    My favorite are the Halloween Melamine Plates.

  83. Savannah O'Gwynn says:

    Just became a fan over at Paperlicious Designs!! Thanks for the chance to win–sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  84. Savannah O'Gwynn says:

    Just tweeted:) Thanks for the chance to win–sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com


  85. Savannah O'Gwynn says:

    OHHH! I love anything that is personalized! I love that orange cell phone cover–Personalized Monogram Cell phone case!! Thanks for the chance to win:) sbmmhoover at yahoo dot com

  86. FWoodward says:

    I follow Paperliciousgirls blog!

  87. I like the personalized monogrammed cell phone covers. I really like the green damask one

  88. FWoodward says:

    I love the Green Safari Zebra platter!

  89. N Godown says:

    The custom silhouette plate is oh so cute! Cute giveaway!